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  • I get alot of "frustration" from my "mother in law"... sometimes I feel like she is dangerously obsesive about my son. She can be very dominering and cruel... Today she told me that my new hair color made me look like a "bleach blonde fat a$$" best should I deal with her? I do want her to be a part of my sons life...I think?

  • Also my sons father checked himself into a six month program today! for his heroin and alchohol addiction...Any insight on how this will go would be grat. I am really hopeing that he can be helped...I am reaching my breaking piont with him...I dont want to have to say good bye but I will.

    mostly though I get so sick of my ignorant mother in law sometimes!

  • Also curious abou a guy named Kerry? if anyone picks up anything.

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  • Hi Karma,

    Your "mother in law"...... you need to tell her that as much as you would like her to be involved in her grandsons life, if she does not start speaking to you and treating you with the respect that you deserve, she will no longer be welcome in yours or your son's life. I get that very strongly. Be firm in telling her and do not back down, do not let her intimidate you.

    Sorry hon, I'm not getting anything at the moment re: your ex's program or kerry, but let me sit with it, and if I get something i will let you know.

  • Thank you Wenchie! good to see you! I COMPLETLY AGREE! telling to her to treat me with some dignity and the same respect that I continue to give her is exactly what I need to do...But you are right, she does intimidate me...She just vibrates with constant turmoil...She is so incredible difficult..

    I did confront her on the particular issue I wasnt nasty I just told her that she hurt my feelings, and that I would never talk to her like that, ever. She replied that I misunderstood her meaning...She says that she was implying that my friends who did my hair (we are in beauty school) That my friends were trying to be nasty to me and make me look like a "bleach blonde fat a$$"

    Wich makes no sense and is equaly insulting. She's lying.

    Thanks for insight Wenchie!

    Anything you get on Ryan or Kerry would be great. Ryan has left the rehab already. This did not surprise me. He is homeless, and without his car now as well...I worry about him lots.

    :- )

  • Hi Karma,

    It is good to see you too!

    Stand your ground with her, pull her up EVERY time she says or does something that is disrespectful to you, she will eventually get the message. When you keep honouring yourself, she will too and she will no longer intimidate you. She is a very unhappy person.

    I feel like she is obsessive with your son as though she wants to make up for all the mistakes she made with her own son.

    I don't feel like your ex is going to get his act together any time soon, but I hope I am wrong. I know you worry about him, but unfortunately you can lead the horse to water but you can't make it drink. You just take care of yourself and your beautiful boy sweetie.


  • Thanks again! Your right, she is very unhappy...I feel bad for her...I even feel guilty about confronting her becuase underneath it all she is really very sad...

    Please pray in whatever form you do for Ryan. Thanks again. : - )


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