Addition of forum for empaths ?

  • Dear all,

    I was just thinking the other day, since we have so many empaths on this site, I was wondering if we could ask the admin to add another forum just for empaths? This forum could be used for empath issues, how to ground and protect oneself, discovering if one is an empath and what type, etc. It would help those that are just empaths and are learning how to deal with their gifts to grow and share experiences, not having to read every thread out there to find an empath thread. It would also help to not clog up the other forums with request that are not within their realm.

    Thoughts, anyone ?

  • Hi Summerbutterfly,

    Yes, what a great idea. There are many of us that are empaths and many that are discovering it currently and what it means. To have the relevant information in one place that is easily accessible would be wonderful and also less website links for admin to have to delete!!!!!

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  • I think it is a great idea. Please post if there is a forum.

  • I may be wrong but I myself don't like the labels because I think we are really all encompassing. I think I do more than just that. I may not do the other as well as my feeling things but I think labeling almost says that is all. And it isn't. Some people like to declare all that they do like a business card. I for one have never felt the need to label or post all of that. There are other sites we can direct people to and I don't really think the forum would do that for us anymore than they like us putting address' on here. But it may be what we have to keep doing. I didn't even know there was a name for one aspect of what I do until 2003. I have done what I do all of my life and just consider it as me. I am good with that. Titles don't mean a thing to me but then I am not out to make a name for myself or sell myself. My ego never enters into this and I give credit to others if they tell me something and I deliver it. Nice try though and see what happens. It's only my opinion so you don't have to take it serious at all. Peace

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  • Its a GREAT idea! Yes there are other places to find this info but I never would have even looked if it wasn't for this site. The word itself is specific, but because it encompasses so much it wasn't even on my radar. This site being so broad opens up understanding which someone can then use to look deeper into whatever may interest them.

    And as for labels .... a rose is still a rose .... just as the use of your avatar is .... names. To communicate it is necessary. I am sensing a "frenzy" building again on this site ( not here : ) in general) maybe something labeled "empaths" would allow folks to find peace.

    Good idea, Summerbutterfly!

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  • I'm with Libraslair in that we all have so many different gifts, traits, or abilities and labels can sometimes limit both our perceptions of ourselves and the openness with which others may receive the messages we give them. Some may only want or feel they can trust a "Psychic" reading, never mind that the empathic abilities are psychic in nature to begin with, and discount what they believe to be "just" Empath eadings.

    Some may put too much store in our ability to just tell them what others around them feel and not hear the rest of the message. For example, when someone wants to know "how does____________feel about me?" We may respond with "He does love you but this isn't a healthy or good relationship...." What will stick if they are focused on the Empathic part of the answer and are not in a place of either clarity or knowledge of how our gifts work?

    Still, I do understand and agree with all of you who feel that a specific place for Empaths to communicate with one another here would be great. And it does seem that, among the many channels for knowledge and gifts to be expressed on this site, the empaths seem to be very overlooked. So I do understand the being left out or not acknowledged aspect of it. I'm just not so sure that that would be remedied by giving us our "own" section here.

    I see the point everyone is making,though, and wouldn't have any real objection to its being heard by Admin. More than likely, there will be some great threads and lots of valuable insight if it does happen, and I will participate there as much as I do anywhere else on this site. I just don't want any of us to be boxed in or discounted in any way by being given a box with a label on it to sit in:)

    Blessings and Light

  • "Some may put too much store in our ability to just tell them what others around them feel and not hear the rest of the message. For example, when someone wants to know "how does____________feel about me?" We may respond with "He does love you but this isn't a healthy or good relationship...." What will stick if they are focused on the Empathic part of the answer and are not in a place of either clarity or knowledge of how our gifts work?"

    hisbablove , this is Exactly, why I would like to see this discussion opened. well aware of what you speak of and full awareness should be encouraged so as to thwart any misconceptions.

    language is all we have ( realistically here in cyber space : )) look over the many posts and you'll feel it happening again ... sigh .... ( & even tho u try,hisbablove, and u give 100%, u can't be everywhere : )

    Everyone would agree that labels have a negative connotation. This forum is divided into special (labeled) sections already anyway. What troubles me more is the real issue of LibraLairs' post and yours : sense of humility, self, joy ect. I do not know how much of this can be taught .... In a wonderful community such as this, I can envision a better world if we maintain open dialogue.

  • oh hey, hisbablove! i never said thank you for being so generous & kind in regards to my post about strlslvr's dilemma over x-mas. txs &hugs!

  • What I neglected to say also that we are not suppose to be givin the answers we are suppose to read and find them out for ourselves. Your suppose to the work! I had many people direct me to books to read to find my own answers and they would not tell me anything. That is the way it is suppose to work. Most people don't want to do that. They want you to tell them and you won't open up more that way.

  • It is suppose to read. Your suppose to do the work!

  • Absolutely! Clap, clap, clap ....

    (except, everyone needs help now & then .....)

    still clapping LibrasLair .... its how I've lived : ) and survived : ) and truly LIVED!

  • I'm clapping too!!! Cheering and roaring away here, Mama Libra! You have helped me open up SO much and you never gave me the answers...always sat with me (through endless hours on the phone) prodding me along, turning my attention to this or that, until I got to the answers myself. And you are still at it, too...don't think I don't know:)


    You're very welcome,not that I did a whole lot:) That thread is still with me and will stay with me for a while...probably because some, who are more full of themselves than anything else, led this poor woman around in circles so much she is ready to snap.

    I'm glad we are having a good. strong discussion about this and can see it moving to broader things, which is really exciting to me. I love being able to give the messages I get, but I think we also need to talk about what it is we do and how we do it, how we GROW in it. Just as Libraslair pointed out, we still have work to do in getting and giving the help we all need...its all in HOW we do it:)

    Blessings and Light

  • All I can say is I am sorry for opening such a can of worms. But as Laie4 said, let’s keep an open dialogue.

    Hisbablove and Libraslair, I never thought of the new forum as “labeling” someone, although I can see where your fears may lie. But in a way this already happens on the forums, albeit unconsciously, when we begin to notice who posts where and how many times do they post, and what type of questions do they answer etc., because the forum is already divided into sections. I, myself, have noticed that some, and I won’t mention avatars to avoid “labeling”, post to just one forum, be it numerology, astrology, tarot, divination, etc, because that is where their gift lies, but do I think any less of them for it? No, just because even the newbie with the simplest talent who posts just in one section, may provide someone with the answer they desperately need to get them out of their black hole. And isn’t that what really counts after all? And isn’t it the reason we are here, to share, ask for help and when possible, be the ones giving help?

    “Some may put too much store in our ability to just tell them what others around them feel and not hear the rest of the message. For example, when someone wants to know "how does_____feel about me?" We may respond with "He does love you but this isn't a healthy or good relationship...." What will stick if they are focused on the Empathic part of the answer and are not in a place of either clarity or knowledge of how our gifts work?”

    Hisbablove, I hear you, I so hear you. I run up against this everyday at work. And no matter how much I explain, and coax and insist that my teenage patient take their HIV meds, if they don’t want to do it, they won’t do it. Or how I go over and over a complex medication regimen for one of my heart, lung, kidney, or liver transplant patients with the parents, and get financial help for them to be have an adequate supply of meds, if they tell me “I can’t be bothered with that”, what can I do? And then how do I know who will take the message to heart and who won’t? Some may post a thread gushing with the most sincere plea for help, only to turn on the readers or accept half of the message because the rest is not what they want to hear. Yet sometimes those we perceive to be somewhat skeptical, may after thinking and mulling over the advice for some time, or having something happen to me them that makes them remember the advice or message given, actually learn and act on that message.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that in a nutshell, it all boils down to free will. What I can do, is to make sure that my thoughts, words, advice, come from a place of respect and love. Have I acted with honesty, integrity and love? Then, I have acted accordingly. If the person refuses to accept, there is nothing I can do but try to reach out to them once again with the hope that this time, there may be a change.

  • Libra, you bought up a very good point about self-help. Sometimes we are meant to be given direct answers, sometimes just a nudge in the right direction, and sometimes we have to look within. I will use myself as an example. I have always been a very strong-willed, hard-headed, independent woman, but this year brought about so many changes, that have brought me to my knees, and in search of some answers, I ended up here. And surprisingly, not one of my direct questions has given me as much direction, as an indirect one, the question about my dream about white flowers and “change”. Both Golden and Blmoon helped me with this one, and Blmoon’s message about being called to learn about patience and trust, and feeling that my heart is safe with no guarantees is an example of that; not a direct answer, just a nudge in the right direction ,and now I am looking within. And I’ll admit it’s not easy for me, over the past 2 days, I have seen you, hisbablove, posting, and have so wanted for you to validate the messages I have pieced together from all my questions, but then I go back to Blmoon’s message and think that not posting and not knowing is something I have to do in order to grow and prepare myself for what comes next. And the lessons we learn slowly and sometimes painfully, are the ones that stay with us.

    But on the other hand, how do we sometimes find this help? I am not as gifted or advanced as all of you, but I want to learn how to find my own answers. For some reason I am drawn to the tarot, although the other sections also interest me. Reading the different threads there I am learning how to interpret the cards, but most importantly while going through the threads, someone asked about the book, Tarot made easy, and asked for opinions, advice, etc. Based on the comments posted, I went ahead and got the book and am learning from it. In my case, after a 12-14 hour day at the hospital, sometimes I am too tired to read every thread and check out every forum. If there hadn’t been a specific section for tarot, and I had to read every thread, I might have missed an opportunity to find the posting about the book and get started on my way to help myself and find my own answers. So my thought was if we had a specific section for empaths, it would be easier for them to help find some answers, which may not always be about “me, me, me, answer my question” but about how do I learn more, any info out there that I can read about, this has been my experience, etc.

    So my idea about the section, was to have a place that was easily accessible and identifiable where we could come and share our questions, insights, thoughts, experiences regarding just one of the many gifts the Universe has bestowed upon us. It was thought to be another place to share, learn and grow on this site, not to create any division amongst our “cyber” family.

    If anyone has been hurt or offended by this idea, my most humble apologies; it was never my intention


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  • I agree about the labeling and looking within for answers. I do think that somewhere for Empaths to discuss things and feelings is a great idea. Of course we all have gifts and it is a matter of getting in tune with them. For Empaths I think it would be nice to share with others that have the same feelings that are sometimes very confusing. We feel very deeply and sometimes for no reason can feel sadness and yet not have any idea what it has to do with. As a child it was very concerning to have those feelings and as an adult sometimes even harder because you are looking more for the answers or meanings. I do not think that starting a section is really labeling anyone and it is not limited to participation so maybe it is a way for all of us to participate in that particular topic. So I say we look at it as a label only in respect to a direction for people to be involved in that subject. We may all find it beneficial.

  • Summerbutterfly have you noticed that your drawn to some threads and not others? There is a reason for that. And if you are only going to the ones labeled what you think your looking for you might not read the ones that you need. Did I make that clear. The labeled one may not be the one to give you answers you don't realize your suppose to find. You could be using tunnel vision if you only go by a certain subject. When you could find what you need on one other one that your really not aware is very important to your opening more. What you want may not be what you need. That's what I am trying to say. It doesn't work for me if I don't just put it out there. Going around that dadgum bush takes too many words and they get wasted.

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