IRachael.....You Have Got Some Nerve Lady

  • I too have contacted administration about irachel. How incredibly rude of her, she only cares about selling her product/service and nothing about the consideration of others. To boldly sell her products/services on threads that people are trying to be helpful and supportive to each other. I told admin. that was unbelieveable that they allowed this because this only allowed more to spam these sites, no one is here to buy these services/products and soon we would need to find new forums to communicate in.

  • Well said ILoveFish. It's funny how our little links to things that we give to help each other out with information are deleted very quickly, but the spam stuff and spammers who are consistently cloggin up the forum are not deleted or banned. I guess it has to hit the hip pocket before they are quick to take action on these type of things!

  • Oh Wenchie honey im so sorry to hear of ur struggles. i pray better times will arrive for u soon. remember one issue at a time, dont force all at once, u´ll only go crazy,. take it from one who knows. hope u feel better sweetie n know im here for u.

    kisskiss hugles wenchie

  • So Admin,

    iRachael is still here posting her c*rap all over the forum all over many many threads and you have NOT banned her. What is going on?????????


  • Thank you wenchie for the meditation posts. I usually like to sit free of "attachments" but maybe I have to shed the thinking. LOL I've been meditating off and on for a while, but feel as if I'm starting over again. Perhaps building a more slid meditation foundation.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, too. It certainly hasn't been an easy time for a lot of people I know.

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