IRachael.....You Have Got Some Nerve Lady

  • Putting your face on your avatar, whilst clogging up our forum with your spam shit. Do you think people are going to buy your products, you have got to be joking, we wouldn't touch it with a 50 foot pole just out of principle due to your complete lack of respect. You are pissing me off, you have spammed on at least a dozen threads today and if I could, I would give you the biggest cyber slap possible.

    Take your garbage you disgusting woman, get off our forum and get lost.

  • AMEN!!! That wretched creature has been at it all day. Its unconscionable!

    Hi Wenchie:):) Where did you run off to?

  • Sweetie,

    You have not been reading your emails or you would know where I have been. :-))


  • Well said Wenchie. Being a newbie I didn't want to spout off but IRachaels posts were really (as a friend of mine would say oh so eloquently), boiling my p!ss. 😮

  • Witchone, I am borrowing (and likely KEEPING) that one! LOL!!!

    Wenchie, I had it open, but on the junk mail folder...glad you got to avoid the wanker this time(Not the one from last night that you don't want to avoid:)


  • Well my love, I did a guided meditation today, I have not meditated for at least a couple of weeks and I have been really needing to. Between not meditating and my routine being completely up the creek, I was feeling RATHER out of sorts.

    So found a good online meditation that was so good to do and so relaxing and made me feel SOOO much better. And then I had a revelation.....he wanted me to say no! He wanted me to have the courage to do what I did, he WANTS me to prove him wrong! (Even if subconsciously) I disappointed him as much as he disappointed me. It was quite a revelation and of course I think the current dance will continue for a little while, but I feel like we ARE making progress. It just kind of hit me, and was all tied in with the meditation I did, and I felt like it was a definite message for me. So I'm feeling good about me and everything even more!!!!!

    And thank goodness I didn't have to put up with the other nonsense today, I just wasn't in the mood to cope with that, I think I just may have exploded at him, he is pushing my buttons too far lately.

    Witchone......please feel free, newbie or not, to spout off where needed. We all have to start somewhere! BTW......Welcome! :-))

  • powerhouse friend...what a revelation! That might explain the hint of amusement when you told him where to go with"coffee":):):)

    Very well done, smart woman! Very, very well done!! YAYAYAYAYYYYYY!!!!


    Now none of this shyness,woman:O) You post away with us...and spout away at the jerks, as well. I know you have the wit to do both in grand style, and the good judgment to know when to do either:)

  • Yes, I think so! It won't end there for a while I suspect, but I have a feeling that with each er "coffee" knocked back, he will be smiling and hoping that it continues for a while because I think deep down he wants to believe in good wenchie....not evil wenchie!!!!!!!!! :-))

  • Thanks for the welcome Wenchie - but surely you know, telling an Aries to feel free to 'spout off' is asking for trouble. 😉

  • Thanks hisbablove, you're more than welcome to share.

    May I ask something? I've been tempted to start a thread on this but maybe I'll just start here. Do you know anything about dreams? I often have dreams in which the 'central message' is important. Sometimes it's about something which is about to happen, sometimes it's a message about what I need to attend to. Normally I know when I've had one of these 'message' dreams. There's a different feel to normal dreaming. For some time I've been having dreams of this type in which one of two themes keep re occurring. The first theme is about my home - or 'where I'm living'. I don't necessarily dream about my actual home. Anyway, I keep dreaming I find another whole part of the house that I'd kind of forgotten was there. I've got some ideas about that one but I'm not certain and wondered if you can pick anything up?

    The second theme that keeps running through my dreams (not the same dreams btw) is about a friend of mine. We are very, very close but we are not and never have been in a sexual/romantic relationship. In these dreams, sometimes he makes a declaration about wanting to change our relationship, at other times, he will respond in some sexual way (not hurtful or harmful) as if to say "now do you see". I realise the answer to that might seem obvious but I truly don't believe he has any feelings towards me in that way. Also, I am sure I'm not harbouring any feelings of that nature for him.

    What with all that and the cancer chap scrambling my brains I'm totally confused and I'd really appreciate any insight if you or anyone can offer any.

    thanks, Witchone

  • LOL!!! You are talking to a Taurus! When I get to that point, I have to have my say!

  • chuckle

    Lets hope we don't ever lock horns. 😉

  • iRachael I reported you yesterday for abuse on this forum so just a warning you may want to go peddle your wares some place else.

  • ADMIN,



  • C*RAP

  • I know!! I was like "what the bleep?"

    Very lame and disrespectful, I was going to say something as well. Makes me very angry! Total desperation, prolly can't sell that cr@p on her own, so she goes into people's threads and pushes it. Didn't even make her own thread.....just goes and interrupts others. So dumb. Sell your garbage somewhere else already.

  • Hey Blondie!

    Yep......totally agree!

  • Happy New Year btw. It's already the afternoon of the 2nd here and New Years Eve already seems like a lifetime ago!!! :-))

  • Way to go Wenchie!!!!! I'm glad you told that person who, what, when, where and why to GO!!!! BTW< HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is nearing the end of New Year's day here in Wichita, KS, USA. I kinda hate to see it go but I'm anxious for this new year to get started. I sense so many things about this year, especially w/ our government. But I REALLY sense major changes for me. Keep on being the sweet lovely person that you are...Blessed be...


  • Hi Scribe1,

    That person really gets up my nose with their rudeness, they have already been reported and I don't know why Admin has not blocked them from the forum.

    I really hope 2010 brings you great things, we could all use a little of the good stuff now after the year we've had! Thank you and you keep being the lovely person you are too. :-))

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