Please help me understand!

  • Hello All and Happy New Year!!!

    Thank you in advance for coming to this thread and taking the time to respond. You have my deep appreciation. I went to a link that was offered on another thread for a free chart (Cafe Astrology). I received my chart but when I read it only part of it seemed to really be in proportion to me. The rest of it did not describe me at all! Am I misreading it or is there some deeper meaning that I am missing or is the chart wrong somehow (I know this sounds arrogant and I do NOT mean to come across as arrogant). Any understanding and information would be appreciated.

    May the light of the universe shine broadly upon your path. Blessed be...


  • Basically I'm waiting til 2010 and I want to find out about a chart for me on Astrology and Chinese togather like the one I have with just being Pisces with Matrix Software and they forgot chiron which Rick and Jawer have in there books, but I think mine is in Leo but not for sure. So do they do it in both or maybe their friends with Tarot. Ann and I do like Plantlove

  • Thank you so much for your response Plantlove! Perhaps I would do well and have one done with both western and eastern zodiacs as I am drawn more to my Chinese sign (Monkey) more than to my Western sign (Libra). That is gread advice. Thanks!

    Blessed be...


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