Narrowing my list - have I found my destined partner?

  • Since I am feeling somewhat better with the stressful day behind me and I am starting to pick up the pieces. I thought that I would see if someone could possibly give me a reading or a gut feeling regarding my friend. I truly believe we have known each other in past lives. If this were to be true, that in and of itself is sort of a miracle considering that in each subsequent life there are exponentially more people to filter through and that the chances of meeting someone

    again gets less and less with each life. I know that we have met for a reason because the way we met was just too extraordinary. Too many XYZ's had to be in place. If anyone might be kind enough to venture some insight on this one, it would give me something for my brain to chew on for a while. I will be glad to respond with birthdays. Thanks!

  • You have known each other in past lives.

    The reason you have met is resistance against absoluteness.

    We all cling to the past, and because we cling to the past we become unavailable to the present.

  • Wow - thanks - I sort of understand that in the broader sense but I have no idea how to relate it to my own circumstance. If I don't remember "the past" how do I know what I am clinging to sp that I can avoid it and move on. I will try sleeping on it and see if I can think better tomorrow. Thanks again.!

  • how to relate it to your own circumstances: do not cling totally to your "truth". Be not just ironical. Do not use your enery just to protect you.

    But science goes on insisting on this foolishness: that the external is true and the internal is false. It believes in matter, but it does not believe in consciousness. It says matter has validity, and science asks for objective validity. Of course the world of subjectivity cannot have an objective validity—it is so obvious. The very asking is wrong. The inner cannot come and manifest itself as the outer, but science is blind about it. And those who believe in science say that consciousness is illusory.

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