• I am seeing a wonderful man whose birthday is on 22 march. But want to know if this a long term relationship as he say he is in love with me


  • you have to find out other aspects of his birth chart. Its the most best way to also you can also find out your chinese astrology complatibility, I believe in astrology a lot but have found that finding your hour, month, and day sign help out a lot. you can go on and see

  • what is your full birthdate and his?

  • dear seaweed;

    my birthday is 12th march 1956

    and his is 22nd March 1969

    Are we going anywhere? feel incredibly sad that he is not with me today on this last year of the day



  • that msg was for captain who wanated the birth days

  • I am feeling something but not sure yet ? Love comes in many forms...To some love is security or money....Does he lean on you for stability? I am not sure what I am picking up on but dont get hurt. be careful and cautious do not throw your whole heart into this relationship as you are a very loving person..ok


  • No honeykat, he does not lean on me for any stability. We love each other, I just feel he is caught in things at home and cant give me time which saddensme

    maybe I will distance myself from him next year

    what do you think?

  • Antara..If I may say that lovers rely on one another for love. Friends rely on one another for yes..friendship. You say he does not lean on you for any stability? You mention a home situation he's "caught" up in? The home situation should not cause such insecurity within yourself that you feel the need to distance yourself from him this coming year. That alone tells me that you feel like you need to pull back from him. Probably due to the fact you are low man on this totem poll with whatever is going on with him at his home. Adults in true relationships learn to balance their family life and their love lives together and all things mesh. Yous isnt meshing is it? You feel disconnected when he is away from you, yes? You're wondering where is he? You are right to pull back your heart here, because the love is not equal from his side and not meeting you halfway, now is he? You deserve a whole. Open your heart to new and wholeness and do not settle for less.

  • Antara, this relationship is exciting and bright as a love affair or friendship but may dull and sour in marriage. It may give a lot of attention to lifestyle and indeed to style in general. There is a strong orientation here toward life experience as opposed to book learning. Each of you may have already demonstrated a tendency to live an experience rather than read about it, but together you will take this characteristic to and beyond the limit. You two not only recognise a kindred soul in each other but eventually realise that a common life path, particularly as friends or as lovers, will offer fantastic opportunities. The relationship is usually built less around psychological exploration than around shared activities, which represent its best chance for success.

    This combination offers exciting romantic and sexual possibilities. Should deep emotions be stirrred up, they may result in a passionate, heartfelt expression of feelings. Sensual abandon may also be part of the fulfillment attainable here. If things don't work out, on the other hand, this is often particularly hard on you Antara who generally adopts a more submissive role and may become dependent on your partner. If either of you ends up rejecting the other, usually it will be your partner who will withdraw from the relationship, sometimes with little warning.

    Marriage can be a mistake, particularly if it is preceded by the kind of tumultuous love affair of which this combination is capable. When the fire has cooled down, your partner may get restless, dissatisfied or bored with your complacency and self-satisfaction. It may be difficult for him to detach himself from your dream world but he will have to if he is to continue on his own individual and dynamic path. You may well be left bewildered and confused, and most likely in the depths of a deep depression. ADVICE: Realise that everything is not what it appears. Try to value psychological understanding. Beware of superficiality. Don't neglect your personal development.

    Antara, you are a visionary and very creatively talented but you will encounter your share of struggles along your life path. Plagued by what may be a lifelong inability to settle down and direct your creative energies in a productive fashion, you may inspire others yet fail to come to terms with your own true calling. Your verbal powers are astonishing yet you may have any number of conflicts with those in power due to your sometimes high-handed style. Release your secret belief that you are somehow better or more gifted than other people - even if it is the truth. Establishing a good connection with a higher authentic source of inspiration and creativity will doubtless imbue you with the necessary humility, and if you are careful to apply yourself and your talents so that your gifts can be enjoyed by everyone, you will achieve lasting and profound success. Your challenge will be not permitting yourself to be sidetracked by romance and its passions, and to trust your inner calling. Release your need for recognition and develop a means of communicating with spirit. You are mentally facile, witty, and technically proficient so don't get bogged down by any fear of criticism, tendency to dissemble, or restlessness. In love and work, you may have great difficulty dealing with powerful people whom you perceive as wanting to make decisions for you or control you. Rejection is hard for you to handle and your dark moody side can emerge or you can explode in anger. You are often attracted to troubled individuals who may be projections of the emotional elements of your own internal struggle.

    Your friend must avoid his tendency to 'think himself into a corner' with his inexorable brand of logic if he is to find success on this lifepath. He can become stuck in that logic and must summon the courage to kick over the traces of convention, appearances, or a rather effete preoccupation with the 'right' way of doing things. He may be hampered by a number of emotional insecurities that may interfere with him getting a handle on what he really wants in the first place. He is the possessor of a direct approach, intuitive strength, and a highly charged emotional nature so if he can shake himself out of his daydreaming and live for the moment, loving from his own great depths, he will find much happiness and fulfillment. Releasing all his preconceptions, snobbery and impatience, he can then live life to the fullest. Finding a more simple, natural, honest, and basic lifestyle will be of benefit. He tends to throw himself into a great searing passion in his love life which, although not the best way for him to learn about life and indeed can be destructive for him, will nonetheless thaw out his frosty heart enough to set him on his way.

  • thank you BP and Captain for your adviice. YOu were right on Captain about my creative abilities, I am a writer, and journalist.

    I write books too. My quest though currently is to find my soul mate who I think will complete my dismembered and fragmented self. will I find that love this year at least?

    and how not to get depressed and move on with life and work on my creative faculties.

    March 22nd is the love of my life currently. Am I look elsewhere once again? god that would be depressing again ( you are right about my dark moods and depressions too)

    happy and cheerfull new year to all of us though


  • This post is deleted!

  • Antara, do not look to others for your completion of self - only you can repair the damage. Everyone is broken in some way and we are all trying to get ourselves back together. It is not fair to expect someone to do the work for you - each to his/her own. No one knows better than you what you need. Believe that you are your own best healer and comforter. An outer search for the perfect person who can 'fix' us will never end well, because the person we need is inside of us all.

  • Agree Captain. I am my best healer. Have withdrawn (though not fully) from the relationship to see what all this throws up. Is wait and watch a good policy? Though I dont know how not to have some expectation at least from a relationship of love.

    I love him dearly. antara

  • When you seek love outside yourself, it is because there is not enough love inside you. What is it that keeps you from loving yourself? When did circumstances or people make you feel unlovable? You love this man for what you hope he will give you - love. You will fall for anyone who seems able to give you love. Even those who pretend. But you will never get as much love from anyone as you can give yourself.

    What you really want is to feel connected to others while confidently being yourself - to have everyone agree with you and understand and support you. You think that, if you can only find the right words or read other people's minds well enough, you can make other people see your point of view. But you need to focus on your own truth, for you can never know what others are thinking well enough to say the 'right' thing. Let go of control and heed your own intuition. When you live and speak from your own higher truth, companions who are not suitable for you will withdraw and new compatible people will appear. Until you find your truth, only untrustworthy, unreliable people or those with little integrity will come your way.

  • HoneyKat;

    going thru a troubled time. What's in store for me in terms of a relationship. Why is that people are unwilling to commit and take a relationship forward. Do I lack patience?

    Have applied for a fellowship inItaly. Would I go out to study?



  • antara don't give up on your love! if it's meant to work it will work 🙂

  • Dear Seaweed. I know not to give up. but its very frustrating bec I dont know where I am going or what I am doing with him. will I find a permanent companion sometime soon? want love to come into my life once again


  • someone please help me. Am so afraid of letting go.The man I love is conflicted and wont tell me what to do with the relationship. should I move on? Where will i find my companion then? I love him, and wish him well. but very hard to let go


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