Hanswolfgang can you please help me?

  • 143jastin

    What do I mean byt that? You are forgetting your rythm.

    When you are born you are born only with the potential to exist, to survive, not with the art of making life a joy, a bliss, a celebration. That art has to be learned. It is the process of transforming the potential into the actual.

  • Good night Uhura

    it is good to use inventive writing short 100 words long stories in pair speaking test, but it is better to be more conservative (writing some business letter just as an example).

    But that’s how one grows: through darkness, through light, through sweetness, through bitterness.

    You will have to change at your very roots.


  • Thank you Hans. I am working on that now. I believe with all my heart and soul that God is within and out and with us every moment.

    Have a most wonderful day my dear friend! On a wonderful note, we watched the sonogram with our children and we are expecting a grandson in late May early June! We watched as he wiggled his toes and explained to our 2 year old granddaughter about her little brother being in mommys belly. It was a beautiful moment!

    Love & Light

  • Thank you soapmaker,

    be awake. Just see what you are doing, just see what your life consists of. Is there any awareness or is it just an unconscious play of unconscious forces? Are you just a victim of forces you are not aware of—from where they come, what they are doing to you? Are you going to die in this way?

  • Hi Hans,

    I have awareness many times a day and at night. I am watchful of form. I go backwards of the days events and watch my form to the morning, and that rewinds the mind and then I sleep. I am always in the psychic world as well. My inner guide has helped me so much get back into the flow of life. Am I a victim of forces? I do not know. I know I have been becoming more and more aware and awake.

  • Hi soapmaker,

    you are still a victim of forces.

    Your very effort is rooted in misunderstanding. It will create confusion, because when you try to become special you have taken one thing for granted—that you are not special. You have become ordinary already. You have missed the point. If you are trying to be special you will become ordinary.

  • What forces hon?I do not understand. I live in God's Light and help people all I can.

  • Can you explain what forces are on me in plain english. I truly do not understand. I am very happy.

  • Dear Hans,

    I feel I have a long time rambling and loosing time-- so valuable to me in general. There is so much to do and I feel so down in the end of the day so very often for not doing much.

    what do you see on 2010 for me in terms of profession and achievements. what else could be new. I am an aries with many libra traits.

    thanks a million


  • Hans, I had a dream that I had a daughter and it was me be born again. I asked for divine guidance last night before falling asleep. I think that was what my guides and the universal flow wanted for me after you told me about the unknown forces. What do you think?

  • Hi Hans, I am writing you here as this appears to be an active thread. I wanted to tell you that I have been reading Osho's "Joy" and so much of what you have said now makes so much sense to me. I've only just started the book, I have another lined up to read next. It is a beautiful thing to aspire to - such freedom and peace. To simply witness and not worry. To let go of the things that don't matter. I just was so excited to feel "pieces" start to fall in place that I wanted to share it with you.

    Thanks Hans for opening this door to me. It will take some time and meditation of course, but I think this has the possibility of taking me back to the center, instead of in a direction now. The rebellion is in motion now.

  • soapmaker

    What forces? Forces of falling in love.

    Can I explain what forces are on you in plain english? You really want only to serve. It is an onesided connection.

    Bliss makes real solitude. Then solitude becomes a temple, bliss becomes the deity in it. And that’s what meditation is all about: the art of changing loneliness into aloneness, the alchemy of changing solitariness into solitude.

  • Dear Art10

    what do I see on 2010 for you in terms of profession and achievements? You will be identified with your will power, with your wishes.

    what else could be new: disappointment.

    You are asleep. Naturally, if you can be asleep you can wake up. One who is capable of sleep is also capable of waking up; the very phenomenon of sleep implies the capacity to wake up. If you are incapable of waking up you will be incapable of sleeping too; they are two sides of the same coin.

    You dream because you desire; your dreams reflect your desires. Now, you can go on dissecting your desires for lives, and you will not attain to anything. You can go on analyzing your dreams.

  • soapmaker

    you had a dream that you had a daughter and it was you be born again. I also think that was what your guides and the universal flow wanted for you after I told you about the unknown forces.

    What do I think? Remain the watcher on the hill.

    It seems impossible. Things are being asked, so many things together. If you manage one, the other goes off; if you manage the other, something else goes off.

    The next thing is rebellion. Rebellion is from the very essential core: it changes consciousness—it is radical; it transmutes—it is alchemical. It gives you a new being, not only a new body, not only new dresses, but a new being. A new man is born.

  • Jenever7

    thanks for your sharing. I am very happy about that.

    Religiousness means the circumference and spirituality means the center. Religiousness has some thing of spirituality, but only something—a vague radiation, something like a reflection in the lake of the starry night, of the full moon. Spirituality is the real thing, religiousness is just a byproduct.

  • Hans thank you so much! You are wonderful!

    Lots of love to you

  • Hi Hans,

    In which aspect the disappointment is going to be about?

    How do I wake up?

    If I don't have desires what would I want to live for??

    Thank You!


  • Thanks again Hans,

    Your the best! I've been told that before about my sense of humor, sometimes it's a comedy.I do try to bring a lightheartedness to the few I support especially the elderly and challenged. I'm very grateful to be able to laugh at myself!

    I do get the "imprisoned" comment and admit to playing it "safe" I do have a further question about my vision. I do have very poor eyesight and am in need of new specks ...when I 1st read your response I heard you talking about my perspective. Now I'm wondering do you literally mean my eyesight or my perspective and empathic abilities? it is funny how here i am doing the inevitable "But what do ya mean?" But if it's time to see an eye dr I'd like to know 🙂

  • Thank you soapmaker,

    it is impossible to bring the ultimate wisdom into words. But rare individuals like Ashtavakra have made untiring, impossible efforts. As much as it is possible he has made the effort to bring the fragrance of truth into words.

    So I recommend to you now Ashtavakra.

  • Hi Art10

    In which aspect the disappointment is going to be about? Disappointment with the world. Because you want the world to follow you and your will power, harmony would be lost.

    How do you wake up? With the help of others, of good friends. By having a good time with others, so that you can relax more and have to desire less

    If you don't have desires what would you want to live for?? For your needs, your natural needs. Because you have suppressed your needs you have so many desires, just as a compensation. The wisest song lyrics of the Rolling Stones was:

    No, you can't always get what you want

    You can't always get what you want

    You can't always get what you want

    And if you try sometime you find

    You get what you need.

    That is so true! Try to discover your real needs. Needs are what you need now and here. Wishes and desires are always in the future. That is an important difference.

    Live life in absolute freedom. To live life in absolute freedom without traditions, without conventions, without religions, without philosophies, without ideologies—political, social and others—means to live unburdened. But it will look crazy to the whole world. Freedom looks crazy because everybody is living an imprisoned life.

    And certainly you are God´s creation -- if you are lost, it is his loss.

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