Hanswolfgang can you please help me?

  • Thank you dear Pfree

    are you fooling yourself? No.

    Would it be damaging to your friendship to live together? Yes.

    Any wisdom: you have imprisoned yourself and blinded your eyesight.

    Sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

  • hanswolfgang,

    Thank you! : )

  • Uhura

    what is the problem? Your lover, the male dominant influence, you know.

    Is there any problem? No.

    How to improve communication with this child to make him just a bit calm: the way is blocked. Your acceptance of that would calm it down.

    The heart is always right-- if there's a question of choosing between the mind and the heart-- because mind is a creation of the society. It has been educated. You have been given it by the society, not by existence. The heart is unpolluted.

    Follow always the middle course. Meditate with half open eyes.

  • Uhura

    One more thing, what math or mathematicians or anything based on numbers or geometry could be involved in your life in some recent future? Make your weakness to your strength.

    There are two kinds of surrender. One is when you are forced to surrender—that is ugly. Never allow that to happen. It is better to die than to surrender because you are forced to surrender. But there is a totally different kind of surrender: you are not forced to surrender, you simply feel like merging, melting, becoming one with somebody or with the whole of existence.

    And if your intelligence leads you, that life will be a good life. But a good life should not be the aim, the aim should be a keen and sharp intelligence.

  • Thank you Goldenhill,

    there is no need to choose a particular doctrine. Religion has nothing to do with doctrines, it is more existential.

    So surrender is the greatest and deepest relationship -- and the end of relationship also. If you surrender, you have come to the deepest relationship that is possible. Beyond that, relationship disappears. Surrendered, you are no more.

  • Dear misshopeful

    it is typical male behaviour,

    It is not difficult, it is only a question of outlook.

  • heavens25

    what do you think this dream means? It shows you your need for contact, neglected by you, because you are following your mind which is cautious and mistrusting.

    Is there any meaning to all this? Yes.

    A person who is continuously thinking whether there is any risk or not becomes so self-conscious that he never lives. He becomes rigid and dull and stupid—mediocre: forget all about risks. Life is a risk. The day you were born, one thing became certain: that you are going to die. Now what more risk can there be?

    Heaven is not somewhere else: it is a way of living. So is hell -- a style of life. Hell is living unconsciously; heaven is living consciously. Hell is your own creation, so is heaven. If you go on living unconsciously, through your unconscious desires, instincts, motives -- of which you are not the master but only the victim -- then you create hell around yourself. But if you start living a conscious life, a life of bringing more and more light to the deep, dark corners of your being, if you start living full of light, your life is moment-to-moment ecstasy.

  • emereaux,

    living in the world, doing all that is needful, remain transcendental. Be like a lotus leaf or a lotus flower -- in the water and yet untouched by it.

  • Thanks I appreciate it.


  • I would appreciate any information on what's coming up in my life:) 21st September, 1970

    Thank you:)

  • Dear hanswolfgang,

    Thank you . I must gain the confidence to make eye contact even if it's not with this guy. Do you see any romance in life in the near future ?

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    May I pls have a love prediction for my best friend. SHe has been a widow for 12 years and needs some romance. 23 Nov 1963. Thank you.

  • Pfree,

    your power is your sense of humor. Even in the greatest misery you can joke and laugh.

  • jengnbna

    what's coming up in your life: you will think, you have to clarify everything at once pressurizing thereby yourself and others.

    Your creativity can manifest in many ways. On the high side, you can be a highly successful writer, teacher or performer. On the low side, you can worry and spend your time on frivolous activities and never reach your full potential. Success in life always depends upon the individual and how you use your God-given gifts and abilities. You are gifted but your fear of poverty may entice you into using your creativity in questionable ways. If this happens, you seldom get away with it. You make a great saleswoman and propagandist but you are ineffective until you decide upon one philosophy and stand behind it. You are sure to have emotional losses, many of which are destined. If you see them as "completions" that lead you to a higher level, you avoid disappointment. If you use your inheritance of spiritual knowledge, much success can be realized.

    There is only one life—so if you want to meditate, do it right now—because the tomorrow is not reliable. There may be no tomorrow.

  • Dear misshopeful

    Do I see any romance in life in the near future ? No.

    Find the center of the cyclone, the emptiness that is between you and existence and the eternal nothingness.

  • Dear fanofkmm

    a love prediction for your best friend: Strength in service. It is action without meditation. But she seems to have the overview.

    She needs relaxation. What is relaxation? It is a state of affairs where your energy is not moving anywhere, not to the future, not to the past—it is simply there with you. In the silent pool of your own energy, in the warmth of it, you are enveloped. This moment is all. There is no other moment. Time stops—then there is relaxation. If time is there, there is no relaxation. Simply, the clock stops; there is no time. This moment is all.

    Watching in this way for a few weeks, one day you will start seeing that thoughts have gone a little further away. Yes, they are there, distant, you can hear the noise, but they are not very close by.

  • Dear Hans,

    I had a dream where I had a heart surgery and there was going to be an implant later, because my heart had 2 black spots. I wasn't happy and I felt the heart tight. I woke up with that feeling.

    Any insight on this??

    Any other advice??

    thank you


  • hanswolfgang, you are simply amazing! You are wonderful for helping everyone! I may need a reading soon lol. 🙂

  • Dear Art,

    Any insight on this?? Stop fighting. Even if you win, your heart is losing.

    Any other advice?? Mix and mingle with people. Enjoy togetherness. That will help you to open your heart.

    Repression is to live a life that you were not meant to live. Repression is to do things which you never wanted to do. Repression is to be the fellow that you are not. Repression is a way to destroy yourself. Repression is suicide—very slow of course, but a very certain, slow poisoning. Expression is life; repression is suicide.

    So create as much of a vacuum in your heart as you can and you will be filled by more and more energy, and fresh energy, vital energy. And once you have learned the secret you become an empress. You know now there is nothing to lose: the more you lose, the more you get.

  • Mestiza,

    self-awareness ist a total unity of within and without, the higher and the lower, the valley and the peak. All dualities meet and merge into it.

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