Hanswolfgang can you please help me?

  • Thank you Illona,

    will you be together again? No.

    And will this time be better than last time? Yes.

    What do I see for you as far as work: You should work for this company called Hire right at home. Do not grieve over denials. Turn around and there you will find your work.

    Once the boundary of the mind is crossed, you will become aware of this inner suffering, this meaninglessness. This feeling of meaninglessness is bound with your past. You have always been purposeful, you have never conceived of existence as meaningless. That is why this suffering comes to you. But if you find meaning in life, there will be no death.

    That’s the whole message of ecology: we are together. You breathe out, the tree breathes in; the tree breathes out, you breathe in. The tree purifies you through oxygen, you nourish the tree through carbon dioxide.

  • Thank You so much. I want to work for Hire Right so bad. And there has been a couple of jobs there and I know I could have done the work so why not call me. But I believe I just may need to fix my resume some and it will work out. And there is somebody his birthday is April 13, he is 55 what do you see with us.


  • HansWolfgang, I need your help. I need advice on the situation that I am in now. Let me know if you need specifics?

  • Illona,

    what do I see for you: Disappointment. The heart will suffer because of the mind.

    Try to find, in whatsoever is happening, the something beautiful that must be there. Uncover it, discover it. A person who never asks for anything always gets many gifts from GOD.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Thank you for that word of advice. Out of curiousity can u do me a 6 month reading of my life?

  • You told me "You need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available. "

    At first I did not understand but I think I do now. And I want to tell you that mr. Libra came by my house yesterday and he was telling me that he may take a job in texas. but he does not want to take the job. And you was talking about his money, and it looks like the irs is really on him this year already. I really told him how I felt and that I really did not want him to go to texas. I just had to tell you about what you said and it came true. When do you think I may be starting the job with HireRight at home for them. Thank You so much


  • Hey Baq Again Hanswolfgang

    Whats in Store In My Future My Birthday is 7/17/91 Thanx

  • 143jastin

    a 6 month reading of your life: celebrate with your friends. They may not be many, but two are enough for you to have a good time.

    Yyour work will be of creativity. Let nobody provoke you into any destruction, do not blame others for your misery. You are responsible, but this is a real revolution. If you take the responsibility for your life you can start changing it.

  • MsScorp

    advice on the situation that you are in now: your thinking comes out of your mourning, out of your defiance against yourself. So you are seeing no change. Do not allow any disaster in your presence.

  • Illona,

    when do I think you may be starting the job with HireRight at home for them? When you are feeling the natural rhythm of earth no more, when you think, you have to guard yourself only by strategic approach.

    You need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available.

    Can you recognize the mud in the lotus? The lotus comes from the mud. If you have never seen a lotus growing from the mud and a lotus flower is brought to you, can you conceive that this beautiful lotus flower has come up from the ordinary mud of a pond? This beautiful lotus coming from ugly mud! Can you recognize the mud anywhere in it? It is there, but transformed. Its fragrance is coming from that same ugly mud. The rosiness of the petals is coming from the same ugly mud. If you hide this lotus flower in mud, within days it will disappear again into its mother. Then again you won't be able to recognize where that lotus has gone. Where? Where is the fragrance? Where are those beautiful petals?

  • sammysocutehuh91,

    whats in Store In your Future: you have enough, but not as much as you want. Envy nobody.

    There is a powerful influence of balance and peace in personal relationships. How it affects you will largely depend upon your current status in your love life and how responsible you have been in that area. This will demand that all outstanding love debts be settled and will encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and words in your closest relationships. You may find that you have to make compromises and adjustments to accomplish this as well.

    On a more universal level, it may also revealed to you a special purpose in your life, one of helping others by sharing love with them. You may become aware of a special mission that you are to perform. It is peace and intuitively knowing how to love others in a spiritual sense.

    A single moment of passionate love, of passionate living, of passionate stillness, is more valuable than the whole of eternity. It is not a question of survival; it is really a question of how to live this moment.

  • Thank U Berry Much!

  • Will i fallin love soon? Who do you see for my life?


  • also do you see my grandmother around me, and what does she want me to know?

  • sammysocutehuh91

    One need not go anywhere to be blissful. One can sit silently, be alone, and be blissful. Nothing else is needed; just the pulsation of life is enough.

  • heavens25

    Will you fall in love soon? Yes.

    Whom do I see for your life? Someone, who is in an awkward situation: He cannot see, he cannot move.

    Also do I see your grandmother around you? No.

    What does she want you to know? Look around for something new, for a new love, instead of being closed and discontented with your already known relatings. And she loves you too.

    You have great intuition, good organizational ability and the desire to serve and nurture others with some form of knowledge or information. You have much authority and power. But your power comes more from the receptive side of your nature. You know things before they happen and you operate on a high mental vibration. You can be high strung and impatient.

    You can have success in any of the communications fields. It can help make you more receptive to your intuition and make you feel like serving others more. It is successful, but also present is the nurturing quality of the mother. Of course this can also represent your involvement with one of your female Club friends or associates.

    Misery is not as big as you make it. So the first thing is to reduce it to the right proportion . . Be very factual. If you really want to transform your life, be factual. You can not get out of fictions, but you can get out of facts. Facts can be tackled, but fictions cannot be tackled.

  • Thank you! all is true there is a guy in my love who i care for a lot who is in a situation and he is kind of pushing me away right now because of it... he is depressed but i have a feeling that one day we will end uo together? is this the guy? 🙂

  • heavens25,

    one day you will end together? No.

    is this the guy? 🙂 No. 😞

    You need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available.

    Love comes like a wave... out of the blue. It just strikes your heart, stabs you in the heart, and suddenly you are transformed. You don´t know from where it comes, why it comes, when it comes. There is no way to manage it. You cannot invite it: if it comes, it comes; if it doesn´t come, it doesn´t come. It is like a breeze, like a wave, but it is a great wave. When it comes roaring it drowns you completely.

  • Hans, will the Aquarius contact me again or respond to the message I sent? If so, when? What is in store for us, if anything?

    Will he learn his lesson and end the cycle he is in so that he may start anew anytime soon?

  • Hanswolfgang, I love reading your posts! You have such a clear way of reading for people.

    As an empath, I depend upon the feelings (both emotional and physical) I receive to guide me in the readings I give - which sometimes feels like taking the long way around to get to the point. You and a few special others on the forums, seem to clearly see. Is it experience and learning how to 'cut to the chase', so to speak, or just an inherent difference in our personal antennae?

    Any light you can shed on your inner processes would be greatly appreciated - I am endlessly fascinated by this (I've read and studied about the esoteric arts, akashic records, etc.,) and wonder how you understand your talent.

    Thank you and best wishes today and in the New Year!

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