Hanswolfgang can you please help me?

  • 🙂 Gracias hans 🙂 Do you have a blog or website of some sort?? 🙂 Love to check it out if you do!

  • Mestiza,

    yes I have some blogs. Check it out:

    Be awake. Just see what you are doing, just see what your life consists of. Is there any awareness or is it just an unconscious play of unconscious forces? Are you just a victim of forces you are not aware of—from where they come, what they are doing to you? Are you going to die in this way?

  • Dear Hans,

    few pages back you told me I ' need a catharsis. During catharsis you express only negative emotions, anger, jealousy, anguish, etcetera.'

    Why would I need that, what do you see wrong in my emotional state??

    How can I do this??

    thank you for the inspiration you give me!


  • Great! Where are your blogs located at? or what website and i'll just type in your name and find it =] Can you post the link? 🙂

    Also, I was reading some other posts and read about spirit guides, I was doing some research on them, how interesting. There's different types right? Some can make their presence more known and some just influence you "that little voice in your head". Can you speak on it a little more? my aunt in mexico always says I have 2 or 3, do you see someone helping me out and if so can you sense their names? I wanted to try meditation to maybe get more in tune with it if possible but some info could help.

    Muchas gracias

  • Dear Art10

    Why would you need that? To become more receptive for the gifts of life.

    what do I see wrong in your emotional state?? You are too fiery, too much fire, too male, too much yang, too active, only speeding to get what you want.

    How can you do this?? Do it somewhere else. You could make a trip to some Osho-Meditation-Center, where they do Dynamic Meditation.

    This speed mania has to be stopped. There is no need. Each step has to be enjoyed and celebrated Speed is unspiritual. The very idea of speed is unspiritual. Why not enjoy each moment of life? Then each moment becomes a goal itself.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank You Hans,

    that is of course true. I feel I don't have time to do things I want to do and have to do.

    My judgement on the 'time' and 'expectations' is always wrong I have noticed

    so little time!! On the other hand there are days of doing nothing at all

    I panic and freak people out for sure,... then when nothing is in hurry I get the inertia of hurrying myself for no reason. I laugh to myself often.

    but what about catharsis??

    Why do I have this fiery energy?? Is it born or are people around me cause in it?

    just meditation is enough?

    I will try it for sure!! Thank you a lot!!


  • Mestiza,

    I just can´t believe it. My whole post, my complete answer to you was deleted. It seems I am now on some hate-list of some admin. A link posted by me here, and they delete now the whole post.

    If you google: livejournal hanswolfgang profile, the first result would probably be my whole list of my weblogs. Even the following search results would help you, because there also I have linked always all my weblogs.

    There are not different types of spirit guides. I do not see someone helping you out. You should try with meditation to get more in tune with yourself. You can only take something, if you give something.

    Whenever a being becomes enlightened he remains a guide. But you cannot recognize a guide in the spirit if you cannot recognize a guide in the body.

    So do not demand too much.

  • Art10

    but what about catharsis?? You are identified with your thinking, and that creates much stress for you. That stress piles up as accumulated tension in your body.

    Why do I have this fiery energy?? Because you have a strong energy, that should lead you, but you trust your mind instead of your gut feelings.

    It is neither born nor are people around you cause in it.

    just meditation is enough? No. Catharsis has to come first, as in Dynamic Meditation.

    On a Third Avenue bus in Manhattan, a very prim spinster was shocked overhearing Scarpetti, the immigrant, saying to his fried, "Emma come-a-first, I come-a-next, two assa come-a together, I come-a again, two assa come-a together again, I come-a one-a more, pee-pee twice, then I come-a for the last-a time."

    When Scarpetti was finished, the crimson-faced old maid turned to a policeman sitting nearby. "Aren´t you going to arrest that terrible old man?" she whispered.

    "Why?" asked the policeman. "For spelling "Mississippi"?"


  • Hello. Can I get a reading into my life? My b-day is 12/5/7 Will my boyfriend ever love me again? Is he my soulmate? Will we end up together? What happened here? I love him. Please help. What is it i need to know?

  • 12/5/77 😃

  • stclaire


    To be conscious means to take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders. To be responsible is the beginning of awakening.

  • SedonaSarah

    a reading into your life? You are holding on to sorrows. You are nourishing the grief maintaining being distressed. You are fulfilling your apparent duties suffering for the sake of suffering.

    My b-day is 12/5/77: Enough is enough.

    Will my boyfriend ever love me again? No.

    Is he my soulmate? Yes.

    Will we end up together? No.

    What happened here? You treated everyone with absolute equality.

    What is it you need to know? You have to struggle for yourself, for that what you want.

    You should always remember that you are his servant, and he is always right. And you are a consistent woman; you will remain consistently his servant, whatever happens.

  • Mestiza,

    you can see all my blogs at hans-wolfgangch.livejournal.com/profile.

  • Thanks Hans, I did some blog reading, it's great, you have like 23493493 different ones, so I have plenty to read! I love it and am sharing it with some friends 🙂 Thanks ❤

    On another note, something I really need help on right now since applications are due in like 2-3 weeks. I'm trying to study abroad this summer, but there's so many different countries, I could either go back to Mexico, a european country..there's even africa available etc. Or I could just stay in America and take classes. Do you see a place I should go to? Anywhere I should be drawn too, or consider?




  • Hanswolfgang,

    I had a dream last night that left me shocked. I dreamt that I was at my cousins house and a nurse came with this clear tube exactly like a straw she was holding both ends with her fingers the hole parts and in the tube was my boyfriends sperm you could see the sperm swimming. She gave it to me and said I should insert it in me by releasing my finger from the bottom hole when inserted upwards. I said okay and did exactly as was told. The next part of my dream I awoke to my nephew pointing at my stomach and saying “Baby inside”. I was so shocked. Do you have any idea what this means.

  • Mestiza

    I know, in the earlier years of this millenium I had more time for posting in blogs, because I was not here in the forum.;-)

    I see africa, you should go to africa.

    Feel wonder, feel awe, be in a love affair with existence.

  • 143jastin

    it means a struggle inside of you, different wishes, desires and ways are struggling against each other.

    Remember always: your mind is stupid. Mind as such is stupidity. Mind cannot be intelligence. Intelligence happens only when the mind has gone. Intelligence is not the function of the mind; it is the function of the whole. Mind is stupid, repetitive. It cannot know the unknown, it can only go on repeating the known.

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