Hanswolfgang can you please help me?

  • Do you know where our relationship is at, where it is going and the outcome?

  • redgemini

    what I see for you in 2010? Your strong sexual power will send its light spiral-shaped upwards through the whole body, to flow out again out of the body as spiritual light strenght.

    Where to take it from here: first get independent with yourself, be contented with yourself.

    In the mind, you are miles away from being. The more you think, the less you are. The less you think, the more you are. And if you don’t think at all, those are the moments when being asserts itself in its totality.

  • 143jastin

    where your relationship is at, where it is going and the outcome? Your relationship is in harmony with all and everything, it is going to find common interests to study together and the outcome is the search for stability and security, dominated by your identification with materialistic concerns.

    Be simply a deep receptivity... a readiness, an open door.

  • hanswolfgang, first thank you for the quick response. What you are saying is very interesting. I completely understand the part about being independent and the part about the being&thinking. There is a lot of truth and wisdom in your words and will definitely be working on these as it was already my intention. I am a bit puzzled about the first part though how am i going to use my sexual power as a spiritual strength? Is this going to be a personal spiritual enrichment through sexuality?

  • I thank you for all that you have done for me and gving me hope for the future.

  • redgemini

    how are you going to use your sexual power as a spiritual strength? This is your way. It is a tantric way. Tantra discovered how to transform sexual power into spiritual strenght. Try it, because it is a question of taste and experience. Then sexx becomes spiritual and to transform sexx into spirituality is tantric religion. Sexual energy is your potentiality for spiritual growth. You can become enligthened only because of your sexual energy.

    Is this going to be a personal spiritual enrichment through sexuality? No.

  • 143jastin,

    silence and sadness have one thing in common, that’s why the misunderstanding arises; that common thing is depth. The depth that happens in sadness, happens in silence, but sadness is a negative state and silence is a positive state; that is the difference, and that is a great difference.

    This is the right moment to look inwards, with your total consciousness, with your total life energy, and with an urgency as if this is your last moment on the earth.

  • wow..I am quite hesitant as to a reaction. I do not know what to say. Tahnk You

  • Man has created a world of no and he has become engaged in his own world, and he has forgotten the world of the trees, the world of the rivers, the world of the mountains and the stars. There they don’t know of any noun, they have not heard about nouns; they know only verbs. Everything is a process. God is not a thing but a process.

    A person is bound to be limited. A person can be photographed, an image can be made of a person. No image can be made of god, for the simple reason that he is a presence. You can make a beautiful painting of a rose flower but how will you paint the fragrance of the rose. There is no way at all. So god is not a person but only a presence, a feeling. And that feeling wells up from your innermost core when you are utterly silent, when the mind has gone into complete cessation.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Ahhh yes, I have felt that contact high - bliss, supreme knowing - however it is described, within the cessation. I totally understand what you are saying - It exists where it exists, and the more we try to capture it by thought or voice or consciousness, the less available it seems to become - tantalizingly close, but still light years away.

    Totally fascinating!

  • My whole emphasis is in finding the center of the cyclone --- the emptiness that is between you and existence and the eternal nothingness.

  • yes, I understand. In all of my prescient dreams of current and social consequence, I always dream of the hurricane, tornado, cyclone in relation to the revelation - as well as experience the intense emotion of what is going to happen. The only place I can find peace is in the emptiness of where I understand that which needs to happen for humanities' sake is separate from what I need to experience for my soul's sake.

    A very strange place to find myself. You, as well?

  • Happy New Year HansWolfGang,

    Could you please tell me what you see for me in 2010??? Also do you see him and I getting back together again? Thanks so much.

    DOB: 6/26/1956 His: 12/25/1966

  • emereaux,

    the strange place, I try to find myself, is the empty heart.

    Religion arises in wonder and awe. If you can feel wonder, if you can feel awe, you are religious. Not by reading the Bible or the Gita or the Koran, but by experiencing awe. When you see the sky full of stars, do you feel a dance in your heart? Do you see a song arising in your being? Do you feel a communion with the stars? Then you are religious. You are not religious by going to the church or by going to the temple and repeating borrowed prayers which have nothing to do with your heart, which are just head affairs.

  • Thank you bluesdiva69,

    what I see for you in 2010: a great hope is arising, helping you to collect your energies for achieving this great goal.

    Do I see him and you getting back together again? No.

    There could be marriage, but also sexual enjoyment and romantic fantasy. You can bet that one or more of these qualities will be present in your life. The only negative manifestation may be a tendency towards laziness, fantasizing, or self indulgence. It could cause you to put on some weight or overdo it sexually or otherwise.

    There is a great difference between satisfaction and contentment; not only is there a difference, in fact they are opposite to each other Satisfaction is pseudo. It is just an effort to cover up your wounds. The wounds are not healed; they are there, but only covered. And they go on growing, they go on becoming bigger, they go on collecting more pus; they can become cancerous. Contentment is healed wounds. One has become whole. It is authentic.

  • Hanswolfgang,Please tell me what you see, I need help,

    I lost my job,

    thank you for your time.

  • Hello

  • Wanted to tell something...but my keyboard was stalled so you just got Hello. 🙂

    Anyway greets from Europe to all participants.

  • Yes, I love looking at the planets, stars and constellations and have spent the last 7 years learning their current names, their ancient names and any secrets they want to share with me. The night sky is my cathedral, my church, where I worship, and many times, I am filled with such wonder, awe and joy, it is hard not to dance! It's hard not to sing! I don't even try to stay quiet.

    Few things move me the way a star-filled sky does. I fill so fortunate to have experienced such wonder.

  • Goldenhill

    you are afraid all will be taken from you.

    The treasure is not hidden in big words, the treasure is hidden in you. And it is to be discovered, not through big words, it is to be discovered through wordlessness, it is to be discovered through silence.

    So wait, your feeling has to come. Things will settle.

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