Hanswolfgang can you please help me?

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Happy New Year, I am hoping all is well with you and that you will continue to bless those who come to you seeking guidance.

    As this year has begun it seems rather slow going for me. Can you tell me what you see for 2010? I am in need of a job. I did a tarot reading this morning and the cards I got were as follows Ace of Swords in the Love and Me position, Eight of Cups in the Situation position and Seven of cups in the Challenges position, can you tell me what this may mean? I am struggling and I really don't know why? It seems one day I am upbeat and happy then the next I am just wanting to be alone and that isn't me normally. Can you tell me what you see happening, how do I shake this. My DOB 2/5/62, I really appreciate your advice and help.

  • silverwitch

    will the Aquarius contact me again or respond to the message I sent? No.

    What is in store for you, if anything? He has the money and will therefore claim dominance.

    Will he learn his lesson and end the cycle he is in so that he may start anew anytime soon? No.

    In the mind, you are miles away from being. The more you think, the less you are. The less you think, the more you are. And if you don’t think at all, those are the moments when being asserts itself in its totality.

    Meditation is the only way to experience it.

    Meditation means moving inwards to the point

    Where that ultimate void is still in existence.

    Our body has a form, our mind has a form

    But our consciousness is formless.

    When you move deeper than the body and the mind

    Suddenly, you stumble into an ultimate void --

    Don´t be afraid of that.

    It is the most beautiful experience of life

    It is THE experience!

  • Yes, he has some money, but I don't understand the answer if he's not going to respond to me or contact me? If he is to claim dominance in the context of my question, then there would need to be a relationship between us. Right now our communication is all on an energetic level.

    If there is to be a relationship of any kind (I'm not looking for a romantic relationship with him, just to patch up our friendship), when will it happen?

    Not surprised that he won't learn his lesson; he really needs to get away from his self-destructive lifestyle and his awful marriage and find someone who won't try to control him but he doesn't because he would see it as a failure. He's my step-brother so I know exactly how hard-headed and stubborn he can be. LOL

  • Thank you emereaux

    it is learning how to 'cut to the chase', so to speak, and certainly just an inherent difference in our personal antennae.

    I work with Rider-Waite-Tarot-Cards and with synchronicity (very simple, but difficult to explain).

    So my answers come mainly from my experience with these tarot cards and with my systems I devised for answering very short and precisely any questions.

    So I think you are more functioning by going into your subconsciousness, whereas I have devised methods to go into the collective consciousness.

    So my talent seems to be more to work with devices than to work with myself, as you probably do.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    I'd be curious to know about the man who is important for me right now and our relationship.Will it evolve somehow?what is he expecting from me?Does he still care?could you also tell me what my future holds for me?

  • Thank you free4now

    what I see for 2010? You will fall in love, maybe even have a child.

    You will achieve more clarity concerning love and yourself. That is so important as you are in a situation, where you have no clarity and are not able to move. The challenges are your desires and illusions, and that is, what it means.

    You are struggling and you really don't know why? You clinging to your misery and fighting against strong impulses from the outside which are there to lead you out of your imprisonment to more spontaneity.

    What I see happening, how do you shake this: Love all that what will happen out of it. You are identified with your mind. Shake this identification, that would be enough.

    There are strongest indicators of travel or moving your home or your business. It could That usually brings with it a certain amount of restlessness and the desire for changes or travel. It can result in a dissatisfaction with the way your life has been that motivates you to want new things, lifestyles, and experiences.

    You are always missing the train. Either you are too early or you are too late, but you are never at the exact time. Either you are running ahead or you are lagging behind. Either you are in the past or in the future. A few people live in their memories and a few people live in their imaginations.

    But be on your own. Only that way one grows. There is no other way to grow.

  • silverwitch

    you don't understand the answer if he's not going to respond to you or contact you: Just go on your own way.

    If there is to be a relationship of any kind, when will it happen? When you love it to argue, which keeps you continously in tension, when you not really want an answer, nor being interested in the truth, which lets you deny your heart, your feelings, and when this separates you from the others, then it will happen.

    And the last thing to remember always is: in the relationship of love, you always blame the other if something goes wrong. If something is not happening as it should, the other is responsible. This will destroy the whole possibility of future growth. Remember: you are always responsible, and change yourself. And drop those qualities which create trouble. Make love a self-transformation.

    But love is something we do not study -- we want to avoid such things.

  • moonalisa

    about the man who is important for you right now and your relationship: He is following his gut feelings, trusting himself.

    Will it evolve somehow? Yes.

    What is he expecting from you? To give up all your clingings and be ready for a transformation.

    Does he still care? No.

    What your future holds for you? More friendliness with the others, more harmony with your surroundings.

    In the mind, you are miles away from being. The more you think, the less you are. The less you think, the more you are. And if you don’t think at all, those are the moments when being asserts itself in its totality.

    Do not play hide-and-seek with yourself. Allow the divided parts to mingle into each other. Let them merge and the oneness arises again.

  • Thank you for sharing your process. I understand what you are saying about subconscious vs. collective consciousness. I am striving to develop my ability to contact the collective consciousness at will, as well. Love what you have to say about meditation. It's helped me tremendously.

    Again, it's a pleasure to read your posts.

  • You bring sucha sense of well being to all I cannot see. Thank you. I pulled Tarot this evening and I got these cards: Seven of Wands Love and Me, Queen of Cups Situation and The Sun Challenges. I will await what you get from these. Have a wonderful day! Thanks again.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    thanks so much. I appreciate your being so straightforward. these are not always things we want to hear but sometimes we just have to face the truth. You said that the relationship will evolve and that he doesn't care so does it mean that he will try to distance himself.Who am I for him thus?I'm asking these questions as I realise that to a large extent I'm to blame.

  • hanswolfgang,

    I was wondering if you knew why my boyfriend has beena cting the way he has?

  • emereaux

    the conscious is the superficial part of the mind which is lighted, and below it lies the unconscious buried in the dark. Then below the unconscious lies the collective unconscious, and at the bottom lies the cosmic unconscious -- which is the mind of the entire universe, which is the total mind, the universal mind. Remembrance of God or self-remembering happens at the level of the cosmic mind, which is the ultimate in consciousness. God or self is known when we become completely integrated -- not only with our unconscious and collective minds, but also with the cosmic consciousness, which is of the highest. To be in contact with the cosmic mind is what is called the contact high.

  • Thank you free4now

    Love and You: you are defending yourself against love.

    Situation: you are identified with your emotions.

    Challenges: spontaneity, being playful.

    Never believe anything unless you have experienced it.

  • moonalisa,

    Who are you for him thus? You are the moon, circling around him being the sun.

    It is not a question of deciding logically whether what is being said is true or untrue; on the contrary, it is a question of love, not of logic. Truth immediately creates a love in your heart; something is triggered in you in a very mysterious way.

  • 143jastin

    why your boyfriend has been acting the way he has? Because you are allowing others greed and power over yourself.

    Repression is to live a life that you were not meant to live. Repression is to do things which you never wanted to do. Repression is to be the fellow that you are not. Repression is a way to destroy yourself. Repression is suicide—very slow of course, but a very certain, slow poisoning. Expression is life; repression is suicide.

  • hanswolfgang,

    What you say is really intriguing.Thank you for your time devoted to me and your help.

  • Wow..Thank You for the quick response.

  • Truth cannot be defined, although it can certainly be experienced. But experience is not a definition. A definition is made by the mind, experience comes through participating. If somebody asks, 'What is a dance?' how can you define it? But you can dance and you can know the inner feel of it.

  • hanswolfgang, can you please tell me what you see for me in 2010? I recently finished with my studies and i'm wondering where to take it from here. Same situation with my love life so to speak. My dob is 12 june 1984.

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