Hanswolfgang can you please help me?

  • emereaux,

    truth cannot be defined, although it can certainly be experienced. But experience is not a definition. A definition is made by the mind, experience comes through participating. If somebody asks, 'What is a dance?' how can you define it? But you can dance and you can know the inner feel of it. God is the ultimate dance.

    When you see that a work has given you balance, that you have attained happiness, don´t ask for more; when you feel good don´t ask for more; when you are surrounded by a well-being don´t ask for more. Retire, enjoy it. Revel in it. Dance with it. Don´t ask for more. The mind is always asking for more.

  • Yes, understood.

  • Hi again hanswolfgang!

    Can i communicate in some rather unconventional way regarding my investigation?

    Of course you do not need to answer if it crosses to your standard of asking and communication in general.

    I will send you random signals from me in several words (terms going on my mind right now).

    Keep in mind all are linked to my personal issue.

    ATC , education, compulsive wish to change, particular child challenge, progress, hyperactivity, major transition, residence change, airplanes, science, ADHD, 40,5; math, distress and regret but empathy, exhaustion, cure, chaos and order, hardship, clock is ticking away, consolidation.

    If you get something just drop it here.

    24. July 1969

    It was easier for me to use this form than usual.

    With respect,

  • Hanswolfgang, I don't understand how this relates to me notbeing able to keep a job

    I either choose to quit cuz it's unbearable or I speak up and stand my ground and get fired

    am I just suppose to take it andbe abused?

    Nurses are abused what am I not getting????

    I don't understand why it's so hard to fit in and meld with the group

    if I keep my mouth shut I stagnate and part of me dies

    is this the way of the spiritual warrior?

    I appreciate clarifying your reading I really want to and need to understand it

    I am feeling like now I am in a different space where I can't grasp the concepts you share

    something us closed... Thanks for your time

    I wish you all the best. : )

  • Hello Hanswolfgang

  • Hello Hanswolfgang

    Illona here again. Hanswolfgang I have a question. There is somebody that as been trying to talk to me. This person and I was talking about four years ago and now he trys to talk to me like we have been talking all the time. We have been talking like friends but now he wants it to be sexual . His dob is Feb 6 63. When we were talking before he told me he seen me like a sister. And now he is trying to tell me that he has always like me. My question is why now. Am I on the right track he is just doing this too see if I will fall for whatever. But the thing is he is living with someone and I don't want to be involve with that. I am human to and I would not want somebody to do that to me. He is just playing games.

    And is my Libra going to move in with me.


  • emereaux,

    or, whenever in-breath and out-breath fuse, at this instant touch the energy-less, energy-filled center.

  • Hi again Uhura!

    I appreciate your playfulness.

    I just drop it here: You are too much under male influence, identified with the wishes of a man.

    You need mental satisfaction.

    Though there is stability, theire is also a hidden restlessness that can manifest in several ways. You are progressive and can utilize this to create new ideas in your chosen line of work, rather than let the restlessness keep you from achieving any success. You know what you know and are not likely to change your mind on your behalf unless you see the value of change for yourself. "Stubborn" may describe it better. You are fond of argument, since you usually win, and usually do well in legal matters. You have a good constitution and are not afraid of hard work. This makes you successful. You are good at sales work and enjoy talking about what you believe in. You are popular and do well in groups. As long as you don't let your love of debate get out of hand, you will keep a fine reputation in your work. You also want a successful love life and this is your major life challenge.

    All marriages are ponds. They don´t go anywhere, they are simply there. Water is evaporating every day and they are becoming more and more dirty. One day there will be only dirt.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang. May I bother you for a reading pls. Particularly regarding my husband and myself and the challenges we are currently facing.

    Thank you for your time and interest.

  • Thank you Goldenhill,

    how this relates to you not being able to keep a job: just relocate.

    You choose to quit and get fired.

    Are you just supposed to take it and be abused? Yes.

    Nurses are abused what am I not getting???? You behave in a traditional way feeling to be tied down by that.

    Why it's so hard to fit in and melt with the group? Because you are still not decisive whether you want to go in this direction.

    if I keep my mouth shut I stagnate and part of me dies

    is this the way of the spiritual warrior? No.

    clarifying my reading: Follow your legs. The legs manifest that part of existence, which is eternally moving and still always radiating calmness.

    You quite right with your feeling. I share something closed, because only your grasping it existentially can open it. I appreciate your trying hard for understanding.

    It makes great sense to say you have to drop all your practices.

  • Hello Illona

    Your question is why now: because he is identfied with his desire.

    He can represent a successful business man, one who runs his own business, or a financial man such as a banker or stockbroker. He is successful and has a strong sense of values which have made him the success he is. He is ready to start his own business and it promises great success if he does. It bestows everything needed to make a success of some financial or business opportunity.

    Are you on the right track? no.

    And is your Libra going to move in with you? No.

    Life is a continuous process, a movement; it is a river. You have to adjust yourself according to the situations, otherwise you remain fixed and life goes on changing all around. The only result will be a gap arising between you and your life—and that gap creates misery, sorrow.

    In the beginning you will feel thoughts floating. By and by, the more you get rooted in existence, the more and more you settle down in the feeling of being, the thoughts will be far away, you will feel a distance -- as if those thoughts are not now happening to you, but they are happening to someone else, very very far away. There is a distance. And then, when you are really rooted, grounded in the being, mind will disappear. You will be there with not a single word, not a single mental image.

  • Hi fanofkmm

    a reading particularly regarding your husband and yourself and the challenges you are currently facing: it is a time of clarification. Try to get more clear about your situation.

    Man has lived at the minimum; hence he looks so dull. Man can live at the maximum and then there will be great brilliance and great radiance and then there will be great flowering.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    I have lurked these pages watching your no nonsense honesty and very much appreciate it. I need some help around helping another. An old friend of mine who I've known for over 40 years is in need of help. I have helped her many times in the past sometimes easily sometimes not. She is now separating from her last husband and joining the world of woman like myself of single motherhood. I've walked solo for most my adult life find I am more comfortable single.I have a 28 year old daughter living at home on the autistic spectrum and her needs and challenges have been a deterrent for men including her father.But I'm ok w/ that. The issue is my friend is in need of a place to live, her and her 16 yr old daughter. Because of our history I know she is not easy to live w/ but I have my own need for space now too. I did offer her a room in my house but w/ some very honest points about where and when I need quiet, the challenges of living in a small house w/ an autistic etc. I do want to help but we have an old history of me taking care of her and there's this gut feeling she needs to learn to take care of herself, find her own independence. When she left her 1st husband she moved in w/ me to the room I rented and we even shared a bed,she has had 3 husbands who've primarily supported her. I need to know am I fooling myself? Would it be damaging to our friendship to live together? There is a big part of me that does want to help but I am embarrassed to say I feel my resistance to give up my personal freedoms and then I feel like a rotten person. Any wisdom you can give me on this I'd be grateful for.

    Plus Happy New Year!

  • Glad to hear you liked this approach!

    You are good, indeed i must confirm you are very good in this.

    Since i put here a bunch of images from my head you probably got confused with some of them....

    images of male influence in this way you described (probably i did not send consciously image of male, since i did not think about him-them at all at the moment), but again i admit it is rather influence of bigger need for, let say everything happens because his need about time, plan or work time or pain is bigger at the moment...not sure actually.

    It is somehow everything is planned according to his "must to do". Not so good for me. Not good for home and union. But it is surplus product of modern society.

    Sales...i would never sell even the most beautiful and the biggest diamond...but who knows, quite unlucky about gaining money but it does not move me as long as i have for basics. :)))

    Everything else you were talking about is correct, true.

    85-90% in your reading and i am happy you accepted playfulness.

    Today i am going to the test about air traffic controller job but i guess i will pass some of the tests and i will not get job since i am older candidate.

    It is almost last chance to turn the paper but i would not be surprised if something else pop-up.

    You got the point indeed, i am geek personality and i need mental satisfaction to the fullest.

    I am tough as a stone in some matters, some says fanatic...but it works good for me.

    Marriage is not for me basically.

    I will have one legal matter very soon and it pop-upped in need of protection and against small thinking whom some people cling. It happened right this evening so i will create one legal matter for sure.

    Serious issue is about one child. He is not diagnosed with ADHD still since he is under 3 but there are some indications we should check. We have great deal of problems and exhaustion, chaos and do not know what day or night brings. It is very hard to handle this all day not doing anything else. Do not know what is the problem or is there any problem and how to improve communication with this child to make him just a bit calm. It is pretty serious situation and all actions at home or any plan are in dependency of this problem. I am losing nerves since i am present 24/7 and nothing else happens. Stalled.

    Best regards,

  • One more thing, what math or mathematicians or anything based on numbers or geometry could be involved in my life in some recent future? Whatever you get first, just say, so i can compare with my flashes.

    Thank you for reading and patience.

  • Dearest Hanswolfgang, thank you again for your most valuable insight,

    you gave me alot of info to work with for now.

    Wishing you all the best this new year and always!!!!

  • @Pfree A problem shared is a problem halved. Or so they say. Actually, it depends on who you share it. You should respect your gut feelings. Keep in mind I do not want to mess here with this man helping people but i wanted to tell you and there is no private messaging so i do it this way.


  • Dear Hanswolfgang, I've been noticing and feeling a guy staring at me close to my work place at times. I avoid making eye contact . Is he interested in me or something or is it typical male behaviour ? Thank you .

  • Uhura,

    Thank you. No worries I would not have put it on a open forum if I didn't suspect some folks may or may not pop in. What you say is quite true. If I could have what I truly desire I would have more space and quiet and lots of trees not be more crowded but I felt since I inherited my home and she is looking for some help maybe banning together is in order. But we have lots of "history" and my gut tells me it would strain the relationship. Our lifestyles are different now.I'm a nite owl she's a lark... I guess I'm seeing some more of my own selfishness as I would like to give wholeheartedly and help "but" I'm very concerned about being drained. I am already sole support of one besides myself. But she may not even want to live here so I may just be concerned for naught. I'm sure what's meant to be will be.


  • what do you think this dream means? I dated my high school sweetheart for 5 years i WAS totally in love with him but i broke it off in college because i felt i wanted different things....now 5 years later i have been seeing him in my dreams quite a bit, i am single but i really want to be with this guy who also happens to be my best friend and last night in my dream there was a point where they met. Is there any meaning to all this? Also my high school sweetheart is now happily married and i dont miss him by anymeans

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