Hanswolfgang can you please help me?

  • Pfree,

    although I did not literally mean your eyesight nor your perspective and empathic abilities, I think it is time for you to see an eye doctor 😉

    More balance would help also your eyesight. But balance is not something static; it is a dynamic process. Hence you cannot decide your character once and for all. And those who decide their character once and for all are dead people. They simply go on following a dead routine; they are not transformed by this dead routine.

    Then your help has brought humanity a little higher, made humanity a little better, a little more human. You will leave the world a little more beautiful than you had found it.

  • Thank You Hans !!

  • thanks Hans ..I will do my best to stay open to change and embrace it thank you again!


  • Thank you Hans and I do understand what you are saying about voicing the truth and fragrance of thought.

    I will look into it!

    Have a great day!

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Hi..I had a question my boyfriend seems to be stressed out a lot and very grouchy he is going through a lot with having to move and be the care taker of his grandmother. What is it that is causing him to be frustrated and upset all the time?

  • Art10,

    you are planning for the future, not knowing that death will destroy all future. Be wise. Remain in the moment. Live it as totally as possible and then you will know no death. A man who is not worried about tomorrow, knows no death. He becomes deathless, because death is tomorrow—life is today.

    You need a catharsis. During catharsis you express only negative emotions, anger, jealousy, anguish, etcetera.

  • Pfree,

    now become able to protect yourself against this corrupted society, against all kinds of corruptions. The church corrupts, the state corrupts, the educational system corrupts. Then you will be able to see all the games that are being played around you. You will become more and more intelligent, more and more loving, and less and less a person.

  • Thank you soapmaker,

    nothing is impossible as far as inner growth is concerned. Napoleon´s statement that nothing is impossible may not be true about the outside world, but it is absolutely true about the inner: nothing is impossible in the inner world. You just have to start moving in the right direction by the right means. Meditation is the beginning of the right step, in the right direction. Meditation simply means an effort to watch your mind, how the mind functions, with no inference, neither for nor against, no condemnation, no appreciation, with absolute neutrality, pure watchfulness, just like a mirror. The mirror does not bother whether you are beautiful or ugly, whosoever you are, the mirror simply reflects.

  • 143jastin

    What is it that is causing him to be frustrated and upset all the time? It is his being offside, having to wait, feeling like an outsider.

    Man becomes adapted to a certain situation, and then it is his territory. In that territory he is perfectly comfortable and cozy.

  • That is true he is like that.

  • You only have to be on guard so that your mind does not make it difficult, does not give it twists and turns and contortions and distortions.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    If you could please help me in a mini reading, i'd be so very grateful. I usually am one to flow with the tide, I take life as it comes and I enjoy the ups and downs and seek wisdom in everything good or bad. I'm getting older, my intuition is getting better! Right now I'm a jr in my university now just trying to set some goals for this year, but my mind seems jumbled up with different feelings, the many things I want to do or accomplish. I know love is very far away, it does not seem near at all, I'm not too worried about it, being alone does not bother me. I'm just wondering if I am on the right track? Am I doing anything wrong? Is there something I should be focusing on, something I should be paying attention to for this year? Anyone important entering my life? Is there something I can do to further help in my success and happiness? -- It's a lot of random questions sorry, I can't think of anything to detailed.

    Info: October 19, 1988 / 10:43am / central time

    Thank you so much for you time 🙂

    Amor y Luz ❤


  • Good morning my dear Hans,

    I totally agree with you and I have been practicing that very thing. When I am a watcher, pure joy comes through. Nothing is impossible in the inner world and that has helped me to get as organized as I have been doing!

    Love & Hugs

  • Thank you Brianna,

    are you on the right track? No.

    Are you doing anything wrong? No.

    Is there something you should be focusing on, something you should be paying attention to for this year? No.

    Anyone important entering your life? Yes.

    Is there something you can do to further help in your success and happiness? No.

    There is a powerful influence of balance and peace in personal relationships. How it affects you will largely depend upon your current status in your love life and how responsible you have been in that area. This year will demand that all outstanding love debts be settled and will encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and words in your closest relationships. You may find that you have to make compromises and adjustments to accomplish this as well.

    On a more universal level, this year may also reveal to you a special purpose in your life, one of helping others by sharing love with them. You may become aware of a special mission that you are to perform. It is the year of peace and of intuitively knowing how to love others in a spiritual sense.

    Nothing has changed.

    That´s why trust is so much needed. Become part of the family. You can be here as an outsider, you can be here as a visitor, you can be here without being interconnected: you will miss much, because the doubt, the untrusting mind will be standing there and destroying and corrupting everything.

  • Dear soapmaker,

    just be as simple as a child. Just be again a child as you were born, as God sent you into this world. In that mirror like state you will be able to reflect that which is. Innocence is the door to knowing. Knowledge is the barrier and innocence is the bridge.

  • Good evening Hans,

    I haven`t been in a while here. But... i liked your response when you spoke about religion and spirituality.

    It was long time ago when i dreamed one specific dreams (actually i never dream something ordinary, but this one moved me since i remember it for at least 8-10 years). Even though it was in the past, i have had some flashbacks about particular dream, even sort of repetition, i and i still can see it very clear as i dreamed about it yesterday.

    Imagine giant crystalline structure in many crosses forms at once floating in dark Space, transmitting light , so i was able to see through clearly. Form was emitting sound too, imagine sort of organ plane very deep sound and mostly like some theta sound frequency was presented. Form was approaching me closer and closer therefore sound became stronger...

    What you think about this sort of dream? I was amazed and there was no fear. At first i thought it is space city or space craft and wanted to be there, then i realize it could be live structure as well.

  • Also what you think about dolphins in dreams when you dive with them without need to breathe and enjoying company?

  • Thank you muchos! Good to know and it makes sense, I know what you are talking about, so do you think having a romantic relationship would be discouraged for this year until I've made compromises and adjusted some things? Also, do you have any idea who this important person is, or what he/she will do for me? 🙂


    Brianna ❤

  • Good night Uhura,

    What do I think about this sort of dream? It is an absolute free and vitalizing energy.

    Also what do I think about dolphins in dreams when you dive with them without need to breathe and enjoying company? You are identified with money and clinging to security. But as a dolphin you experience the flow of life, living without clinging.

    It happened that a Zen Master awoke one morning and he told his disciple, 'I had a dream in the night. Will you please interpret it for me?' The disciple said, 'You wait, I will bring some cold water so you can wash your face.' He went away to fetch water and returned. The Master washed his face. By that time, another disciple passed nearby and the Master called him and said, 'Listen, I had a dream last night. Will you please interpret it for me?' The disciple looked, and seeing that the Master had washed his face he said, 'Wait, better that I fetch a cup of tea for you.' He brought a cup of tea. The Master sipped the tea, laughed and blessed both of the disciples. He said, 'You did well. If you had interpreted my dream, I would have thrown you out of the ashram, because when a dream is finished and one comes to know that it was a dream, what is the meaning of interpretation?' Even to interpret it shows that you are still in it. You still think that it is substantial.

  • Brianna,

    do I think having a romantic relationship would be discouraged for this year until you've made compromises and adjusted some things? Yes.

    Also, do I have any idea who this important person is? You will know, when he will invite you.

    or what he/she will do for you? It is the shadow of truth which is your very potential and which you then still feel.

    The very understanding of the mind, at a certain point, creates the right moment.

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