Hanswolfgang can you please help me?

  • Thank you Hans, you are correct, she is trying too hard to make it happen and inbetween living in the past.

    Acceptance seems to be the key to her happiness.

    Blessings to you.

  • Thank you fanofkmm,

    sit empty. Just sitting empty one comes to the greatest encounter of life .. one encounters one´s own death. If you can pass that, if you can pass that dancing, happy, enjoying it, if you can be nourished even by emptiness, then nothing can destroy you -- you have attained to the eternal, the non-destructible, the deathless.

  • Oh Hans. From your "lips" to higher force ear! 🙂

    Disruptive changes all around i will need to move our living place!


    Giving bigger significance to problem then it is necessary results in bigger problem.

    So...I have acceptance about child challenge lately but other people do not have.

    Since...someone-unknown coward person decided to add some surplus burden over the existing one. I am sick of this to the point of vomiting. Someone wonders too much why is so loud here and about goodness of my children making me even legal problems.

    Person whoever it is does not know us and does not know about problem with our child and how much effort we put in all of this. He/she just reports us frequently without asking about who we are or are we having problem.

    It happens from time when we moved place here, about two moths.

    Thanks to him-her, but i will try to terminate their intention in the root. I took lawyer last evening and applied prosecution.

    My mind is floating between thinking about possible and final mental challenge in job or/ affirmation form, who, what, where and place where to live and have happier life with better people and environment for us.

    I missed this topic and responses in the last two days.

    Wishing good day to everyone! 🙂

  • just one text correction...i used word "goodness". i thought well-being, benefit...

  • A single moment of passionate love, of passionate living, of passionate stillness, is more valuable than the whole of eternity. It is not a question of survival; it is really a question of how to live this moment.

    All words become lies, the moment you start saying something true. Truth is beyond words.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Who will be ordering a big soap order for you? Someone who collects soaps. 4th of january.

    But you don’t know how to retire: you go on earning the bread in your dreams also. You lie down and you plan for tomorrow, and nobody knows whether the tomorrow is going to come or not. In fact it never comes. It is always today.

    There is a danger of taking the dream to be the real. There is a danger of believing in your imagination too much. You can become so obsessed with your inner fantasy, dream world, that you can live in a fog. But even with the dangers it is very important to understand it and to pass through it. But remember, it is a bridge to be passed. When you have passed it, you will come across real time.

  • Right but you need to give them words as they can only understand them... if you need to keep yourself and loved people integrity, it is worthy in some situations.

    On the other hand it is useless to use words since it can`t describe ultimate reality and we form words sometimes colored with our perception/emotions as well manipulated or person who is target has eventually different perception or everything described above, so there is no ultimate truth in between.

    Anger, sadness, or sickness are based on pushing to use not necessary words.

    Basically you are right.

    Human consciousness is about some changes.

    You can feel it on every step and line of sight or non-line of sight since evolution seems to be faster these days but we are still living on old Earth with old principles of order and functioning.

    You can`t change state of mind on mass level just like that, it is process, you can just take care of yourself.

    But, your words are calming reminder.

  • The saints that I criticize are not saints of love. They are all anti-love, anti-life; they are not life-affirmative. I don’t condemn them because they are saints; I condemn them because they are anti-life. If somebody is full of life’s joy and love for life then there is real saintliness.

  • People before lived less complicated an much happier. They did not think they just lived their lives with acceptance and they did not mess with privacy of other people.

    I would like something similar.

    People are scared of emptiness so they feel boredom, that`s why they need interaction in word-way, no matter how much damage it produces.

    I would rather keep Electrophorus electricus with pure pleasure around me.

  • However it is pretty sad to earth the truth in form of not necessary words in order to show reliability. To who, for what, who cares really...

    Road to *hell is paved with good intentions, sometimes.


  • I understood what you said. I won`t tell anything i just pushed back received energy to show i am present and able. Sometimes it works.

  • Good morning Hans,

    I am working through that dream world and using the techiniques in Book of Secrets. The ego is playing with me now and I am over riding it.

    Blessed be my dear friend

  • Hans,

    In the book one suggestion is to see everything as a dream but be aware and watch it. This is rather a hard thing to do. Any suggestions?

  • Uhura

    Religion is not concerned with other. It is concerned with you, absolutely with you. Religion is personal. It is not a social phenomenon. In fact, there cannot be any sociology of religion; there can only be a psychology.

  • Good evening dear soapmaker

    In the book one suggestion is to see everything as a dream but be aware and watch it. This is rather a hard thing to do. Any suggestions? This is a help not to be overwhelmed by thoughts. Have you watched it? Whenever you are taking life serious, thoughts are rushing in. When you are taking life playful, as a dream, thoughts are leaving you, making you lighter and more relaxed.

    It is very significant to understand the word “remembrance”. The whole religion is contained in that small word. God is not lost but only forgotten. We have only to remember him. It is not a question of seeking and searching. He is already here, he is with us, he is our very life, our very being. We cannot lose him; there is no way to lose him. The only possibility is that we can forget all about him and he is so close that it is very easy to forget him. There is no distance, hence we become oblivious. Remembering everything as a dream means at the same time remembering God as the dreamer of this dream.

  • hanswolfgang,

    Hello hello there. I was just looking throught he forums and wanted to state that I am now on fertility drugs again with the hoep that a positive outcome will come about. For I kept in mind what you had indeed stated to me that choices and decisions we make now makes a difference with the future.

  • 143jastin,

    man has lived at the minimum; hence he looks so dull. Man can live at the maximum and then there will be great brilliance and great radiance and then there will be great flowering.

  • Hanswolf gang,

    What do you mean byt that?

  • Good day Hans, you are guessing well.

    If practical side of psychology is concerned we are going today to some psychological tests, that was the last resort in this case.

    If spiritual side is concerned i agree with you.

    By the way i passed one exam for job, writing English B1, now going to speaking B1 on 16th. Jan.

    I do not know if it is good to use inventive writing short 100 words long stories or more imaginative answers and questions in pair speaking test,...or to be more conservative and write some business letter as an example and talk about weather with my peer.

    You know, if i pass, then i will goto third test on airport and probably sit in some spinning machine, then they will ask some orientation questions while my mind is still spinning.

    It would be quite cool experience. Everything is about interesting experience 🙂

    It just looks like i am joking.


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