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  • sorry for it being all over the place

    I'll start off with my name is Amber. I've been told (and its even in my numerology) that I am an old soul, which would explain a lot about me. I've always been really into astrology, psychics, numerology, feng shui, all that jazz. When I was little I believed I was a psychic. About a year ago, I met this guy Jeremy in a quite unusual way. I'm a Sagittarius and he is a Pisces. Recently I did a numerology compatibility for me and him and here is just a little glimpse of it "Almost certainly, you met under strange circumstances, perhaps a situation where you were both out of your usual environment, and, most likely, Jeremy reached out to Amber............So, be that as it may, once other number combinations bring these two opposite archetypes together into this unique relationship, it takes a hurricane to destroy their bond." In heart's desires, I'm a 7 and he is a 2. But that numerology thing was dead on. Me and him had a lot of problems, I had commitment issues and I wasn't used to someone actually loving me. I broke it off with him many, many times but he never left my side, he never stopped loving me. I've known him almost two years now. And from the moment we met, I believed he was my soulmate. I have a psychic friend I met about two months ago, and he has even told me he doesn't know everything. He has never spoken to Jeremy and as far as I know he has never looked at a picture of him but he claims Jeremy is "Playing games with me" and he has "cheated on me" Plus my psychic friend claims that "I don't truly love him, it is just a false sense of realism." I know what its like to be confused about my emotions but I've never been confused about Jeremy. Why do I love him? Because our love isn't always magical, we have to work at it everyday, but he is my best friend, I couldn't imagine a life without him, I wouldn't die without him but I would be lost. I know Jeremy, he would never cheat, that isn't like him at all. And he is silly, he'll play little games with me but nothing that would ever hurt me. I have high doubts in my psychic friend, all of my other friends think my psychic friend is correct. I only have one friend (besides Jeremy) who believes with all her heart, that my psychic friend is full of it. Everytime I do a tarot on Jeremy, I get nothing but good cards (unless we're going through a bump in the road and its explaining whats going on). My gut tells me my psychic friend is full of it. So am I right or am I completely off?

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  • If you know Jeremy loves you and would never cheat on you,why are you taking any notice of your 'psychic' friend?

  • Because he is my friend, He has said he would never lie to me but I'm doubting that

  • I understand your doubts and worries but;

    NoRegrets - " And from the moment we met, I believed he was my soulmate".

    You've known Jeremy almost two years. You've known your 'psychic' friend two months. Why are you putting your trust in him rather than Jeremy? Why do you believe your psychic friend is psychic? Have you any evidence of that? Even if you have, he could still be wrong. There may be emotions of his own coming in to play and clouding the issue.

    I'm not saying your psychic friend is necessarily wrong, more I'm questioning why you doubt Jeremy to this extent.

  • I guess its because thats my biggest fear, that Jeremy wouldn't be all mine. I believe my psychic friend is psychic because the first thing he ever said to me was 'kisses on your neck drive you crazy' and I never told a soul that. Yet on the other hand he has said stuff like how my one friend was harvesting on energy for evil, when she wouldn't hurt a fly. He has been wrong. So maybe I'm insecure? I asked Jeremy if he cheated on me, he got annoyed at my friend and made a joke about it, which is totally like Jeremy. He never fails to remind me how much I mean to him.

  • Hi NoRegrets,

    Hmm, I have two trains of thought going through my head in response to your reply. Firstly, Jeremy has never given you reason to doubt him and though you believe your other friend to be psychic, you know he's not infallible. Yet stll you doubt Jeremy. However, you didn't doubt the friend who 'wouldn't hurt a fly' despite what your psychic friend said about her. Logic should tell you, you know your psychic friend can be wrong and you have no reason to doubt Jeremy, therefore your psychic friend is more than likely wrong on this occasion. Tbh me dear, I think you've hit the nail on the head with your comments "so maybe I'm insecure". I think for some reason you are still having trouble accepting you are worthy of love. Perhaps that is the area you should be looing at/working on?

    To move on to the second train of thought in my mind - this is about your psychic friend. Such experience as I have of psychic people, leads me to think they wouldn't behave like this. They give you a warning or a 'heads up' but they don't keep on. Maybe he is young though and hasn't learnt to use his talents as wisely as he might. However, I can't help wondering what his motive is? Why is he trying to part you from Jeremy? Is the one friend who believes your psychic friend is "full of it" the same friend he said was harbouring an energy for evil?

    Sorry for all the questions.

  • Yeah I still have to work at it. I think thats why all the major guys in my life are pisces.

    I honestly don't know what his motive is. One of my good friends dated him for about two weeks, though he didn't like her, he was still in love with me. So my psychic friend got a little protective and decided to investigate Jeremy. And no, they are two different friends. Though the one he said was trying to harvest energy, doesn't like him one bit.

  • Your psychic friend is mixing message with emotions but since you are friends it's hard to not cross that line. It's true that once a message is given there is no urge to push the message. Sometimes a persistent loved one crossed over will urge another message but mostly there is a detachment from this process and I think the message comes more intack when psychics don't "think" it There is a miscomunication issue with the psychic friend. It's not that he's so wrong but he comes off more dramatic than you are comfortable with--you are more laid back and not so much a worrier. You get into "moods" of worry that don't last. You are more all or nothing. He can't escape his intuitions and struggles with it--and it's purpose ---he can't figure out why he has it if he can't help others. It's a hard gift to have--specialy when younger. He has a lot to grow into. Also messages from spirit often come as white lies that have a purpose--it is complicated but it's not so much a lie as a poke to get you to think about an issue that's needing attention. That would explain why the prediction of your energy zapping friend you laughed off but not the other prediction--so spirit was poking the sleeping bear and you do have a pattern of choosing "freespirited" relationships. You do not like to get nailed down to drama and messy feelings but the other side of this coin is to get that you also must give up that safety net of knowing he is all yours. Your psychic friend picks up that you have a friend who is an energy zapper. He is right but was being dramatically so to have said the words evil and harvesting. As a psychic one picks up energy pulls and tugs others can't sense other than maybe feeling first over excited then tired after outings with certain people. If you have healing energy others will unconceisly hook up. There is no evil intent. These unaswered questions raised may be the perfect time for you to do some soul searching----get more intune with your inner voice and re-evaluate where your going in life and what your goals are before you get to the next major crossroad--about 8 months. Spirit is getting you ready to take the right path so remember all these questions coming up are to get you to dig deep about yourself. Remember this is about you--nobody outside you--they are just the messangers and tools of spirit lessons.

  • Thank you, so very much. It was very thought provoking. All of my tarots lately have been telling me to soul search.

  • Please remember that everyone we interact with we have met in previous lives. You are probably filling soul agreements and releasing old karma. Spend some time in meditation and follow the guidence you recieve. Remember when in doubt look within.

    Much love and light to you on your path. Autumnwind

  • Thank you greatly. It was weird, My friend read my palm and told me I would have twins, Jeremy just told me he has a great chance of his wife baring twins. It was crazy.

  • Hi No Regrets, There are many souls who are incarnating now with special gifts to help the planet in the coming years. Have you noticed that many are leaving now too?

    Much love and light to you

  • I've felt it. Its in the air. A great storm is brewing. I feel it.

    Thank You. Much love and light to you!

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