Reading pls someone

  • I am hoping to find a answer to what it is I desire.

  • Be careful that you want to have a child for the right reasons. I see in your astrology chart that there is a tendency for you to want to become the sort of loving, non-judgemental parent that your own stern parent/s could never be - in effect you are trying to recreate your childhood in a more positive way. You are very young to be so desperate to have children. Could it be that these unresolved issues from your past need to be resolved first? This could be why your higher consciousness has held you back from becoming pregnant. Your own inner child needs nurturing and you must allow yourself to enjoy yourself, even being silly and irresponsible at times, and be less critical of yourself. Being active and in the great outdoors will renew your sense of wonder and help you with relaxation. Learn to reward yourself with a chocolate bar or a cartoon. The 'birth' you seek is most likely the rebirth of your own inner self.

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  • The captain,

    I want to thank you for the response. That is indeed correct about me wanting to become parent. I know that I can be a great parent and I am counting the days as they past for that day that I get the good news that I have conceived. I have gone to as far as fertility drugs and still trying. I look forward to this day any word of advice. I used to think that I had a gift being that I could sense when something good or bad would ocurr I had even tried getting into tarot reading though it was thrown away upon moving.

  • Is your partner as eager as you to have a child?

  • Yes it is all he talks about it encourages me to find a way.

  • Are you just doing it for him then? Pardon me for asking this, but you seem very desperate about having a child which makes me think there is much more to it. Some people tend to have children for their own sakes, rather than for the child's (like, they want to have the closeness and comfort of a family, they want someone to look after them when they are old or ill, they want a child to stop them from being lonely or to fill in feelings of emptiness, they are trying to keep their partner happy or with them, their family/friends/society are always on at them about having children, etc.) Be sure you are doing this for the right reason ie. for the good and love of the child.

  • PS. It also says in your chart that you can become very impatient when it comes to what you want and you will often try and force things to happen. It is your life lesson to learn to slow down, and allow things to happen naturally, Trust that there is a right time and place for everything and what is meant to happen will happen. Trying to force things to happen never works in terms of natural events like this.

  • That is all that you have to tell me for you have described me to the toe. I will take that into consideration and slow daown be patient. Thank You

  • Happy to help!

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