I am thankful for

  • I am thankful for a loving family, strength, love, light and wisdom. Actually the list is so long...I am thankful for the internet and the pencils...and the books and clothes...and friends...and the games and movies and....

  • I am thankful for all those I love and who have helped me; I am also thankful for each and every lesson that has given me the knowledge to take each step....I am especially thankful for the painful lessons that have helped me to understand and become more compassionate. I am thankful for the changes that are necessary - and the souls that I meet on the path. I am thankful for tarot.com and the information and pleasure that it provides.

  • I'm thankful for my best friend the love of my life my husband with whom we share 2 darling healthy happy children together under a lovely warm home in the heartland of the great United States of America 🙂 Life is good, and I'm thankful for that!

  • I am thankful for my Chance! A chance to have a child. The annual report for Pisces warned about the Eclipse of August 16, 2008. I saw it coming but could not have ever imagined that it would be the death of my son. As I sit here in grief, as the holiday's approach, I am so greatful that I was able to see him, to hug him, and to Love him. Chance was my only child and was the brightest thing in my live. Destiny's Child sings "Thank you for all my trial and tribulations" and that is what I feel in the very depth's of my heart. Thank God for my son Chance!

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