• A taurus manhas recently popped into my life, we have alot in common and we are interested in each other but im just scared to have my feelings hurt or to be let down again can you give me a reading on us my birthday is june 17 1987 his initials are SM

  • cant give you a reading ,advice i can, take your time, enjoy time together, and face your fear as fear is what stops us from getting what we want, just go with the flow and you will be fine,enjoy now and take it easy, go with the way you feel about it, trust your gut feeling, if he really likes you he wont push you into something you dont want to do, if he does try to ,well hes not respecting your space, it sounds good by what you have just written, goodluck and hope this assists until a tarot reader can assist you in your answers, much love and peace to you, let it flow

  • thanks that was very helpful I do tend to allow fear to get in the way of alot of oppurtunities that come my way in life.

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