When will things change for the better?

  • Please could someone help me, I lost my job a yr ago and still with nothing job wise on the horizon, my heart was broken too around the same time and I can't seem to get over this loss like I have other broken relationships. I'm feel so down lately please could someone tell me if or when my life will start to change so I'll be happy again. DOB 01.10.1956.

  • Welcome Hertsangel!

    I am not a reader but I sense your pain and am responding to let you know you are not alone in here. Please be patient and someone will respond to you. With the holidays people are kinda hectic right now but you will be heard. It might be helpful to also list your birth place and time in case someone needs to do a chart. You are only a few months older than I and, like you, I have suffered several lost relationships. I know that the universe was only moving them out of the way and teaching me lessons until the right one came along and I could be receptive to him. I wish you many blessings and may the light of the universe light your path so that you may see your way. Blessed be...


  • Thank you Scribe1 for your thoughts and blessings they are very much appreicated. Like you say I too keep telling myself that it's all lessons and that one day it will all be worth it.

    Unfortunately I am adopted so I don't know the time of my birth but I am in the UK if that helps anyone.

    Love and light

  • Hi Hertsangel, Is your birth month January or October? In the US we put the birth month first and I know in the UK you usally put the day of birth first. If you are born in October then we share the same birth date.

    I hope someone can help you with your questions. As Scribe wrote above, you are not alone. I hope things seem brighter for you soon. Also, remember it will soon be a new year and a fresh slate. Wishing you much love and happiness. Take care. x

  • Also, I think that by putting these questions out there, you are already making a start towards healing. In my opinion, when we reach our low, we tend to sit on that for a while but when we are ready to move forward again, we start putting our intentions out there for improvement. Hope that makes sense.

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