For BLmoon...

  • I would like to ask you if you could please help me understand what is going on with "P".

    This has been going on with me and him for 9 months. He came onto me. He is higher up than I am at work. We have been together several times. We agreed on just "sex", but over the months, he has acted jealous, possessive, and that he feels something for me but is scared. We have had to be very careful with our jobs, and do not act different around our co-workers. You mentioned before that a couple people know, but he has been around me, way more than I have around him. With my job being different than his. I have ended it with him many times, and he acts all carzy and chases me until he gets me again. I do like him, but I have not been that crazy and ready for a relationship at this time. He drives me nuts emotionally and it can be draining. I have ended it with him again b/c I am very leary about this picture thing going on and the situation that it seems that he has created. I think he has lied to me.

    But, now he is coming around and looking at me again like he always does.

    My dad who is very intutive says that he thinks P is very infatuated with me, and that he does not want to let me go, no matter what else he may be doing.

    That if he sees me with someone new that he will get mad about it. He says that I am in a rough spot, and shouldn't give him any attention. I don't want to give him any attention because I do not want to get involved in this mess he has going on. I am trying to become something at my job. I know that it was foolish to do anything with him, but my life was changing courses when It happened, and in some ways it helped me emotionally.

    But, as much as P acts like he feels nothing, he does not act like it.

    what do you see going on? his birthdate is 07-22-1983. mine is 04-27-79.


  • Hello Wickedmoon,

    Good to see you've survived the holidays with the rest of us:) I saw your post and thought you might have come up with other problems at work since I remember you being worried about losing your job as you said in your other thread, and thought I'd see if you needed more help with that. Knowing how busy BLmoon can be and what a difficult time of year it is to face losing your job, I couldn't leave you floundering if I could help...

    I read the post and thought, you poor thing! All of the stress with school, your daughter, the things going on at work, you must have lost track of your original thread on this subject AND BLmoon's reading for you! I know, we all get that way sometimes!

    So here is your thread, her answers, along with everyone else's:)

    I'm sure that will help until BLmoon sees this one and if she has anything else to add, she sure will.

    Blessings and Light

  • Thank you!! I know I need to move on from this, and I am trying very hard. I have been bidding to go on to a higher position so that I can reach my goal at work. I just really feel that he wants to make it difficult for me to move on from him. He is a cancer and has certaintly acted like one with the emotional roller coaster and clingyness if you know what I mean. This has also turned into something I was niave about. shame on me!

    your point taken, Thank you!

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