Very confused about my life....some insight and guidence please

  • OK hipriestess

    will do my best check the chart again tomorrow

    this time I will save my work first before posting it here

  • Dear Leoscorpion and Highpriestess3,

    Thank you both very much for all the advice and insights. Leoscorpion you are right that I still have pain from my last relationship and should be taking things slowly. I will be also trying your advice, just waiting for the items to arrive in the mail any day now. In no way do I want to repeat what has happened. I want to move forward in life and have no desire to repeat mistakes.

    Highpriestess3 your mini reading regarding my Sag friend helps me lessen my anxiety with my own feelings. That is one of my hurdles this year is to gain security in my choices of potential partners. The last one sure put me into a tornado of emotions but I am a survivor, even when I want to through in the towel and add in the bathtub.

    Thanks again ladies for everything!! Blessings to you both.

  • Dear Eva

    You're welcome. Good luck.

    Love and hugs

  • you are welcome Eva

    it seems everytime I try posting a chart, I lose connection LOL weird

    but I'll try again soon

    as I said, nothing devastating in the chart between you and him

    but you will get better result if you take your time and heal yourself

    before starting anything serious

    friends and dining out is fine, get to know each other better until you are ready

    bye now will try posting something for you later on

  • Eva

    from what I can see based on your DOB is that the union will be good financially, both of you understand the need to save for the future. You both are attracted to each other, but se xually are not compatible. He needs creativity while you tend to be cold due to daily friction ouside the bedroom. Daily friction can happen easily since he tends to provoke you out of nothing as to shake your harmonius world off. You enjoy domestic life and he enjoys social life, but you two refuse to part, another area that needs adjusting between the two of you.

    You are faithful and use more logic than sentiments, while he is playful and needs creaitivy for he gets bored easily. You are organized, he tends to hoard and constantly needs to rearrange or reschedule be it plans or living space. He is light hearted and playful, easily charm opposite s ex. People perceive you as cold due to your reserved appearance, indeed you are selective of your company. Both of you fear of being manipulated and deceived, but he tends to trust others anyway while you will approach things and people cautiously.

    It can be difficult to resist this man's charm and easy going attitude, but with many differences between you two, it's recommended to stay friends for as long as you can. This way you will get to know each other better without getting too close and involved.

  • Hello leoscorpion

    I did find out about my birth time my question is on page 4 and my birth time is 6:45pm so please if you can and have time do me a chart and again thanks so much for what you do

  • baebae

    I will do your chart sometime next week

  • leoscorpion

    thank you for your time and god bless you

  • baebae will do your chart Monday

    I had a medical apptment yesterday Sat had to catch up with work this Sun

    take care

  • baebae

    from what I see, you are entering a new cycle this year 2010. this new cycle lasts for another 15 - 18 years, where the elements will not be there for you.

    In fact I don't see much help from the elements throughout your life, so I feel that you are used to putting a lot of efforts without much results. the last 10 years of your life have been easier than the past, but around 2009 things went downhill and now you are back to a cycle of hard work without much result.

    From what I see, your family is where you can run to when problems rise. It seems to be direct family, not someone you marry. Maybe children have grown up and earn their own living? or inheritance / help of some sort from living parents or older relatives. Even though the elements will not be there for the next 18 years, you can still work and earn money, you just have to work hard for not so much money, but you will still be earning even though not a lot.

    if you are worried about your home, birth chart won't help much. you need to keep looking for income. even if you lose your home, you can find shelter to live in, and let your children stay there while you look for job. You are deeply intuitive and emotional. Won't be surprised if you have premonitive dreams or become a good clairvoyant. You can probably earn money from this ability. But you are prone to anguish and depression since you function mostly with emotions. You need to learn to use your logic, or else you will always find yourself in the hole of despair. You actually have a good financial flair you can use it to make investments that brings good results.

    Hope this helps.

  • thank you leoscorpion

    you hit it straight on yes i already know all of this some days i feel like its a waste but life goes on im seeking to find some how to make income im now disabled since last year in april and you are right my children has helped me thru this i just went back to my home since i left in april ive made my mind up ti ride the waves til i cant anymore .

    im hopping to find a part time job and ive been doing some soul searching to learn to use the gifts i do have ......thank you soo much for your insight.

  • take care baebae and good luck finding the job

    you will find the way to use your gifts

    it will take time but it will happen

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