Very confused about my life....some insight and guidence please

  • you're welcome Eva

    hope for the best

    hipriestess is a very good astrologer

    you will like her interpretation

  • Thanks Leo and Eva....was just touchd by the whole 'curse' thng, but I doubt I'll pull out anything strange ...sometimes life is just a female dog! for no reason but I suspect Saturn and Mars to be lurking! Later ladies

  • Leoscopian,

    I was wondering if you would be age to do a reading as to finding out where my partner and I have, what is to come and the outcome? DOB mines 6/20/1987 n his 2/15/1985.

  • jastin

    I will do yours next week.

  • Dear Evaeros

    Never doubt that you are beautiful inside and outside; never doubt that you are "special" although you wish that you were just ordinary; never doubt that YOU , like Leoscorpion and the others, were born to be a healer, a shaman; medicine-man, call it what you will. You are CHIRON the wounded healer, who can cure otheres, but not himself. His wound is incurable and he walks with a limp (how Chironic is beaking your leg, being blamed for it and for it to take ages to heal.?

    The place where Chiron lies is where we have a wound that will not heal...your Chiron is CONJUNCT your PISCEAN MOON in the 8th house...and you cannot get more karmic than that. The 8th House is Scorpionic where the King of the Underworld resides. You understand life and death - you have lived it a 1,000 times emotionally . Consider too your PISCEAN Moon, sensitive, giving, sacrificial, Christlike even - scapegoated.

    That would be enough surely, no, but put Chiron with this senstive soul and you will get that lovely Leona Lewis song, "I keep bleeding (for love), which sums up the unhealed-wound effect that has broken your heart. Chiron was rejected by his mother and you feel this "second -hand, so to speak;. Imagine the accusations levelled at her at your birth; had she done something to cause it ? No, of course not, but you alone have not sufferered; the family dynamic was fractured - your mother blamed by your father -hey they may have splt anyway, but he "jumped ship" and it was not your fault; or hers; it was his.

    Well the heartbreak you desribe was "re-activated, like a Greek tragedy, when transiting CHIRON entered AQUARIUS and hovered over your DESCENDANT and went back and forth over that malign bonebeaker, , SATURN. Alt the same time transitng URANUS hit your wounded PISCEAN MOON like a bolt of lightning and although both planets have moved on,now, you are still feeling the aftershocks. (You' ve a late LEO ascendnant by the way.

    ...AQUARIAN descendant and a 'healing' 6th house Sun.)


    Chiron is starting a slow healing process of your beautiful Piscean 7th house of partnerships, but you won't really feel that effect untill 2011. What you do have however, is a 'good times' visit from rock'n rolling JUPITER over both VENSU and your MOON , so expect a hectic social llife and definitey some flutters of love-interest...keep an eye out for..SCORPIOS or Sagittarians, or even a fish".

    Plase read eveything you can on the CHIRON myth and you will undertsand everythng that has happened . Tell me if you don't understand anythng and good luck to you and yours. L ove and hugs.

  • 143jastin

    I decided to do yours this week. the other people haven't replied to me yet so I can't do their charts. Yours has very very nice planetary aspects in your relationship. all positives. this doesn't mean you will not encounter problems. you still do, but nothing you two can't handle.

    Sun - Sun

    Positive aspect: It's an excellent aspect for a union because the two people go remarkably well together. They are made to understand each other, to complement each other and to support each other.

    Venus - Venus

    Positive aspect: Very good aspect for a successful union. Love, gaiety, understanding, everything for getting on well together.

    Saturn - Uranus

    Positive aspect: Favorable union, linking invention and originality with common sense and thoughtfulness. They might do great things together.

    Mercury - Jupiter

    Positive aspect: An ideal couple, prosperous, happy, good intellectual understanding, great confidence in each other, a successful family life.

    Mercury - Uranus

    Positive aspect: No clouds in this couple's life. They have a good intellectual understanding, take pleasure in being together, in discussing and exchanging ideas.

    Venus - Mars

    Positive aspect: This is a union that is particularly based on physical understanding, passionate love.

    He is inventive and full of ideas, always about change. He may even relocate often or at least change jobs because he can't stand routines. He can be loyal and devoted to friendship and love, as long as this relationship doesn't constrain him and is not monotone and boring. He is lack of perseverance, which is detrimental to his success, be it career, love, money. This is due to his inventive mind that prompts him to ever changing objectives in life, that he sometimes drop one objective for another without accomplishing it first.

    You and he relate well intellectually. He brings into the relationship, change and spontaneity that you deeply need. You deal with almost everything with logic, not one that will let yourself be swayed of deep emotions. This helps you deal with his constant change, where as other people will lose temper, you can handle it with cool head. You do however need reassurance now and then, but as time go by you will need less and less of this, since you will be able to see that he is capable of devotion and will not go further than a flirt or two, so to speak. You have what he needs in a partner, ability to adapt to new situation and new people. With his constant need for change, you might end up relocating or simply changing plans quite a few times. Too many changes might exhaust you, so try to remind him now and then of your own needs. Have an intellectual conversation, this is where you best reach him and the best place to build long lasting relationship. Both of you are not into emotions, so using rationals will do you a favor, rather than emotions.

  • Thank You so much.. I am surprised by the results and am looking forward for the positive results that are mentioned. Something I have dreamed about for a while.

  • jastin

    everything in life needs working on. in relationship there are 2 ppl, both have to be willing to work on issues or relationship won't last. the charts may show you all positive, very rare I've only seen two charts so far including yours. but again as I said, even if you have all it takes to make it last, if you both don't make the effort, small things can become big and you will break up anyway. caution against taking things lightly, take everything in stride. don't worry about being swayed off your feet. falling in love is a profound experience, how you both deal with things is what matters.

  • I understand what you are saying basically no relationship is perfect there will be ups and downs but as long as the both of us work together in solving our issues it shall be fine but if not anything can happen which includes going our seperate ways. Thank You for your insight.

  • you're welcome jastin

    take care

  • Dear Highpriestess3

    Thank you very much for your added insight to my life. I did read more about Chiron and I am not so sure that I like having that in my house.... If given an option I think I would of passed but such is life. It has helped though to give me more peace of mind and I will keep in mind about Chiron's influence in my life. I don't understand what you mean by the healing 6th house sun?

    Thank you again for taking the time to help me better understand the craziness of my life. My life seems like some soap opera on television.

  • Oh, I also have to comment about the possible love interests. At the moment I have been chatting with a Sagittarius (Nov. 10, 1960) and he appears to be a good man. However with the last situation going so wrong, I am very uncertain about a trusting and starting a new relationship. I doubt myself still to judge a man's sincerity since I really was wrong with the last relationship.

  • oops, I wrote down the wrong birth date. I meant November 25. 1960.

  • Eva

    you need to let go and forgive yourself

    or else you will invite the same hurts back into your life

    try my tips for 2 months and see for yourself if it works

    meanwhile I checked on your chart with him

    it looks OK but you are still hurting now and you still need to heal

    I would suggest you try be friends first

    when you are ready then you will know whether to go further or not

    in the past you were deeply in love you couldn't see your ex for who he really was

    try to love yourself, accept your wrongs and rights, this is important for healing

    when you are healed, you will find clarity and courage to choose

  • hello leoscorpion

    lve been thru a lot need a reading afraid of losing my home my b-day 6/28/1957 in bmt tx not sure about time if you can please give me some insight i dont know what to do should i just let it go and start over

  • hi baebae'

    without birth time I can't do the chart

    try find out. or ask other people in the forum they might know how to do it without birth time

  • Dear Eva

    I am so glad you found the reading helpful and I know being a child of CHIRON is a little uncomfortable, but a shaman-healer, like a doctor, is an individal who everyone "taps into" for a cure, but who rarely seeks healing for himself; thus, where does he go for healing? Who does he go to to recharge his batteries? The fact is like CHIRON, the shaman-healer can cure others, but not himself - that is his weakness. If you apply this notion to your own chart, then where Chiron sits... (yours with the MOON) concerns your emotiobs; you can wound other to heal them (kill or cure), but yourself cannot be healed. Your broken leg, so long unhealed, allowed you to experience Chiron's fate at first-hand!


    His sympathetic Piscean Moon -the same as yours - is joined to your 7th house VENUS (the house of partnerships) suggesting that he thinks of you as the Goddess of Love! Wow!

    Your determination is good for his intellectual and emotional development.

    His mind ((MERCURY) is joined to your 4th house NEPTUNE -..he shares your vision of a happy home life and will apply himself to making that dream come true..

    His energy (MARS) in your 11th house, will make you join clubs, get out and about socially and push along your desire to help others.

    His URANUS (planet of electrifying CHANGE, science and technology), will charge up your depleted batteries like a bolt of lightning and give you the energy to undertake humanitarian , charitable work..

    Of course you take the risk of beingt hurt,again, that is an inescapable unknown in everybody's existence, . but to take risks is to "live" life to the full, rather than a constrained life.

    I'd hang on to this one if I were you. Love and hugs.

  • Dear Eva

    Let me clarify m erliler post: in my reading I predicted:"

    "(Coming up in 2010 ist) a 'good times' visit from rock'n rolling JUPITER over both VENUS and your MOON , so expect a hectic social llife and definitely some flutters of love-interest...keep an eye out for..SCORPIOS or Sagittarians, or even a fish".

    SAGGITARIUS -your new potential boyfriend - is ruled by JUPITER , so the above could read:

    "Expect a visit in 2010 from a Sagittarian (Nov.25th), who is emotionally (the MOON = fishy PISCEAN) conjoined to your heart , as a lover ( VENUS): a heart which undersetands his feelings, because it is also (fishy- Piscean), in the same sign..!

    It has aleady seems that the movements of the planets present us with opportunities. It is up to us to accept, or reject them. To accept is to accept our fate.

    Much love to you Eva.

    Lve and hugs.

  • hipriestess

    what a reading for Eva, again your expertise had saved souls 🙂

    I had pc problem last night, was typing for Eva and just when I was ready to post

    I lost internet connection twice -- Mercury retro for sure !!

    never happened before the retro, already a few times now 😞

    and so my last attempt didn't include a chart

    was tired and angered by the retro ...

    I am sure Eva will find your reading helpful

  • Dear Lesoscorpion

    Thanks so much for your kind thoughts; I have been reading your advice to Eva and it is wonderful I can (sometimes) see a problem, but you are needed for "the cure", because I can start the car, but can't drive it down the can!.

    I think that together as a duo we work the most beneficially.

    I too have been having computer problems..I think its the sub-zero temperatures.. Will have to return to the other thread now , to finish my post..

    Love and hugs to you my friend oxox.

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