Reading please...

  • I am hoping for good news to my first topic posted TTC. I am asking for someone to give me a reading please. For all faith left in me I am looking for a positive respond.

  • I am sorry if I am asking for too much but this is the only place I can look for answers. If at all possible I am hoping to recieve a full reading into my life.

    I have always been one to believe in what can be seen and told for I have come across signs of good and bad. Though to some this may sound funny but when my right eye would twitch depending how often and motion it meant something bad was about to happen and when the left would twitch it meant something good was going to happen.

    I am curious as to finding answers which could possibly help me find comfort, joy, peace, and success. I had watched a life story on Paul Wall once and they had stated his girlfriend and himself had been trying to conceive unable to they seen a psychic whom had told them go home and when they make love put these rocks given to them under there pillow and before you know it she would be pregnant. Which she did and became pregnant. I am hoping for a happy ending such as this. Please help

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