Cliffjumper - I hope all is well

  • Cliffjumper, I hope today finds you in better circumstances than your post indicated on Christmas Eve, and you have shelter and all you need to get a new start.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    Blessings and Light

  • Hi emereaux:)

    I hope you're holidays were wonderful. I don't know Cliffjumper's story, but I will keep bumping this thread for you until you hear from them.

    Cliffjumper, I don't know what happened, but I DO know that you have found a wonderful place of caring and support. Just look at emereaux starting a thread to express her care and concern.

    Like you, and many here, I came to this forum when I was down and suffering. I found friends, blessings, support, encouragement, and even parts of MYSELF I hadn't known existed. Emereaux was the VERY FIRST person to offer a word of comfort and encouragement, but definitively not the only or last one. In fact, there are friends I've made here that are a rich and precious part of my life away from here.

    This place is blessing. Take heart and reach out. You will be surprised. If nothing else,let Emereaux know you're well.

    Emereaux, what can I say? Bless your kind, caring soul.

  • Thank you so much hisbablove. You are a kind and caring soul too! There are posts that I am drawn to - yours was one of them. I too have been helped by so many on this forum, and it is truly a blessing when you need a lifeline - even if to only hear that you are not alone.

    I read Cliffjumpers post on Christmas Eve, the thread is titled 'on the edge'. She was hours away from being homeless with no one to help her. She made two posts and she sounded so desperate. My response was to please go to a church - I couldn't imagine a better place with so many who would be willing and able to give her immediate help. She never re-visited or posted on the thread again, and I can't stop thinking about her. I truly hope and pray she's okay. It's such a hard time of the year to be alone.

    My holidays have been wonderful, and I'm so thankful for my family, friends and a community like this to be a part of - thank you for asking! I hope yours have been wonderful too! Blessings and light to you in the coming year!

  • You are so welcome, Emereaux! Thank YOU for your response. I've often wondered how you were and have never forgotten your kindness to me. I still remember being very touched and, in all honesty, SHOCKED that anyone had responded at all. I've always been conscious of what that meant, how it felt at the time, and tried give the same comfort when I've found others come here distress.

    Sometimes, what may seem like the slightest act of kindness can have an impact on someone's life that changes it in more ways than we can imagine. Had you not responded to me, maybe no one else would have and I'd have given up. Instead, your kindness made me feel welcome here. Then Manifestdreams read for me. I was shocked again to find that someone would take time out of their life to do that for me. Your act of kindness set the wheels in motion for me to find things out about myself I had never even guessed at. Things that changed my ME forever.

    Trust and believe that Cliffjumber has been impacted as well She may not be able to get online,or she may never come back and tell you that you gave her comfort and hope, the. impetus she needed to go where she could get help that she hadn't tried or thought of at a time when she felt all was lost. But you did. She is okay. Its a hard time of year and a very hard situation she's in, but she is and will be okay. I have faith in that.

    I'm glad your holidays were wonderful and hope ALL your days are as good. I wish you, your family, and all your loved many blessings and all good things in the New Year and always.

    Blessings and light to you:)

  • hisbablove, what a kind dear sweet person you are : )

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom about Cliffjumper. Some things are so hard to let go of, and you are so right, I just have to have faith that she is able to find the help and hope that she needs during difficult times.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about being involved in this community. I've received kindness and support that has amazed me and made a positive difference in my life as well. I've read your responses to others too, and you have quite a gift! (There are so many empaths on this site!) And I thank you for helping me!

    Blessings and light : )

  • Emereaux,

    Your sweet response brought tears to my eyes and touched me deeply. I appreciate it so very much. I hope, very much, that what I have has been and will always be the gift to others that I believe it was meant to be. I don't ever think of it as my own gift, but something that I am used for to benefit whoever needs it.

    You have an incredible gifts also, the gifts of compassion, caring, generosity, and the ability to just KNOW how and where those things are needed most. The gifts of hope and light in moments of sorrow are probably far greater than any others because they can change, impact, or even save a life.

    I know how hard it is to carry the weight of someone's pain in you once you have been touched by it, if you are gifted with such deep caring. Not one person I have been in contact with here who suffers in any way ever leaves me. They may move on, may never post again or even read what I have written. But, I have come to realize that,in the same reason we have been touched to respond to them, to give what they need at the time, is also the reason that we can be sure they have been helped and gotten what they needed.

    There is no other reason for us to have been drawn to them in the first place, except to be the vessel for giving what is needed. So, in my usual long winded way, I'm saying, if you were drawn to Cliffjumper or anyone else, it was to give what they were meant to receive and they did receive...whether you know they have or not. She needed help, so you were drawn to her to give her the help. She did get it. Otherwise, the only reason you saw her post was for you to ache for her, always wondering if she was okay, and that would never make sense:)

    I'm at a loss in finding the words to thank you for your wonderful thoughts and words to me. You have been kindness and light to so many (I've seen your posts too:)) You thinking such nice things about me makes me feel, very deeply, the blessing that this site and people like you are. And makes me want to always be worthy of that regard.

    If there is ever anything at all I can do for you, please know that I would be happy and honored to help. You will always have a grateful friend in me.

    Blessings and Light to you also:)

  • Thank you so much. (Your response brought tears to my eyes as well!) I truly feel the same! The gift has less to do with me - I just try to be a clear vessel to pass along what I receive. I'm so grateful to meet a friend like you and extend my help to you if it is ever needed as well!

    Love and light! : )

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