We Scorpio's don't have it so easy!

  • Greetings everyone! I am a quad-scorpio female, with both my sun and moon in scorpio as well. I have a problem with keeping relationships lasting....espc. romantic. I simply have such a strong persona/aura, that it intimidates alot of men, even women friends. Is this common with other Scorpio's as well? I often have to refrain myself in conversations, out in public, being to aggressive, being too sexually agressive..... I feel like I'm so misunderstood sometimes. Should I just go for other scorp's....just so they'll understand me?

  • I don't have this problem, I do have a tendency to speak my mind a lot, and also blurt out the feelings and perceptions that I pick up from people, and that has a tendency to scare people off. When i was younger I had that problem, but that was also because I was not grounded. We can be misunderstood a lot, that is why it is always important to clarify what you mean, it might take us a day or two even pick up that maybe what we said could have been misconstrued, but never take that opportunity for granted. We are wonderful creatures, Us Scorpios, so to those you want in your life never be hesitant to clarify, and for those who don't does it really matter? Good luck. Never dated another Scorp so I could not say, however the Scorp men I have met, put me off they are much to arrogant for me.

  • Hi DeelLight! Fellow Scorpio returning your response! Yes i think others are intimidated by us, but i think a great part of it is that we exude independance, and really can do just fine on our own. I think that people seeing that in us is just as intimidating as any conversation. WE are wonderful! I am trying to find that balance because i find that sometimes i have more fun by myself, or with friends or family, as being on a date that is not working. Also just signed up for some training as a Natural Health Consultant from some online school. All our planetary readings for 2010 are really pusing the advancement/education line, so i am taking them up on it. The school also offers a certificate program in Astrology/Parapsychology, i will head that direction next.! Good Luck!!

  • another scorpio here, with everyone on all the comments so far! Deelight9, its not just you as i have problems keeping partners, they all leave me for someone who's a bit more stable and less intimidating, think its because whenever asked for an answer to something i give it no matter what i think, alot of people can't take a scorpio's opinion in my experience. Never dated another scorpio but i am curious to try it, alot of astrology says a scorpio/scorpio relationship is fragile at best but i have alot of scorpio friends and we get on well. One thing i have noticed is all the scorpio's i know tend to have a close friend who is an aquarius, my best friends one, don't know if its just coincidence or a weird scorpio trait to make friends with aquarians? who knows!?

  • i have the same problem ...i think we are just too intimidating and have tendency to self sabotage....

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  • we scorpios do have that problem. almost like i can see through any white lie (or major one for that matter) and it seems like the fact that people dont have many secrets around me puts them off. i just screwe d myself with a girl i wanted to date because i told her some parts of her personality that she tried to keep hidden (virgo on libra cusp) and i think that freaked her out. the good thing is that we are very attractive and seductive, so we can screw up all we want with out ever running out of people to attract. also, i've noticed that i am too suspicious for my own good, and that little detail usually makes me get rid of people from my life who have inadvertently done something which has put up a red flag. as for the aquarius best friend, i think thats rare, b/c usually i dont think we get along with aquarians very well. i know i dont.

  • Says the Scorpio:

    It's true that we are intimidating...but that's only because we're mostly usually almost always fairly completely right about most things.....

    Something that tends to scare lesser mortals off; but, it's a burden we have to bear!

    >Ha! ..Man -- I slay me!<


    P.S. My kingdom for a good Cancer man!!!

  • Aquarian's are all right, I find gemini's too strange and people under aries just really annoy me!

  • As a Scorpio woman that has test drove 2 Scorpio men all I can say is BLEH! It takes alot to skeeve me out but a Scorpio man will do it! They are obsessed with sex in a creepy way (as in they like to talk about it CONSTANTLY) and worse yet they want to talk about the sex you've had with them detail by detail, even though as far as you're concerned it was just soso. They are manipulative, obsessive,controlling, and the kind of weirdos that tell you they love you after the 3rd date. The longest most meaningful relationships I've had were with signs they say are sooo not compatible with Scorpio (Aries-16 years and Gemini-4 years). You are a Scorpio, so you already see through people like they are cellophane, use that gift and follow your heart and not a horoscope compatibility reading.

  • Good evening fellow Scorpios. Well the question being should Scorpio's date each other? I have been in a 2 year relationship with a man who has a pisces sun, scorpio rising and scorpio moon..Wow I'll tell ya..it's pretty intense and I absolutely adore him. The problems being that number 1 We read each other so well that we can feel each other..so when one of us is upset or depressed..the other carries it emotionally as well. This is very difficult sometimes. Number 2 Neither one of us wants to talk about things and we understand that about each other but we really need to talk about things. Number 3 We tend to take problems and feelings to the bedroom..the connection is so strong and great but it doesn't always heal the problem. I personally love the connection, but it is intense during the good times and the bad ones. I'm willing to live in the intensity but not everyone is...just my two cents worth...

  • I'm a scorpio and have just met another scorpio i really like, still getting to know one another but JESUS! the bedroom action is unbelievable, i'm loving it but its still fairly early to see if will last, i also like the way we are able to communicate alot without saying much, most people loose what i'm saying but she is able to keep up really well.

  • I'm a Scorpio and want to add my 2 cents worth.

    My whole life I've been attracted to scorpio males, I just find myself more comfortable with them,

    and feel a deep connection that I can't put into words. I've never expierienced a controlling one.

    My 1st husband was a scorpio (very young soul) but we were too young, caught up in all the passion and when reality set in we couln't make it work. We used alot of our not-so-good qualities against each other. My 2nd husband is a scorpio as well (old soul), 13 years later I know I don't have to search anymore. We committed to make this one last and it has been easy because we work together and keep each other balanced in all aspects:)

  • scorpmaryann

    can fully understand your 'deep connection', i don't think any scorpio can actually put into words what they are feeling. most other signs think feelings can be put into words but most other signs emotional capacity is limited next to us.

    glad you found another scorpio works for you, hope it works for me.

  • tetley 79

    See, it's our deep sense of "just knowing" ability, this is the true connection. Sometimes no explanations are necessary - I totally get where you are coming from. I hope all the best for you and your new scorp ; )

  • Hey DL9 et al, l've been seeing my Scorpio for 2 years now and l just love the dark persona of you guys! True, it nearly drove me crazy with frustration at first but, l think that my Scorp was just 'testing the water' or 'testing the earth' even (l'm a Cap), and yet l knew that deep (REALLY deep) down he had a lot of love for me and that it was just a matter of time. When he finally began to let me in l found that l really liked what was inside him (which is not always the case). l even like the way that his emotion can flick like a switch (even though as a Cap l'm pretty cool and unemotional myself). And in the bedroom we're a perfect match. As far as l'm concerned, now that l've found my Scorp the search is over.

  • I'm a scorp and I will NEVER date another scorp man again. I have Sag moon which makes me a little more lighthearted than other Scorps and the Scorp man I was with was just a douche. Most scorp men I have dated were douches and I dated 3. They tend to withhold things and I don't like that. We as Scorps also tend to manipulate and you can't have 2 manipulators in a succesful relationship.

    I personally have had some trouble with guys because I gave more than I got in typical Scorp fashion. Very caring and passionate and they could not seem to come up to par. I have also been the Alpha in most of my relationships and I think that most guys can't handle it.

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