My son and daughter in law

  • My daughter in law informed me on Christmas that she is planing to get a legal separation from my son. I am very sad about this, but there has been issues with my son's drinking and temper. I don't blame her. I am just so sad. She says she needs to be away from him awhile before she decides if she wants a divorce. Will my son find his way and make a turn around. Or will it all fall to pieces for him. What can I do to help. I am on both of their sides. They do have kids together. I love them both dearly. Some advice please. Thanks Mare

  • Hi Marerose,

    I'm not a 'reader' so hopefully one of the many talented people on here will be able to give you greater insight soon. Meantime, my instinct is to tell you to continue to offer support to both of them and your grandchildren but especially to your daughter in law. My feeling is for the children you need to offer stability and continuity, for you son - mabye some tough love. For your daughter in law though, I think you need to offer support so she still feels connected. My feeling is, this is a tough time but it may be the kick up the backside your son needs and could be the making of him. Don't know if any of that makes any sense or is helpful in anyway.

    In any case, I wish you all the best and hope things work out.

  • Thank I will attempt all the support to both due to the love I have for both. God bless and hope the new year brings happiness to u too. :} Mare

  • Anyone else would like to send some advise. Please do. Mare

  • This too will pass. It really will. It is a positive sign that your daughter inlaw communicates with you. This is their life and their challenge to solve--continue as always--be there but try not to get too caught up in their drama and just send loving prayers at night to your son's Guardian Angel to whisper his help to your son to make the changes he needs. Sometimes it takes a big storm to start fresh. When things get their worst don't forget the weather will change--the sun will come out and where a path was cleared --new gardens grow. Spirit says for you the challange always is your thoughts--keep them positive--keep busy. You worry too much and it is heavy on your health. Lighten up is your New Year mantra.

  • Thank u so much I believe in angels and I will ask his to help. xo Mare

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