Something totally awful happened. Need insight!

  • Well, let me see, last week was finals, right. Well the class I thought I did not do well in I actually did very well in, and the class that I thought I did well in I did horribly awful, matter fact I have been dismissed from the program.

    I submitted the wrong paper, and she failed me for plagiarism, however, when I returned from seeing a friend I notified her and let her know I submitted the wrong paper, and asked that I submit the right paper, which I attached to the email. I have yet to hear anything back from her. The problem is, now that I have read through the document in its entirely, there are some parts that were common knowledge that I wrote, but when did a copy and paste on google to see if it would bring up plagiarism it did show some highlighted words, almost verbatim. I cited the cite considering it was on my religion group, and am sick, because I only have my thesis left, and now this. I am just sick. I am praying that she will allow me to do the paper over, of course for a lower grade, considering I have come this far to fail now.

    If anyone can give me some insight in how to possibly change this situation, I would surely appreciate it.

    Thanks and happy holidays.

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  • Is it possible for you to see this woman in person? I feel it would have more impact if she can see and feel your sincere regret 'in the flesh'.

  • Hi Dejasmom, I am so sorry. I can understand your feelings. It is horrible to be accused of something that you either didn't do or something you did unintentionally. Just to understand how it happened.... When you said that you turned in the wrong paper, was the wrong paper basically your ideas but including verbatim quotes that you were going to change into you own language? I'm trying to figure out how this accident occured. I'm sure it will help ,as theCaptain said, if you explain to your professor in person what happened. Also, if you have notes that you took to reference your work, maybe you could bring those in to show the framework you were using to write everything in your own words and with your own ideas. When you sent the paper to your professor (the one you meant to send all along) was that before or after she accused you of plagiarism? I feel sick for you and hope you will be able to explain what happened and that your professor will listen to you. I think that a reasonable person would look at the work you submitted in the past. If they see that you have always been honest and legitimate in the past and if they know you at all to be an honest and dilligent student, then they would give you benefit of the doubt. Please keep us updated.

  • Thanks for the feedback, the paper I submitted to her was my working paper. It was on my desktop and I never bothered to look at it, considering I would save everything, however, when I got home, after reading her email about why she failed me, I did a search throughout the entire and computer and noticed that there were like 6 or 7 other drafts on the computer as well, and there were 2 number 3 drafts, which one was the correct paper. Right now school is not in session and will resume on the 5th. I will go in then bright and early to see the director of programs.

    This term was a struggle for me, mostly my mental anxiety, and batteling with constant migraines, a long with fighting a custody case, a long with not having my medicine for a chemical imbalance, so it has been so difficult.

    Yes the paper I submitted was my ideas with quotes that I was going to change and cite, after doing a google search, I cited everything, just left out the quotation marks on the ones I had not changed yet. The paper I wrote was about the organization of my religion as a non governmental organization, so a lot was my personal knowledge only referenced because I felt the need to reference. I don't know, the director knows how hard I have had it through out the whole program, and I am praying that something positive comes of this, for I only have my thesis to write, and I have come to far, lost a lot, and cannot afford to fail. I have a b+ average right now, and I pray that they will consider all and everything. I even asked to rewrite the paper on a different organization so that I can prove to her that it was an honest mistake, but she said no.

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