Scorpio and eharmony

  • as a fairly together Scorpio/Libra/Gemini female, i thought i would give eharmony a try. fun questions, didn't enter photos right away. i get 132 responses , or hits, or whatever, and 55 close me out because of no photo. So i put a couple on there, my birthday being in 1955, which makes me middleaged. so i get another batch of rejections. am i missing something? I am a 55 yr. old grandmother, professional, independant with catchy answers, and the guys are still expecting Angelina Jolie? i am not a bad looking woman. Does it all still come down to looks? do middle aged and older men think that we all look like Christie Brinkley or Susan Sarandon? took a big kick to my self esteem off this one, then had a good laugh. i will be removing myself from the site. apparently being attractive, independant, and professional is not enough.

  • Yes, it seems that alot of people that look for love on these sights, are either too shallow in their expectations, or simply just want sex! But I wouldn't let that detire me from trying to find companionship for yoursefl. Just go with the flow.....I've met several nice men on dating sites..some that lasted a while! Just have fun with it, try not to be too serious with posts and such, and let the Universe bring you what you want. Remember the power of intention and positive thinking and actions! Good luck!!!

  • DeeLight9, thank you for the lovely thought, it is a nice one to take to the new year!

  • I am a 33 yo woman, got the same results. I don't think it's you, I don't know if that site is exactly men friendly, most won't be bothered with the long questionair, and after they do, are pittered out. I was on there for like a year before I got any real feedback. Its a waste, but I heard was pretty good. I decided to go it on my own, and am doing fine.

  • will give it a shot and keep posted. thank you!

  • I have tried them all. Some you get scammers who start out sounding pretty good and then comes the request for money. They will always be a widower with a teenager. The wife died in an accident.They live many miles away. But the are working in the UK. Right there is my red flag. They are even on the sites that charge. Just be careful.

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