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  • Hi everyone, good day to you!

    I know that there are plenty of animal lovers out there and I thought it would be great to start a thread where we could all share stories, pictures...anything you desire to share about your fuzzy friends.......

    It could to relate for a from the wild...or a weird unique way you swatted a fly. (ok...maybe not that

    As the forum name...anything goes!

    Although I absolutely HATE this picture of myself, I look horrid as I just got off work....and smelly and greasy (I am a cook) but I decided to post it because it is very neat. This is Zipper, and much younger, lighter version...(well, not much YOUNGER....but lighter).......I would get off work, check my e-mail....and the first thing he would do was jump on my back, get on my shoulder and rub his head on mine and pur in my ear.....he always welcomes me home!!!! I felt a connection with this cat the minute I laid eyes on him.....out of 4 other kitties in the litter......I knew within 15 minutes that he was the one I was bringing home. We had an instant bond, and he has been my fuzzy baby ever since....

    I just so happened to turn on my webcam one day to capture is so cute....and it turned out really great.

    Did I forget to mention how horrible I look in this picture and how much I hate the??

    Oh well, here goes. 😃

  • For cr aps sakes.....too big. A webcam picture too big?....well, I'm outta to get ready, but I promise to post later! Have a great day!

  • What a great idea.

    I used to have a rescue greyhound (Ben), but had to rehome him when I changed jobs.

    I do still have my marine fishtank, so had to attach a picture of Fuzzy as well (can't forget my wet friends!)

  • Well that didn't work! will try again. If this doesn't work I give up.

  • he looks a bit surprised to be online, is he a baby?

  • I'll post my fur pics her's Chancer and Allan, and my other girls

  • that was Pasht and Pops heres Chrissi

  • and heres my ex bosses kitten Katty, who never made a year, my other bestest furfriend

  • does anyone think they were indigos ?

  • This was a great idea for a thread,here is my Bobcat fighting cat MAX, fought a real wild Bobcat just a few months ago and is still here with us.He was only trying to protect us...


    love & light, oh and max dito's that 🙂

  • What a great thread! All are such bundles of love. What a beautiful boy Ben the greyhound is. I love all the kitties too. They are like little tigers. Pretty amazing how Max (above) fought off a bobcat. He's ok now? I'll try to post pics too.

  • This is such a wonderful response everyone! It absolutely warms my heart!!!! I have many pet stories to share..and wildlife stores......

    But for now, here is the picture that I promised.......

    This is my fuzzy I said....I had the pick of a litter of four...and within 15 minutes, I knew I was going to take him home. Actually, if I want to go into full detail, my best friend found this litter of 4 behind her shed born by a feral. I wasn't planning on getting a kitty because I was just in a new relationship with my now ex-fiance.....and we JUST moved in together.

    She had been trying for months to pawn one off on me.....but I said...everything being so new, I didn't know. So I refused....

    Well, my best friend was sneaky. She and her hubby decided to take a trip to Florida for a month..and guess who was first nominated to take care off all the kitties??.....I WAS!!!!.......She had 3 adults at the time too...along with the 4 babies they had found. I wasn't long before I fell in love.....15 minutes into our first meeting..I knew he was the one........and he has been my fuzzy kid ever since. Keep in mind that it is just me and Zipper in this webcam instant shot, around is holding him there, except himself. This was our daily/nightly ritual at the time....

    Did I mention that I hate the way I look here??..haha?....Just got off work, all greasy and tired???..Yeah.....well. The picture, to me, is so was meant to capture...even on a crappy webcam....and even if I look like c r a p t a c u l a r..... lol

    This kitty is leash trained..he walks beside me like a dog would. I think he thinks he's a dog. Or Human.......or both. I would go with the latter since his experience with dogs are minimal.

    Here it is!

  • Here is the picture of the entire litter, at their smallest.......

    Guess whose looking right at the camera?...(this is months before I took him home, picture taken by my friend)

    You can tell because he has perfect lines on his head...his "twin".....of the litter, aren't as perfect.

    He is my baby. I love him with everything I have... ❤

  • By the way....I have a series of pictures from that first picture on my webcam of him kissing my face.........and part of his ritual greeting to me........

    Here is a couple more.......don't I look c r a p t a c u l a r?..hehe

    I don't even really care, I just want to share our bond.

  • We are..a couple of kool kats....

  • And wow, everyone....I apologize for the numerous typos in my first post starting this thread.....forgive me, for I am blond........and one that was I seen the TORNONTO raptors play today! It was a Christmas gift for my father and I, a gift to each other...the seats were AWESOME...the game was AWESOME!....

    It was on his bucket list, he has been dying to see them live for years.....well, we finally did!

    Again....I hope most of you understood my typos......GEEZZZZZ they sound bad...specially at a start of a thread. Keep all these lovely pictures and stories coming.........I love it all. Recent or loss, it provides me with a great feeling, as I see the love that was there. Still there.

    Thank-you so much....

    Merry new years!!!.... you'll see many more posts by me before then!!.....Thank you all again!!! ❤



  • ..and everyone, please remember to shrink your pictures!! I have a few ways of doing this. picasa is one. If unsure, let me know! Looking forward to the future of this thread!

  • first thought was "katty" might be an indigo. Yet I have never known of the "indigo" meaning of this until this thread. I second guessed myself, and I think "chrissi...might be. Not sure, don't take my word for it!!!


  • We lets see if this works

  • If at first you don't succeed.... this would be the wifes cat Pyewacket in front... smokey (black one) is my sons... the one in the back was "socks"... who died from some unknown thing... more to come

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