Have I lost my Cancer man for good?

  • luazinha>>why do you think he would dogde that question?

    Sandran712>>My guess he is dodging this question is because it must have been an ugly divorce.And it's painful for him to talk about.Sorry if I am dredging up an old memory for him.But, this one thing I hold dear to and always stick by it.I will not become involved with a man that is still attached to someone else.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I just recently started seeing a Cancer male and I have no idea what he's about. I'm a Leo. He seems to be moving too fast like using the word us and telling me don't make plans for the next weekend and this is our third date...then I noticed almost like a temper tantrum when I got involved in a conversation at a bar with someone..he just got up and moved. I'm not used to anyone not knowing I'm a like too sociable with everyone.Maybe this is an indication of future problems? Any male Cancers out there want to answer?

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