Can someone help me interprete the cards,please?

  • I asked tarot card yesterday: is this the end of the relationship?I drew queen of swords, knight of wands, the lovers and an extra card ace of swords.Could anyone please help me interprete the cards?

  • Hi Moonalisa,

    I haven't used the tarot in years and I was never a 'professional'. However your post for some reason inspired me to have a 'go' and this is what I came up with;

    Queen of Swords

    Holding on to ideas which though good in themselves, may be stopping you from ‘moving on’. Also, are you demanding too much either from yourself or from others?

    Knight of wands

    It's time for you to develop the adventurous qualities of the knight.

    The Lovers

    It’s necessary to make a choice. It’s important to look carefully at the options and not be driven blindly.

    Ace of swords

    From conflict comes a new creative viewpoint. Change is indicated. Ultimately resolution is possible but there is a struggle beforehand.

    How do I interpret that? I'm not sure. I have a feeling maybe one or the other of you has been offered an opportunity that would involve a move and this is causing the conflict. I don't know why that is in my head though and might be way, way, off the mark.

    My other thoughts are maybe you need to move on in some way. To view things as an adventure and a new start rather than an ending.

  • Hi witchone,

    First of all thanks for your concern and the time you devoted to me. I thought nobody would reply.:-)

    I hope you are right and it's not the ending but the new beginning.:-) I wish you Happy New Year!

  • Dear Moonalisa,

    I am not a professional either, but here are my thoughts on your cards...

    I agree with Witchone that there will be some necessary struggle before peace can be established. I think you are being level headed here, and that's a good thing. I see your boyfriend as the Knight of Wands, very passionate and intense... Right now the relationship needs the cool steel of the sword of truth to cut away any emotional extremes on either end. I think after things settle, if you approach the situation with calm and reason, it should work out. Try staying neutral and sticking to 'just the facts mam' 😉

    I hope that helps! I'm no psychic so please just take this as friendly advice. I do hope things work out and you have a beautiful New Year!

  • Thanks a lot Littlespacemonkey.

    My first impression was that the queen of swords is somebody who is reserved, suffering and feeling lonely (me),the Knight of Wands stands for, as you said, a very passionate,energetic man, man of action (him), the lovers- the intensity of emotions between us but also a choice we both have to make, doubts, some inner conflict but I had no idea what the ace of swords could mean here. Some resolution preceded by struggle?but in which direction?the queen of swords could also represent somebody else couldn't it?

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  • I can't say for sure if the ace of swords means break up or stay together. It's a very forceful card, which can mean extremes in the relationship. It's up to you to decide if you're willing to deal with and sort through the extremes for the sake of the bond. Do you sometimes feel left behind by this man? What causes you to feel that way? Are you basing your view on facts or emotions? Try and use the ace's energy to look at the situation objectively. You can cut through your suffering with the blade of truth. You seem like a considerate thoughtful person- everyone deserves happiness and love, yourself included. I think this spread is asking you to take a step back and be truly honest but kind with yourself. Then the choice presented by the lovers should be more clear.

    I hope that helps! Best of luck! 🙂

  • Oh and I forgot to mention... The court cards can point to other people, but in this case it sounds like the queen represents you. If that's what clicked when you first saw the card, I'd say to trust your instincts. She is a bit lonely, but also strong and honest. I've struggled with this card trying to see her in a more positive light. And remember, cards are useful tools, but proper use of our own free will is even more powerful. It's easier said than done, but the more you believe yourself to be a confident beautiful woman whole in herself, the more it will be so! 🙂 I know this from experience though at times it's difficult to put in practice. But worth the effort!

    I hope everything works out for the both of you~



  • Thank you Littlespacemonkey for the clarification and a number of interesting insights. I also hope everything will be fine although I realize it'll not be easy for both of us. Keep your fingers crossed for me.Happy New Year!

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