Insight anyone? Please?

  • I just had something very strange happen to me. Not sure if it means anything, but I felt very weird.

    I've recently been doing some research on what gifts, if any, I have and have been recommended some great sites as of late that had really made me think. I had never considered them as gifts, nor myself has having any insight, but these last few days have been, the same time frightening. At this point, I am willing to keep an open mind as to why I have always been different. I am trying to learn everything i can. I don't know much. But I do know, that I am not normal. here goes...

    With that being said, I have been sick this past week and about 2 hours ago, decided to head to the drug store for some more meds. (and some gummie bears, but we'll leave that out..hehe)

    Anyways, the Shoppers Drug mart in my town was closed, as it being 9:30pm on boxing day, so being restless and cooped up for days and needing to get out, I decided to take a drive and headed to Niagara Falls. (being a tourist city, everything is usually open) It's only about a 25min drive or so.

    Anyways, the car I drove, my mothers jeep...always had a small crack in the far right lower side of the windshield. She bought this brand new about 4-5 years ago, it was a defect...but for some reason, they never got it fixed. Well, over the years, of course it crack more.....but only an inch at a most.

    Well, today, I downloaded a brand new CD from a favourite band of mine. It was actually one of my ex-fiances and mine. We played their music all the time. A lot of their songs had great meaning to us...we would actually cry sometimes at the intensity of the feeling in hearing them. Actually had a couple of their songs written down to play at our wedding.

    The way I took to the falls, there is a working draw bridge...and sure enough, just as I pulled up to it, the guards went down. A boat was passing through. That means like a good 15 minute wait. With nothing to do, I put the car in park and listening to this new cd, I waited.

    Well, into this CD...hearing it for the first song really hit home. It gave me chills and made me sad. The whole CD is really good all basically has meaning to me. Anyways, during this one particular song that gave me chills, I started to feel sad. I decided to try and use a technique that I had learned only yesterday for dealing with negative thoughts and feelings.

    I let my arms fall freely to my sides and clenched my fists. Closed my eyes and imagined two balls of fire in each fist. Quickly, I imagined all my negative thoughts at that moment were in the balls of fire. They were a bright orange/yellow. Then I opened my fists and imagined throwing these balls of fire to the ground, the earth. And I Imagined that they rooted deep into the earth, where they will stay. Keep in mind that this was all in about 5 seconds.

    When I opened my eyes again, I instantly felt a little better. Not fully, but not as sad as I had felt. I still had a good wait yet, and I focused on the people getting out of their cars to see the boat. One was a man and a child, holding was a neat the headlights from the other side of the bridge illuminated them. I smiled. It was shortly after that when I noticed it....

    That crack in the windshield was spreading. I watched as it grew.....spread fast.....all the way across to the left side, right in front of my vision.

    Now, I know it has something to do with the heat and the cold. That is the scientific aspect of it. What I don't understand, is why it had remained so small, only growing slightly...and chose that very moment of clarity, to spread? I don't think it's a coincidence, but at the same time I don't know what to make of it.

    I have had streetlights go out on me all my life. No matter where I go. I never really took notice until in my twenties when I had a close friend pass and you tend to research and look for "out of the ordinary" things. Friends have witnessed the streetlights, but have also blown it, I did too.

    Can anyone help me with this? Am I just being silly, or could my feelings about this be real? If so, what could it mean?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • i beleive that its vibtational energy, i could be wrong but has has anybody remarked about your energy, do you have strong energy, strong vibratation, this is my guess, magnetic energy come to my mind, someone else may have the right answer to this, but one thing i do know is that peoples energ fields can be very strong and i have met people with that type of energy that just blows you completly right out of the water, just hang in their someone else may have an answer for you, but if it is what i am thinking it might be, you are very special, we all are, but i am thinking that you may have to channell this energy the right way, at the moment it sounds lke its going every where, you are not strange you are quite normal, you would have the ability to heal yourself and others, hope this helps

  • Dear 1Blondie178;

    I believe Dotthorey is onto something. I am not a reader but would like to offer my support and love to you at this time. I have gifts that are not controlled because I don't know much about them, except culturally based dream interpretations, so I can relate to you on that level. I hope you learn the answers to your dilemma soon. Please be patient as people are kind of hectic due to the more to go! I pray that in 2010 the universe will open to you and reign all the answers you seek! Dotthorey, do not forget that you are very special too! You have your own vibrant energy that you never hesitate to share with others. Blessings upon you and blessed be...


  • Aloha 1blondie178

    Not to worry,we are all coming into our power,some batteries are stronger than others,what directs

    our energy is our emotions,our vehicles are like our body sometimes giving us messages,so the windshield could mean that we are not looking where we are going,the crack went to the left which

    indicates the female,our past emotions can be very strong and can hold us there,those feelings live in the past,and is not who you are today,gently pull out of the past of who we were,and come to your heart center,that is who you are today,it,s current time,and please remember our emotions is not who we are,we created them,so we have the power to change them,the safest place on the planet

    is inside our hearts,lock yourself in.........with much love oceanspirit11

  • The heartfelt meanings behind this brought me to tears......and I thank you. More than you'll ever know.

    All of this..the three of you, I felt something very emotional while reading. I don't understand it. I am trying to learn as I have known from a very young age that I was seemingly different, so to speak.

    We are ALL very special. Each and every one of us. Every single one of us is unique, and born to learn.

    Thank you dorothy......

    I'm really not sure at this moment what I have. I could explain for hours, scenarios, which relate to a magnetic energy, but right now, I am unsure. People don't necessarily comment to me on an energy, but, my entire life....people have either felt and EXTREME comfort around me ( I actually recently had a very strong-willed man I work with, not really close to, cry in front of me cause he opened up)..and can immediately open up...or and EXTREME discomfort. And avoid me. This have left me reclusive. I am very confused. I feel things at moments, when they are unexplainable. It scares me. are such a wonderful soul. I thank you so much, I feel your strength in me. i don't know why, but I felt such honesty and purity as I read your post. I am searching this site, endlessly for answers. It all started when I clicked a "how do you know if you are a empath" site Wenchie had posted for someone else....and it was so much on the mark, it made me think. Deeply....and ever since then, I felt a small release....and so the research has begun. I am scared, as much as I feel relief. I truly hope that when I reach some kind of realization in my journey, that I can help others. Even if I am not gifted, I hope I can reach people that I can relate to, as I have had many, positive and negative life experiences in my almost 32 years. (New years baby!!

    I don't know any of you, but for some reason, I felt a great feeling....almost to the very feeling of great love......

    I thank you for your kindness. I thank you for your generosity of responding. I feel that you are all very caring, nurturing people......with everything that i have.

    Thank-you oceanspirit. You have given me a great deal to think about, as what you are saying makes much sense. I feel that I have been at a crossroads my entire life....never knowing which turn to take. You have given in insight on a path. I thank you.

    If I have any gifts......I am very early in the learning process. I have felt things that regular people don't my entire life...and, because of this... to try and begin to understand others...has left me in deep depression. I have never considered anything, until I came upon this site. I was never a the "afterlife".....clairvoyance....and all that stuff interested me, my entire life.

    Right now, I don't understand much, but just by being here, i am learning so much!

    ❤ Peace


  • Hi 1Blondie178,

    I'm not sure what relevance what I'm about to say has, but I feel compelled to relay it;

    Many years ago when I was just 20, my sister suffered a number of mental health problems. At the time of my 'story', she had just spent a week in Holloway prison. She had been released on a curfew which meant she had to stay at her flat between 7pm and 7am. Her second night home, I got a 'phone call around 7.30pm to say she wasn't at home. I got on the bus to where she lived and went looking for her. Every half hour or so, I went back to her flat to see if she'd turned up. Eventually, she had and I told her I'd been worried and looking for her. I reminded her, if she was caught breaking her curfew, she'd land up back in prison. At that point the Police arrived - presumably, someone had reported her for breaking the curfew. She looked at them whilst pointing at me and said "she's upsetting me, tell her to leave". Naturally I was upset and said "don't be ridiculous, I'm your sister and I'm trying to help you". She repeated she wanted me to leave and the Police said it was her flat and if she didn't want me there, I had to go. I was angry and hurt. I lost it and told her, "fine, if you don't want me here, I'll go,but next time you're in trouble - don't expect me to help. You just remember, you told me to get out".

    By the next day, I'd calmed down a little and reminded myself she was unwell. She rang and we made our peace. However, I never saw her alive again. Within the week - she'd died. I went to see her 'laid out'. I stood by the coffin holding the hand of my sister who looked like a beautiful wax work doll. I was beside myself with grief and I said to my mother who was with me, and the funeral home attendants, "oh god we argued last time I saw her. Do you think she knows I didn't mean it"? At that very moment, her hand squeezed mine. Like you, I know the scientific reasons. In fact for a long time I tried to dismiss it. But, why, why at that exact moment if not to bring me some comfort?

    Whilst it's a different situation entirely, I think what I'm trying to say is, the scientific and the seemingly inexplicable can go hand in hand. Like dreams though, it can take time to unravel the entire meaning.

  • I Agree, witchone,

    Thank you so very much for sharing your story. I feel so very cared for right now, by you and others who have reached out in my time of need. I am at a crossroads right now...scared.....yet enlightened to learn more. The more I absorb, the more this becomes very real to me. The more this becomes very real........the more I feel. with everything. Reading your story, reading others stories.....feeling the compassion of others trying to help. I feel nothing but positive feelings being here, and you are very much one of them. have given me so much insight right now. Instantly, I understood the meaning behind your sisters life form. But have not yet to reveal on what my own is. Clarity will come soon...but the problem I have is distinguishing between real and fiction. BUT I am very new....and doubt my clarity....and very much learning. It's women like you, that take the time to help me understand that are helping to develop my insight. Every day, I feel as if I am stronger, as if building up for something...something good. I feel as if I becoming a different being....I cannot describe. Words cannot express how humble and greatful I am to you.

    Thank you,



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