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  • Debijo, extroverted tendencies are brought out here in this relationship for both of you. You both like to socialise and have fun together, but these gratifying activities may not bring you far in advancing your individual or mutual cause. If you two are low in ambition, you may continue in an unabated pursuit of pleasure for months or even years. This may lead to a somewhat vacuous dead end, in which spiritual, emotional, and self-realising values are severely lacking or absent. One area you two could do well in, given sufficient ambition, is networking, buidling coalitions, or uniting disparate groups of people. This way you can put your social skills and ability to be welcoming to work, ideally for a good cause.

    Your relationship's deficiencies become blatantly obvious during times of need and stress, when a lack of moral reserves to fall back on will prove detrimental in a family, love, or marital setting. Learning that pain or struggle are essential to psychological growth is a hard lesson but an essential one for you two to learn. It may be inevitable and necessary that your mutual tendency to drift and dream be startled by periodic jolts, shaking you into awareness. This relationship tends to be self-protective, appearing successful but in fact often being inhibiting. An inability to face the truth and a mutual will towards self-deception are its biggest faults. You two need to become more aware of the needs of other people in your immediate environment. Remember that all pleasure eventually comes to an end and one must then face reality. Try and seek more lasting values and build on a solid foundation.

    Still if you can face your problems honestly and bravely, this can be a stimulating relationship. Together you share a great rapport, with similar likes and dislikes, and you complement each other beautifully in many respects, be it physically, emotionally or psychologically. You both can feel that no one understands you. Both of you are fond of variety and look for different things in life. Intellectually also, you can engage each other in hour-long conversations and should never run out of topics to talk on. You two match each other in wittiness as well. and also share similar perspectives, interests and social activities. Even when you Debijo retreat into your shell, things would not necessarily turn bad. This is because your friend would use such times to the fullest. He would love the freedom at this stage to do whatever he wants.

    The only concern in the relationship is that you Debijo need to know the tricks of romance to keep your friend always interested. He is fickle but friendly by nature and wants no pain in his life. Otherwise, he capable of moving out and on. The relationship between you should be a fairly smooth sail, as both of you can work to diminish any conflict and ensure compatibility if you have the will and ambition to do so. Since you are both adventurous, you will enjoy exploring new avenues and gaining new experiences. Change is the mantra for both of you and you will enjoy each other's originality and novelty. A passion of the mind is much stronger to each than a passion of the physical sense.

    With this spiritual connection, however, comes some different understandings between you. Your friend needs to understand that, although you are showing one emotion, another or perhaps two lie just beneath the surface. And you need to let go of him from time to time with the understanding and faith that he’ll be right back in your life soon enough. Being more spiritual and wiser in a subconscious level, you know you’ll have to give more of yourself.

    You both treasure your friendship because of its security and confidence. It takes much more courage and faith, however, to go beyond friendship into a deeper love. When hurt, both of you digress back to the emotionally solid state of the friendship, knowing that this will never break. Your friendship is a wonderful and strong bond you have together, but sometimes it causes you to give up a love that could be just as strong. You two need to have a simple relationship or else there is no beginning to be had. Then and only then, a strong bond can be formed. In other words, this can well result in a long-lasting relationship.

  • TheCaptain I need your help please. I do not know whether I should be on guard or not; however, with so many stalkers walking around these days, you have to be cautious.

    I use to hang out with a guy by the name of DEAN. I cut off my friendship with him back in 2004, and out of no where, he called me two weeks ago. To make a long story short, I talked to him just to satisfy his need to know how I have been doing over the years.

    At the end of the conversation I made it CLEAR, that There was no longer a reason to call me anymore; for, it has been Six years and we have gone on with our lives!

    Dean called me again last week and he stated that he wanted some of the money back that he spent, when we would hang out together from SIX years ago!

    TheCaptain Should I be concerned about his behavior? Will he continue to call and harass me? What can I do to stop him from contacting me??

  • Pilot, yes you should be concerned - this man is desperate. Cut off contact straight away. Don't answer or return his calls - does he know where you live?

  • Yes, he does know where I live! Do you think that he could be dangerous??

  • Thank You captain, I see why your a popular friend 🐵 Very good at what you do

  • TheCaptain>>Let things come to you in a 7 year, as this is a year when thoughts and ideas materialize.

    ScorpVirgo>>Thank you for doing the reading. I appreciate it. Could you give me a little more insight into what I'm expecting to materialize? I'm a little confused.

  • Pilot007, I think he will try to pressure or trick you into giving him money so be on guard and don't let him into your home.

  • ScorpVirgo, there will be new thoughts about how to do things differently in your life and how to get what you really want - new ways of looking at your life and new directions.

  • Thanks for the heads up!

  • Hi TheCaptain!

    Will you be able to see if we will end up together? What's my love relationship for the year like?

    Thanks once again!

  • Dilphinus, I feel you will move on this year into a more harmonious love relationship. 2010 is a 6 personal year for you. This is a big year as it focuses on most areas, especially personal relations (healing your issues), marriage, soul mates, divorce, affairs, the home, extended family, relationships, career, social consciousness, responsibility to others, adjustments, harmony, healing, counseling, teaching, education, truth, justice, reliability, tenacity, conscientiousness, and social balance. You can buy, sell, or redecorate a home. You will deal with a soul mate, old or new. You may deal with sexuality. You can cement great friendships and find new and long lasting. Health is generally good unless you create an illness or accident to gain someone's attention. Pay attention to what you are doing and why you may need to leave home at last if you are still there. If you can't, find out why. Finances and career are usually pretty stable in a 6 year.

  • Thanks TheCaptain.

    Somehow I don't wanna meet a new guy. I still want things to work out between him and me 😞

  • Thank you TheCaptain. Could you let me know if my boy will come back and if we will actually have a good steady relationship? Will I meet someone new?

  • ScorpVirgo, sorry but I feel your ex pulling further and further away from you. You will meet someone new if you are open to it and not pining for the old relationship.

  • Thank you TheCaptain. I know that's not what I wanted to hear, but it's best that I do hear it. I have to accept it and move on. hopefully I'll find someone new. my feelings for my ex are so strong, but I can't do anything if he doesn't feel the same about me...thank you again. I appreciate everything you've done for me.

  • God bless to you, ScorpVirgo.

  • Hi Captain, would you be able to do a reading for me please? I've been together with this Cancer man for almost 3 months. He can be so warm at times and suddenly turns cold. I'm feeling confused. I'm a leo (14 Aug 1985) and he is a Cancer (05 July 1982). Thanks alot in advance!

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