Need a reading.Pls help!!

  • Lately i've been feeling very sad and lifeless.It seems like my life isn't going anywhere right now.I'm just very confused and emotional.Everything just seems to be so pale and the excitement of living life has just vanished.Nothing can make me happy.I don't know how to go about it and what to do.And if it is just a temporary situation?Or it's the start of a lifelong struggle?I feel for some reason it might have something to do with my past life?I also think for some reason my family has been cursed.Would really like to get an insight on that if possible.

    There is also one more other question,this is regarding about a guy.There is this guy BOD(11/09/91) that i have feelings for but choose to supress as i believe he doesn't feel the same way about me.Was wondering if he has any feelings for me and if we will ever be a couple?Thank you so much.Would really appreciate if anyone could help me out.

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  • Lumina,

    I'm sorry the first post on your thread was this disgusting spammer. Please hang in there, despite this immoral wretch. There ARE really amazing, caring people here and you WILL get some help:)

    Blessings and Light

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