Anyone knows how can I get back with a gemini man?

  • I am a Libra. My ex is a Gemini. I got a lot of problem cuz he's not affectionate enough and also he's always acting different with what he said. One day I finally couldn't stand it and broke up with him. He tried to make up with me within a week and we got back together, then he broke up with me a week later. Everyone told me he never loved me, I am just another person for him while I love him with all my heart. I know most ppl would tell to let go. But if any of you know anything that I could do to get back with him. Please help! I'll appreciate it!

  • My longest relationship was with a Gemini man. It was on and off for 3 and a half years. He was affectionate sometimes but other times he was all in his head and wasn't affectionate. Geminis can be like that. I don't know what you can do specifically to get back together with him, but I broke up with mine many many times and we kept getting back together. I had to physically move to another continent and country 6000 miles away and this was before the internet to finally get him out of my life. So if you really want to get back with him, you probably could.

  • Thanks! It's been almost 2 months. I start losing hope.

  • Have you contacted him? Well, there's hope because once I took off for six months, tried to break up with him before leaving and he kept saying "let's just see what happens when you get back" and wouldn't break up with me. Then when I called him a month later from mexico he broke up with me on the phone. But when I came back 5 months later I saw him at a party, where I was flirting with another guy and he immediately got back together with me.

  • I used to text or call him every other day when we just broke up. I've asked him to hang out with me for at least 5 times. Every time he was like: ok, I'll think about it. But he would always find some excuses to ditch me. So I gave up cuz I am tired of chasing him around. He knew I am gonna go ski with some guy friends, he didn't even seem jealous. He even joked about it. I don't know, maybe I am really just no one to him.

  • It's not that your no one to him I have been in the same boat as you many times and each time I found myself saying he doesnt like me anymore me and its defintely over this time and then out of the blue you know who is stopping by or calling. I actually broke up with him and he begged for me to stay with him and then he said he only wanting to be friends like a month after he texted and to make things even more confusing said hit me up anytime really? So I walked away and moved on and just when yoru about over them they come right back in the picture as if they were never gone unbelieveable. Either way it took about 2 months for him to call me and even to this day I have never called him he calls me he knows where I stand and what my plans are and I know where hes at its weird we both can understand and read each other very well to the point where we really dont even to talk and then there are other things that still remain a mystery. Day by day is how I live and if its truely meant to be it will be and if its not its his loss!!

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