Cancer Man Confusing and In Love?

  • im trying to find out if my cancer man still has a thing for me... or if hes just completely messing with me. ok heres the story... sorry its a little long.

    ok so me and my ex have been broken up for about a month. after he left me to go back home (we had a long distance relationship but would talk every day for hours. when he left everything seemed ok, we talked about our future together and everything seemed to be fine) but hebroke up with me mad randomly after ignoring me for 3days, he severed all communication with me, and ignored me for weeks after the breakup, and deleted me off of facebook. today he randomly hit me up over some stupid **** and i asked him why he broke up with me, he basically said i was crazy but had nothing to back it up.

    i kept hanging up on him and telling him i was over it but he kept calling back to antagonize me, calling me babe, and talking about his "new girlfriend" (who im 99%sure doesn't exist) and just saying I'm crazy and clingy and all sorts of stuff and to leave him alone, even tho HES THE ONE who keeps calling me back after i hang up!!!... if he hates me so much why wont he just let it be, i told him i would stop hitting him up and leave him alone.. why does he keep calling me?!

    he said he wanted to talk it out in person tomorrow (he lives upstate (it was a LD relationship) but hes going to be in the city tomorrow... he called, basicly telling me to tell someone that his train was at 1030 at grand central... why he had to tell me i have no ******* clue, he coulda just did it himself.) and by talk it out he means, telling me im crazy to my face... but i told him to f off. wtf is his deal?!

    im an aries cusp (19th) but my atrologer said the year i was born the sun was in taurus, so im tecnicly a taurus... T+C=good A+C=bad. i understand that cancers hide there feelings but this is on some crazy shit, i have always been concious of his emotions and what he was feeling even if he didnt know it, i can honestly say i never did anything wrong, and if i ever did slip up i fixed it asap.

  • Your cancer man neither has still a thing for you... nor hes just completely messing with you.

    why wont he just let it be? Because he does not feel his own wishes.

    why does he keep calling you? Because he wants a complete change.

    why he had to tell you? Because he is griefing over the spilled milk without seeing the possibilites for relating.

    wtf is his deal?! Relocation.

    You are together. You breathe out, the tree breathes in; the tree breathes out, you breathe in. The tree purifies you through oxygen; you nourish the tree through carbon dioxide.

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