Need insight on Pisces man

  • I'm a Taurus woman (5/14) dating a Pisces man (3/10). It has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride but with more ups than downs. We get along great. Initally we had some communication issues but I think that was because we were still learning each other. We had a few arguements. That's the problem. He thinks things should be perfect 100% of the time. If we argue he wants to leave. A few months ago we had a talk about taking our relationship to the next level. He said he was unsure because I pushed him away with some of our past disagreements & he felt that I didn't appreciate him. I was hurt so I decided to give him space. He never let more than a day or 2 pass without contacting me. I slowly let him come back. I didn't want to appear desperate nor open myself up to being hurt again. The past 3 months have been great. I also tell him on several occaions how much I care for him, how much he means to me and how grateful I am for him. I also send him random thoughtful gifts so he knows he's appreciated since he said that was an issue for him before. We've gotten closer than we ever have. Well, this past week I found something that made me a little jealous so I asked him about it. I may have been a little upset but not very much. He got mad. The next day I said that I didn't want to lose what we've accomplished and he agreed. I told him why I felt jealous and that tough he treats me well and makes me feel special I just wanted reassurance. He appeared to have understood and I asked if we were okay and he said we were. I could still tell he was upset. I spoke with him later that evening and there was still some tension there & he told me to stop pushing him away. I told him that that was not my intent and I care for him deeply. The following day I spoke with him and things didn't seem better. I asked him what we were doing and he said he didn't know. I asked him was this how we were leaving things and his response was "I'm not saying that". I told him that I would give him space. Within a half hour he was texting me pictures. So I figured maybe he didn't want space. So the following day I contacted him. I didn't get my normal honey, baby, etc. so I joked about it and he said I was bringing the drama. He was very short and cold with me. He has never treated me that way before. I asked him did he want to work things out he said that he was busy and would talk to me later (he's never been too busy for me before). I told him it was a yes or no and he wouldn't give me an answer. He said that I've lost my privilages because I don't appreciate him and what he's done and I've proven myself to be a typical woman. He said I was the one throwing away what we accomplished together. I was in complete shock. I have been nothing but kind to him and I try to show and tell him time and time again how much I care and appreciate him. I sent him a text saying that I didn't want to lose what we had and asked if he felt the same. He said "we're cool". I sent him a message back asking what that meant? Does that mean we're just friends or are we still on a romantice level? He never responded. I know he got and read the message b/c my phone shows it. He's never ignored me before. Today I get a text from him with our usual good morning (no honey, baby, etc.) and wishing me and my family a Merry Christmas. I replied with the same. I also sent him a text of a pic he wanted and he never responded. What should I do? I really care about him and want to make it work yet I'm not going to chase him. I apologized and told him how I felt. Does he just need space? Will he come back? or is he gone forever and I should just move on? Please help. I'd love to hear from Pisces men as well.

  • As a Pisces woman, I'll tell you how I would likely be and what I would want. Just remember though that everyone is unique if you consider the full natal chart and general life experiences,

    Personally, I find it very hard to trust someone and if they gain my trust, but then hurt me, I am very cautious going forward for fear of being hurt again. If I am hurt or angry with someone, I want and need a bit of space. I would want the person that made me angry/hurt to feel my pain and show understanding that they have done wrong - even a simple apology. I have also been known to ignore texts as a form of "payback". I wouldn't suggest breaking all contact with him (that would drive me up the wall), but keep it light, don't ask questions and don't push. A simple hello, hope you have a good day, thinking of you, that sort of thing. Try that for a few days and see if he starts to mellow. Personally, I never stay angry for long, but if someone pushes the wrong buttons, I can seethe for days making the whole thing a lot worse. The fact he has still sent you the odd text says to me he has not given up on you. If he had, you wouldn't get any texts at all.

    Your a Taurus, which means you probably have the patience and persistance to see this through. Good Luck.

  • Thanks for your insight. I asked him was he doing this to hurt me but of course he wasn't going to say yes nor did he respond to my question. I apologized several times to him. I almost felt like I was begging at times which I don't do. It just seems like he always plays the victim and makes everything my fault. He doesn't think we should ever disagree. I don't want to argue with him, I adore him but two imperfect people cannot make a perfect relationship. I don't open up or trust easily which was road block for us in the beggining. I've recently opened up and began to trust my Pisces but now I'm fearful of being hurt. It seems like if we ever disagree he swims away. It's been months since we had and this is how he reacts...I think we both need our space right now. I sent him a really sweet Christmas gift that he won't get until Monday. I'll see how he reacts then.

  • BTW, a day or so after our disagreement he changed his IM screen name to "At war with my inner me" whatever that means, but I know it's about us and his feelings for me.

  • Good Luck Taurus79,

    I am in a similar situation with a Pisces Man, and he shows the same behavior as yours. I give him a lot of space and I don't constantly ask if we are ok. I make my apology but I'm not going to beg(most of the time its not all my fault. He's lucky that this Leo apologizes). I am learning that Pisces like to pout a bit. I think you should let him swim back to you at his own pace.Just keep busy. I know its hard because they are really sweet guys. But the more pressure you put on him to reply, the more he will pull away. I wish I had more advice but I am still figuring him out. all

  • Something else to be aware of ... Pisces do not like confrontation (I certainly don't) and will avoid it at all costs. Don't beg and give him a bit of space. Leonessa is right, if you put pressure on him to reply, chances are he will pull away more, which is why I suggested, don't ask questions, keep it light and let him know you are thinking of him. If someone pushes me and asks questions when I am angry or upset, I withdraw further into myself and can become even more angry/upset. Pisces can definitely pout a bit! It is normally self pity and they can get into a mode of thinking no one understands them, etc. That would explain the change in his IM screen name.

    There is a chance the Christmas gift will mellow him a bit and start to bring him round. I know it would me, but then he is a man so may not be quite so "easy" :))

    BTW any tips you have on Taurus men would be much appreciated! I am at the stage of having communication issues with one - same reason as yours ... trust. So any tips on gaining his trust would be much appreciated.

  • Hello,

    It's been very interesting reading the comments on Pisces men because they all highlight that the Pisces male runs away when he can't handle things and can be a very cold fish indeed when rattled.

    I have just had a two year relationsgip with a Pisces man and it has definitely been more downs that ups with regular rows and partings. During that time I tried my best to assure himeof my love and loyalty to him but to no avail. He is one of several Pisces ment aht I have been linked with and the experiences have all been very similar. For me as an Aqwuarian woman, I am going to avoid Pisces men like the plague. My heart just cannot take any more of their chaos and cruelty.

  • I have been married to a Pisces man for 26 years. This past summer he decided he wanted to be a kid again and I think he went crazy. We have been separated since. I found out he had been cheating on me with a woman who is fun. Walked out the door with no bills and now is in debt up to his ears. She likes to spend money. He left me in debt, rarely speaks to our children. What is described about the Pisces man is completely accurate. I have spoken to a lot of psycics and one tells me he is coming back others say he is not. If he does it won't be anytime soon. I have been told that I should move forward with me life, that's just the hardest thing to do. We had a very good marridge before July when the evil tramp put her claws into him. Good luck with your Pisces man.

  • I've heard Pisces get bored easily and you have to keep their glass half full. Also, since their fish you have to bate them, can't catch a slippery fish with 2 hands. But any of us who have dated Pisces this is easier said than done. They're very charming individuals. Everytime he does this he hurts me of course, but then it makes me stronger to avoid him...until I get sucked right back in.

    He contacted me today. He wasn't his normal lovey dovey self but he was pleasant and I was the same. I'm not about to chase after him. Quite frankly I'm irritated that everytime things don't go his way his storms off like a little kid. I need a man and not a boy. Unless he starts to handle conflicts with maturity I'm leaving. I've given better & I deserve better.

  • Pisces0301 - The information you have given has been very accurate. He's told me in the past he doesn't like confrontation & that at times he viewed me as confrontational. He also doesn't like me asking questions.

    As far a Taurus, we're very loving, dedicated and loyal people. However, we should never be betrayed or crossed. If that happens we can cut you out of our lives as if we never met you, except when we're in love. We can be very forgiving but things may not ever be quite the same. Even in love we will only give you so many chances, 2nd is pretty much guaranteed (everyone makes mistakes)...after we put you through the ringer, but a 3rd chance may never come. Taurus women seem to be good communicators but the men aren't as gifted. He may be able to communicate some things but you have to watch his actions towards you to tell the real story. Also, don't try and talk to him (especially about anything serious) when he's upset or angery. It will only add fuel to the fire. Let the bull settle his horns and then approach him, you will get better results.

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