Always having the strangest most vivid dreams

  • I was wondering if there might be a reason I have almost always very vivid dreams. Dreams that I have remembered for up to 15 -20 years is that normal? Should dreams effect your mood the next day? Ive had lots of memorable ones but just a few I can't let go of, I just seems they should mean something. For example over several years I had 3 or 4 dreams that sort of connect, I would be dreaming of something and I would meet a girl around my age and I knew her from a previous dream and when I wake I think who was that and feel for a second oh yeah that is "jane" and then I realize I don't know her and never have only in other dreams.

    I had a dream once of a time with wagons & Indians fighting I grabbed a child but not and save her from an arrow then an Indian man older than me gave me a ring to show his gratitude as she must have been his child. For so long I thought I would never forget what it looked like but I faintly recall it now. Anyhow when he gave it to me I felt such a love for him, like a fatherly love.

    I realize I now am a total nut for typing this but I just feel so strongly that these dreams meant something I needed to know and I missed it. any thoughts???

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