Weird Dream

  • I'm not really too worried about it, but I would like to know what it means. At the time I had it, nothing bad was going on, just a normal day. Well, here it goes:

    I was walking down my road to these two guys, who I did know, and they were collecting signs that had anything to do with hurricanes. Another guy was there, maybe 20 feet away, talking to the other two men. Then one of them screams "This is a fake!" and my dream moves to a beach. The beach didn't have water, but it wasn't a desert. There were telephone poles, only without the telephone wire, sticking up everywhere. I was shaking and twitching from being scared, or at least my dream self was, but the one guy was being perfectly still. They caught him and the dream went to a pirate ship. There was a mast or pole sticking out from the front of the ship and the guys scalp and skull has sawed off, above the eyebrow though, and he was hanging by his tongue and brain.

    The dream wasn't scary, but it was weird. I could live without knowing what it meant, but I'd like to know, so if anyone has any info on it, please reply.

  • Hi BaconMuffin!

    Well this dream sounds simple enough. Are you feeling spiritually clogged? The pervasive message in this dream is that there is a communication short somewhere either psychically or in your life somewhere. First, the two guys whom you knew were taking down hurricane signs, you are not able to be warned of impending danger though you are in no danger at this time. Then at the beach the telephone wires missung from the posts, again communication down. No water suggests you need to a spiritual cleansing and purification ritual. Then the pirate ship. The poor man hanging by his tongue (can't speak) and brain (the internal message center). Does this make sense to you? Hope this helps. Blessing to you and blessed be...


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