Tired Of Sales People Coming on Forum to Sale their Wares

  • Ok, does anyone else feel the same as I do, I don't like to see this forum clogged up with these advertising trying to sale their wares. To me these forums should be reserved for discussion on ideas, feeling, belief and helping others, not tryiig to sale products, do that on Ebay or somewhere else.

    So many times I've come in here to read new threads and it's been totally saturated with these people trying to sell cheap products, please stop wasting the space, I for one am not coming to these forums to buy your products. Does anyone else agree?

    You're clogging these forums!!!!!

  • YES, I agree. I think that it is RUDE and CRASS.

    Why doesn't administration put a stop to this??

  • That's what I was wondering.

  • completely agree!! 4 or of the latest discussion threads at the mo are from the same salesperson... admin... do something about this please!!!!

  • Hear Hear!! I too wish the sellers of those cheap wares to be gone! I for one am going on their thread to give them the boot! Perhaps it is silly, but I want them to know what I think of their practices! Blessed be...

  • Yes! Very annoying. Maybe the admins are in on it? 😉

  • We have had this discussion countless times. Admin always says they're trying to stop it, but they never seem to be able to do the one thing that would stop it and that's ban the users who post the spam in the first place.

    There's even a thread where we all listed and NAMED the users who do this. But they're still here. I know your frustration with it, but I've given up hoping or expecting anything to be done about it. So we carry on and hope it dies down someday.

  • Thank you for the insight hisbablove.

  • Ilovefish,

    Sweet of you to say, but I didn't help much:) I wish I could, though.

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