Happy Holidays to All

  • I want to wish you all happy holidays- to all that help me with readings and advise- thanks so much.


  • I also want to wish holidays to all on this forum,

    usually i am afraid to answer because, i feel that i am not qualify to answer and many of you

    know how to say the right thing at the right moment,

    and some of you say it all with a few words,

    may you all continue to grow spirtually, for that the true richness of our exitence!

    may the universe bless you all.

    happiness and good health,

    be with you


    Happy holidays Purita and Ramonita!

    May all your wishes come true.

    May love, happiness, peace, harmony and properity reaches everyone's homes.

    Lets be thankful for everything in our lives good and bad so we can continue growing as spiritual beings. Take care and be safe! Never let hope die and always believe in God.


  • Happy Winter Solstice (now passed) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    I pray that this year holds many precious blessings for each and all. I hope 2010 will be the year all your dreams come realized and hope lights the way for your paths. As we seek to enlighten ourselves and others I pray our ways are clear and sure. Be happy, be blessed and blessed be...

    Love to all in the forums,


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