• Sandran712

    if you mean allergy to Sage itself, not the smoke,

    I read that the allergy is to the pollens, not the aroma

    so incense or candle is OK, no pollens in it

  • Good luck with your attempts to see a therapist. I think it's essential for you right now. BTW, I finally conceded and began to take meds for depression a few years ago. I have to tell you, it was a real kick in the pants. It was almost like waking up after a long sleep. If you asked me 10 years ago if today I'd be seeing a therapist and taking an anti-depressant, I'm not sure I would have believed you. But now I see that I was blind and the people around me were also in the dark. It's been very difficult to look my faults and negativity in the eye and confess that these things are mine. But now I'm in a much better position to look up and move forward and face the future whatever it brings. I'm sorry for going on about myself, but I just wanted you to understand that I know where you are right now. Be strong.

    I hope you have a peaceful holiday today.

  • IgoHumble,

    The holidays usually get me down. I am bipolar amongst several other things. My heart breaks for you sweetie! I know exactly how you feel. You have some really wonderful advice here. I am not psychic or anything but Ive dealt with major depression from the age of 15-16 to now. It for me is a battle every single day! Some days are easier than others but it is a constant battle. Ive always felt its like waking up every morning and before I even open my eyes I start fighting it. There is nothing easy about it. Im on meds have been for half my life now. I'll start feeling better and get to thinking ah I don't need the medicine, guess what, I do. If you don't take any other advice from here please, please PLEASE!!! find a way to get evaluated and see because some times it can get beyond your control.

    I don't mean to be negative at all but it may sound as though Im being really negative. I am being honest because I know exactly how you feel. This is my best advice, and it gets me out of the bed when somedays nothing else will, Think of depression or bipolar whatever it is, as a Challenge to you because you can use it as a crutch or a stepping stone which ever you choose and that is your choice and no one else's. Hang in there sweetie! If you want I will put my email on here for you in case you might ever just need to talk or anything. I will keep you in my prayers and I really hope you find happiness. God Bless You ! Merry Christmas! Count your blessings instead of your troubles!

    Merry Christmas to you and your daughter.


  • Leo scorpion, I suppose I shouldn't AVOID my daughters father. I should deal with it. But I honestly cant anymore. I have for five years. Im done, Im tired and I deserve to be with someone who is honest with himself and with others. I know I have to talk to him everyday, which I do now and probably will do for a long time. My goal for the past couple of months was to get on a friendship basis with him, but he sees things black and white. Im either with him and we're civil, or im not and im nothing to him.Just crap. I think i am extra depressed because we broke up this week. I just wish and pray to god I can find someone who is caring and honest. I shouldnt feel this is the end of the world and I will be alone for the rest of my life. It just needed to end because I knew in my heart we were just oil and water. The psychics I had talked to would tell me it would end, one psychic basically yelled at me because she told me I was missing out on so many opportunities and that I was alone, she said we were not together, I was alone and yes she was true. Even with him I felt alone. UGHHHHHH I need boundaries and friends and a job. I have been so wrapped up in this relationship it has made me blind.

    I feel stupid for it. He was my first boyfriend and I didnt know any better. There are good people out there and there is life for me. My life revolved around him. yup. blindness. AFter death comes life. I am just in the transitional phase. I should not fear it.

  • The next year will probably be pretty transformational for me. I just know it.

  • Igo

    It is your choice to avoid or not to avoid him

    do what you feel is best, in order to allow you to live your life the way it supposed to be lived

    do not dwell in the past, it will invite past hurts back into your life

    if you should block communication with him, in order to do this, by all means do so

    when you have regained balance and are stronger ready to face him again, you can choose to open communication but when you do communicate, keep the protection light up just in case

    open the door to the past, only to learn the lesson then close the door forever

    make amends when possible and necessary, then move on

    to those who wrong you, let the universe takes care of this

    you have a lot to do for your own life, don't burden yourself with these people's actions to you

    start a new life now. live for the current and the future.

    past hurts do not go away easily, it will come knocking now and then

    when it does, say This too shall pass.

    if it comes in person, don't respond.

    or If you have to respond, keep protection visualization up at all times and try to stay calm.

    nobody can hurt you more than you allow them to hurt you.

    never feel weaker, lower, unluckier than others. there is no such a thing.

    To the universe, we are all equal and should treat each other that way.

  • just need to clarify

    by keeping protection up, you are already fighting negativity

    because this light will return negativity back to sender

    you can not fight without protection, this is true even in physical fight

    in any fight, first of all you have to be fit for it

    again, nurture yourself and keep up all the protection and cleansing going

    on top of affirmation and positivity

    one day you will be 'fit' enough to go 'full frontal' and you can choose to do so

    spiritual fight is not that much different from physical fight 🙂

    this goes for all kinds of negativity, your ex or people at work, anyone

    I hope this is clear I know it sounds kind of weird in a spiritual forum talking about fights

  • Hi Igo, my heart goes out to you. You can get through this! This IS the transformation taking place...change is not always easy, especially when it deals with the heart. Remember know that you are loved & a loving being that is capable of many great things. 🙂 It is okay to be in a state of grieving after having just broken up with your is healthy and a part of the process! It's important to really feel it to let it pass. It helps for me to keep in mind that emotions are fleeting...they are passing, constantly changing and that we are in control of how we react to them. You've seen the light before & you will see it again, my love!

    It sounds like you seem lost in life after having committed a lot of yourself to someone else. I've been there. I had a nervous breakdown in early 2008 that has only made me a much stronger, wiser, loving person! Now that you are a single lady [ hey girrrl 😉 ], this is a wonderful opportunity to try new things, explore options and better get to know yourself! I hope that you take advantage of this time when you are feeling up to it. 🙂 I see this as a blessing in disguise!

    Umm... I went through a pretty dark patch last month (short breakdown, was insanely depressed from meds that I've stopped taking) and have bounced back quite well. I tend to get the winter blues (seasonal), I think because I'm not getting as much sun. This year, to combat the blues, I've been taking much better care of myself the best way that I know how...hanging out with good friends & positive people, going outdoors despite the chill, doing girly things like nails/hair/bubble baths, taking are of my soul (whether it's meditating, pampering: watching a movie, learning something new, painting, taking pictures, cooking for myself and sometimes for a friend) and I've picked up doing yoga (I'm already addicted & love it). I would also like to try rock climbing & explore utilizing another medium of art. I've sworn off mood meds and am taking a more holistic & health-conscious approach to living.

    I guess what I was trying to say by this sloppy paragraph above is that I am taking care of myself, which is important! When you feel up to it, please take care of yourself and do things that make you happy, so that you can be the amazing, powerful person that you are.

    Hugs & Much love to you!

  • Igohumble,

    i read you wrote, i feel alone, this sadden me, you are not alone,

    you have yourself since the day you were born, love yourself alot,

    everyday say affirmative things to yourself, i am going to do this for myself

    because i deserve it, i can reach my goals, i will be happy even in the moments

    when i have no company with me, and from this forum u can see you are not alone,

    and never will be.

    fight your battle with positive things,

    may this your going thru, soon pass,

    i pray to the universe,

    that today will be the beggining of you moving forward without ever looking back!

  • leoscorpian,

    you are right about the fight,

    i agree with you, sometimes we can fight our battle without weapon, but using the most potent of all, love!

  • ramonita

    yes positivity, love being the ultimate one

    may the universe sends us all support and blessing

  • Hi Scribe

    I read your post on another thread about me. Not sure why I'm on your mind but if I have helped, I am glad. Knowledge and wisdom belong to the universe, I am only here to share what I learned from those the universe have sent to help me throughout my life. I don't take credit of all this, the credit belongs to the universe.

    If you need anything, reach out and if I happen to know what to do, I will say it. I pretty much float around one thread to another, so it might take some days for me to visit new thread.

    May the universe sends you blessing and protection from its abundance. Have a warm holiday!

  • Thank you Leoscorpion!

    I take your words and kindness to heart. Like you I can't take credit if I am able to help someone, it's just there, wanting to help. Yes, your words to others have helped me as well and like you I pretty much go from thread to thread (you were easy to find tonight lol). I do, however feel some negativity from a couple of the others so I generally refrain from reaching out. It's nothing anyone has said to me personally, just a feeling I get. But I love the forum and all its inhabitants and I do have gifts I wish to share in addition to learning from the others as well. Oh good grief, now the tears! Thank for your personal kindness and guidance.

    I hope you have the merriest of holidays ad may this year reign blessings upon you. Blessed be...DeBorah

  • wish you the same

    and yep, if you can avoid negativity, it's a good idea

    if you decide to jump in, it's fine too, as long as you keep protection up and stay positive

  • Will do! And again, thank you so much. I feel as though I have a real friend. You are the second one who has really reached out to me. It is time for me to reach out, myself. Thank you for all your assistance and support!

    May you experience blessings successively throughout the coming year! Blessed be.....


  • take care now 🙂

  • The other night while I was dreaming, I had a lot of episodes in my dream, it was a pretty busy night in my mind. But there is one thing that really stood out in a sort of scary way. I do know that the person was not in my dream. I just heard her voice. She told me this. " He will meet someone in march, or mid march and you will not be happy about this".

    I dont know that to think of it. It's pretty straight forward, it's just a little ... hard to believe.

    I would be hurt. I know that. I wish it wouldnt happen. I wonder if this will come to be. I would like for us to work this out and be together and be a happy family, Me and my daughters father.

    WEIRD! If it comes to, maybe its just a heads up so that I can be prepared.

  • Igo

    again, you need to let go of expectations

    you want things to work out, this is not a bad thing. But you are talking about a relationship

    there are 2 people involved. you can not make him want the same thing, therefore you can not expect him to work things out with you so that the relationship can happen and last.

    whatever this dream means, first of all you need to let go of expectations.

    return to nurturing yourself, to the cleansing and protection, to living your life the way it supposed to be lived. when you are ready, the right man will come to you, be it this man or not.

    but you can not be ready for him, if you yourself are not taking care of yourself.

    even if he comes to you, you will be all scattered and lose the opportunity.

  • Scribe1>>think it is imperative that you get in to see a therapist,

    Sandran712>>This depressed thread should be mine...LOL..Highly stressed lifestyle.Special needs parent. I get blown off dozens of times by guys from emails.My Astrology chart says I am not compatible being with anyone.I've been to therapy in the past.But, I go to church instead of therapy.I have no social life.Dates never come back a second time.But still I am moving on.

  • Sandran

    you mean the chart I made you?

    I don't remember seeing that you 're not compatible with anyone, come on

    I did see that you have what it takes to live alone, but not necessarily you will be alone LOL

    just that if you haven't find someone that is fine, but doesn't mean you won't

    Bah, that doesn't even sound right

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