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  • I have often wonderd what my rising sign and moon is as i dont feel im a typical taurean, influences yes but on a whole i feel there is a side to me that seems so far from a taurean. i was wondering if anyone does charts on this forum ive looked and left my details on one thread but as yet noone has got back to me, so i thought id start my own thread, sorry if thats pushy - not 100% sure how these forums work yet.

    Incase you can help me my DoB is 21st April 1974, born Cardiff, South Wales,United Kingdom at 2:55p.m.

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Sylvie. Your Moon is in Aries and your rising sign is Virgo. Virgo and Taurus express themselves in a down-to earth, receptive mode...while Aries is a fiery burst of creative expression that needs to be released at will. I suggest you read all you can about Virgo rising. Your rising sign not only gives you insight on how others percieve you, but reveals traits that on a deeper level you are trying to develope. All the best to you:)

  • Meera17 thank you very much have read the thread on virgos and yes i can see where the strong influences are coming from.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays

  • Hi Meera17, you look like an expert in the birth charts, could you answer 1 question: how important is it to know the exact time of birth for the birth charts? how much can the results vary? my mother doesnt remember & the archive is not accessible any more, so all I know is that I (most probably) was born between 3 and 5 pm in Tuapse (Krasnodar region), Russia on 9th of April 1981. Could you please give me similar description of my birth chart as you did for Sylvie74? Thank you very much in advance! have a great weekend!

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