Let's Write A Poem

  • Okay,

    I'll write a line, then someone else can add the next line, and so on, and we'll see where it goes.

    OUR POEM by US


    December '09 through however long it takes, forever, perhaps

    "Oh, how I wish I could walk backwards through time..."

    And go.....(pointing at you, Beloved Rhymer of Life)

  • Ha Ha! I thought I was posting this in the Pisces Forum. Typical Pisces.........Hmmmm.....

  • The key is not to walk back in time, but to run faster than time. That way we can know what we have to deal with. Then; before going over the edge, become still. This is very tricky and most dangerous! I believe lots have tried, but many have forgot to hold a safety line of past memories. How many have forgotton who they were and got sucked to the depths of insanity?!

    The challenge then is to get back to the present time without loosing all the valuable information that wants to be sucked along with time. I don't think this would have been possible for me without a helper that I trusted with my life and mental well being. This person was family and my life jacket. Reflection of my memories with some one that I gave all my trust to kept me in check with reality. Being that this journey was in main stream society a impossible dream. I was fighting with doubt most of the way.

    So, sitting motionless in time is the next step. Only the problem is that if you stay still to long you can get stuck in time like mud. I think it's like a deep sea diver. If you stay too long you run out of air. And if you surface to soon you get the bends.

    I was so amazed that I was able to out run sonic that I almost got stuck. Finally realizing that without getting back to the surface all this important information would be lost, I forced myself to move. Decompression was one of the factors I never thought about.

    As I write this tiny time travelers hand book I realized that I finally figured out how to start the stopping of the multitude of horrible ending that I've seen for mankind. This manuel is the beginning! How ironic that by chance I came across a posting from Triggerfish that had the beginning of the answers to saving our future. When we see the future as a never ending contribution from all of us we will never have a ending to worry about!

    I am pretty sure alot of you out there have thought some of us pisces were lazy or lame, and maybe even a tade bit boring. But the fact is some of us mental mind benders had decided to dive deeper than most would ever dare! Putting aside all emotions and physical wants long enough to bring back true meaning to the saying "MIND OVER MATTER"

    I ask for one thing. Be there for the ones that give us hope, laughter, and entertainment. These are the people that give up so much of their reality to make yours fun...DLM

    P.S. The next step is getting this to Drew Barrymore to read. From there it's someone else's "time" to take the dive. I for some reason think it'll be Drew's time to get "wet". Lol!

  • "Oh, how I wish I could walk backwards through time..."

    And go.

    Udo the ryhme that darkened the poem

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