Being Alive

  • I am grateful for every moment of being alive to experience, to absorb, partake, contribute, radiate, give, share, communicate, support, encourage, rest, study, ponder and wonder! Life has it's ups and down but I make the best of what is given to me.

  • Right On!!!!!! You have a beautiful heart. I hope Life Rewards You 4 it, cuz i also ave a beautiful heart, but it seems to only bring me pain...........

  • AMEN!!! I'm so grateful for being alive, to see the sunshine,the smile on my grandkiddos faces,to have my favoriate pj's on!lol and still after much heartache in life,to be able to laugh,to love ,and to hope that i make someone smile everyday...I look forward to making new friends on here,and learning from you, and wishing you MUCH HAPPINESS EVERYDAY!!! In even the small things, HOPE, and being able to LAUGH...Isn't it GRAND!!!

    I lost a DEAR friend of mine in Sept. of 2008 to cancer, she was young ,a grandmother,a mother,a mentor to me,and a dera friend...way to for her and for Kimmee,whom died also at 34 with cancer ...lets make EVERYDAY COUNT!!!! HUG YOUR FRIENDS!!! SMILE AT THE SUN...and most of ALL GIVE THANKS

  • Too true. Make the best of it while you can.


  • thank you

    i see life as absolutely breath taking at times as we all do. I have been very positive but also endeavored pain and negativity. i need more love and healthy vibes my way, my mother has passed and i have two younger siblings that are and have been struggling. It has been a long a unbelievable venture growing up. my mother was a crackhead when i was 13. I am now in a whole new place out of the city i grew up in. i am married with a daughter with none of my family around. i am grateful to have the internet but it actually can take us so far from each other. I think we should all live in bigger, closer communities; who help and support all as one.

    We need to start purchasing only LOCAL FOODS and buy organically when we can.

    packaging is a big pollutant, if we don't stop now, we will live in dirt and die!!!

    haha well that's what? life? life and death

    life is death, death is life

    my daughter was born on march 26th 2008

    my mother died on March 26th 2007


    it can all be sooo beautiful

    but there are definitely hard times as well

  • well we should be growing our own food anywhere we can around us...instead of "purchasing" it

    peace and love to all

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