Need a little help, please

  • Thanks stclaire & stoneyeye. Sure I seem foolish to many. I probably

    I should be used to loving & losing by now, you'd think. 🙂

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    Love the conversation....Captain what fortune, luck, love, prosperity awaits for 2010.

    Rabha Dec 4th 1977 and my husband and friend Mohammed January 1st 1965

    Peace and Blessing

  • Foolish? RagBag, absolutely not. You are a kind, thoughtful and sensitive soul. We all are heartbroken after losing someone we loved....doesn't matter if they were in human or furry friend form. By the way, I always love seeing your name on the forums and your posts. Hope you are doing ok. x

  • NOT foolish! my little spaniel is my heart and knows my heart,she is pure love and gives pure love, i understand your loss of buddy and anyone who has had the loss of an animal DOES not think you are foolishm S soory you have to have this pain in your life May i suggest you pray for inner peace? god does answer prayers you will see, try looking to him he knows every pain you have and does have a plan for your life you need only to ask for his help with the faith of a child that he hears you. i wish you all the best for a better future.

  • Thanks yall! . That feeling of unconditional love, well,... its rare with people but animals its just there.


    Stonyeye (arrgh) that was so kind of you to say.

    Stclaire, thanks for reminding me where I really needed to look.

    Rola, look forward to 'bumping' into you.

    xxx 🙂

    Keep on bumping people!

  • no ragbag you are definitely not foolish I cried for weeks after I lost my Chrissie and Pasht, and still do occasionally if I think of it. Thats one of the reasons I am Chrissicat, in honour of her, my proper name is Christine. She was called Bridlington when I first got her but kept answering to my name when anyone called me, as it's always shortened except by my parents, so she became chrissi with an extra e, my jewellery business is also chrissi related it's Chrissi eM ther's a pic of her and the other girls in the animals thread. we still miss her but when Pasht died m.i.l. had fallen for her and was so upset she said we couldn't have any more cats so I still have a cat shaped hole in my heart There is so I heard a theory that if you love someone and they die they take a little bit of your soul with them so that when you yourself pass over they are with you again, how true that is I don't know but a loving person would lose a lot of their soul if they had small animals wouldn't they ?, or do they have a bigger soul because of this ?

    Hugs and love

    Lovev and Light

    Blessed Be

  • The Captain asked........

    ""What will you do if they don't let you go?" I can hear the Universe asking. ""

    I cut the cord and quit!! Tired of waiting, tired of their "stuff"... time to move forwards!! Getting equipment together, taking new training for a new venture i've been offered a shot at.... So what does the "Universe" say now????

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  • A little update:

    Tomorrow is March 1( for me at least). I believe in;

    Give credit where credit is due,give roses while alive etc..

    I began this journey at Tarot forum December 24,2009. The Captain gave me a reading and I must say she couldn't have done any better!

    Thank you Captain!

    January did indeed start out as a slow, test of a month. February has been a whirlwind. So much has changed, mostly for the better.

    Not only do I thank The Captain but all of you who have read, responded,prayed,bumped and just been here when I so desperately needed someone. It just means so much. Overall yall are a great bunch of people and I hope in some way I can give back the generosity and love you all have shown me. I feel as if I have met sisters,brothers,aunts and uncles that I never knew I had!

    Thanks to ALL of you ((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))

  • RagBag! I was wondering where you've been! I'm SO happy things are going well for you. You deserve all wonderful things. (((((( Big hug)))))) back at ya!

  • Thanks Stonyeye! All the best back to you! I'm having a major internet problem tonite. One minute I'm connected, the next, not at all. Wonderful cyber-world!!

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  • Hi Ragbag, I just caught this and well done you for remaining strong and sober. You're a star! Never underestimate yourself, you've done brilliantly. I dropped by to send you some big hugs. You've been given some great advice. Take care of yourself. 😄

  • Thank you intrigued. It is always nice to have "a pat on the back'! But you know I cant take credit for it. Without massive help from up above I would not be where I am today. The people here are helping me answer a lot of the 'why do I do the things I do',etc..and the advice has certainly been life changing for me. I am in such awe and so very grateful for each and every response I have had here. As the saying goes, 'I may not be where I want to be, but Thank God I am not where I used to be.'

    Always enjoy reading your posts. All the best to you!


  • Dear Ragbag, you so deserve a pat on the back. There you go underestimating yourself, the buck starts and stops with you, and you did it!!! YOU made the change and YOU are sticking to it. I see a lot of inspirational 'stuff' on here and it's lovely to see that there are so many good people out there reaching out for others and who have also helped me too. I loved the line - 'thank God I am not where I used to be', that's when you know that you are doing a grand job. Be proud. Thank you for enjoying my posts, I like to read yours too! All the best back to you matey! Happy days to you 😄

  • Hi Ragbag,

    I read through a few of the posts again, I missed the bit about losing your dog. So sorry to hear, it is like losing a dear and close friend. I love dogs. Sending you big hugs.

  • Thank you so much. I still miss him like crazy and always will. I just want to imagine him playing with my daddy (who never met him) and being happy and waiting for me. I still feel him though. Gotta go to work. Hope the angel cards are still working! I may need an update by this weekend! Big HUGS back to you, intrigued and thanks for the kind words & hugs.

  • big hugs to you Ragbag too I was silly today looked into a book about a cat, called Cleo in shop and I started to tear up in public, I had to go out quickly, (I can't even read Dewey, the library cat) There I was in the high st, with tears running down my face, thank god for waterproof mascara, and my girls have been gone for some time now, but without them I really feel alone at times, I have a son and hubby, but he's away on a courseand son is off doing his own thing too, sorry for being a wet drip

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Can anyone please tell me why I am feeling so 'out of it today'? I have been doing well with all things in general, thank God, but today I just feel awful. Not so much physical,except for a splitting headache, but just kinda angry, stressed, hands in the air, I give up.

    I realize we all have these days but today is one of those 'whats the use? whats the point?' days. I dont want it to take root like it has before. Anyone with a reading, advice, prayer, anything, once again, I would so appreciate your time. May your kindness be returned to you tenfold.

    Crawling into my nest to try & weather the storm.

    Thanks so very much yall.

  • Ragbag,

    You've been running on a renewed spirit ---- energy, optimism, self-confidence --- these have given you wings! Now, it may be just the feet on the ground time .... time to Really find the tools you need for the long haul. Think of it like a Spring cleaning / Reassess what you need type of thing. Throw your hands in the air today until it passes! Tomorrow I'll just bug the daylights out of you until you crawl out of the nest : > ))))

    Found a little something for you :

    Your in a place of shedding your skin and changing your attitudes. You'll become less sensitive and less vulnerable to things that would have thrown you for a loop in the past. Serenity will come to you, not so much through letting go, but more as a sense of indifference --you'll Need 'indifferent' attitudes towards friends and family. Currently, you should adopt a careful, wait and see attitude towards family & friends as troublesome elements are at play. This wait & see is not your usual nature so it may feel odd, but remain behind the scenes ---- Keep like a fox ---- sly, patient and watchful. If you play the fox, others will know you are not yourself, so be cautious … Don't get caught up in anothers deceit. The trials that you are facing you'll be able to Not only cope with, but they will reinforce the positives that you have learned … any confrontations will be constructive, long term. Unlike the paralysis of your past, Your determination, optimism, energy and sort of heroine spirit will get you through.

    Storms pass ......Hope this helps ... sealed with a hug! Write when you can.

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