Need a little help, please

  • Ok, this all sounds exactly like what I was planning/hoping for... The remaining question is, will i Change jobs in the way I am expecting?? I am sensing i'll be let go very soon, is this going to happen this way??? Will I be "fired" ???

  • You do need to move on - whether you jump or are pushed depends on your positive or negative attitudes. Your lifepath number indicates that you can suffer from insecurity and feel you need someone to lean on. You have a tendency to disown your own power yet your 1 personal number shows a position of leadership is indicated. The 2010 '8' personal year suggests that if you don't leave your job or ask for promotion, you will be asked to leave so that you are forced into the necessary changes. Sheer laziness and procrastination can be your biggest downfall so if you don't move yourself, the Universe will do it for you. But before you can assume your own power you must acknowledge, express and finally release any repressed anger toward authority figures.

    Your new career will prosper as long as it involves healing or helping people or aiding their personal growth in some way. Cultivating mental discipline and stable habits will be your challenge here. You must also be absolutely honest and have integrity when it comes to money matters. A partner with more ambition and less of a laid back attitude than you, someone who will not allow you to shirk your responsibility or get distracted from your goals, will help tremendously. If you can shuck off any lingering immaturity or unwillingness to grow up, your technical ability and natural capacity for making others happy will ensure success.

  • Hankster58, welcome to my thread! As you can see most of the people here seem to know what they are doing. For sure all the ones who were gracious enough to respond to me. Excellent advice. Good luck to you 🙂

  • Thanks for the reading. It amazes me how close to the facts this all came! In all points... the only one I'm stuck on, is the "when" I KNOW the DM in our district wants to "cut out the higher paid guys"... and has been using any and all excuses to "write us up"... the reason I do not walk, is I will NEED the Unemployment to to hold me over for a month two until the other projects can be brought up to speed... the faster I am "fired" the faster life gets better!!! I'm sort of stuck waiting on them.... but the rest is all dead on!! Thanks again...

  • Are you doing everything you can to move the other projects on?

  • OK so I havnt read a thing except for the title of the thread. I see alot of frustration towards a certain person maybe a husband or fiance. The second issue that seems to come through is the Job, something about a payment that was late, and is causing so much friction in your life. Next the name of someone Ted comes through. This man in my feelling cannot be trusted. You been swindled into believing something that not only goes against your got and logic but also what youve always lived by. Two children I also feel are being brought into the middle of this. IM sure most of this has been covered but I feel it needs to be said again. God bless and Always have hope of great change.

  • The problem is, this job, and the ridiculous hours they impose on us KEEP me from doing anything else... leave to early to do anything before work, get home too late to do much afterwards... it's like a trap....that's why I am hoping he goes thru with what he was planning before ,and what he did the the guy before me... set me free to move on... only MY immediate manager is fighting him to KEEP me..... if I go, HE has to work!! Other assistant and I are keeping him afloat and making him look good to superiors... HIS boss is the one who wants me out....

  • "What will you do if they don't let you go?" I can hear the Universe asking.

  • To Serious7: I just read what you posted on my thread. Were you indeed referring to me? It's got a little confusing here! (lol) Thanks

  • Wait a LONG time I guess... no other way I can see.....without TIME, nothing happens, without MONEY, nothing happens... If I stay, things stagnate...If I walk.. we're broke... if The DM follows thru on his threats and actions... the world turns for us!!! .... a sucky spot to be in!!! With the economy in the shape it's in, I can't turn to my "other resources" as they are NOT in demand at this time!!

  • Have faith hankster. I know it may be slim atm, but it will turn around. Believe.

  • Also rag, I dont know. I think it may be towards hank but sometimes it just comes to me. And if it helps and makes a difference thats all that matters to me. God bless to you as well sir!

  • Did I write this??? Wow sounds just like my life only brother instead of sister ect. I feel for you I really do. Mabe with some help we can help ourselves helping each other...Of course that is with a lot of support from fellow followers. You are in my prayers and thoughts....

  • Hello to all! You are all so talented. I envy you and also thank you. Not that it really matters, (I don't guess), in the forum, but I am indeed a she rather than a he :-)) Having said that, can anyone tell me more about my next couple months. dob 7/27/59 place: Tennessee time: 11:06 am.

    I know I'm a leo and my ruling planet is the sun but not much more. No hurry. I come here often!! lol

  • Hello ragbag

    I wish you well as I haven't much idea of readings, (well never tried for anyone else yet) but I do get the not having much self confidence bit I don't either but I bet it isn't obvious to outsiders much, I worked in a pub this time last year, and my boss was half my age and I felt, not very organised....I think you can see where this is going...I went into mother mode, and ended up getting the sack, as I have done many times before, for usually the same reason too, hubby says I should do the minimum required of me and not do too much if I want to keep jobs I just wondered if you do the same ? I also once thought I was alcoholic as I used to drink lots on a regular basis, scared myself and went without for a whole year, then someone said to me if I can go without it I am not addicted how true that is I don't know but although I drink now , I have drastically cut down both the strength and amount of what I do drink, so I don't hopefully need to worry, by the way I am a year older than you 1958, and I wonder if the fifties borns aregiven challenges in their lives as mine wasn't a bed of roses, either, they left in the thorns!!!!, also others on these forums of around my age seem to have either health or other challenges too

    Love and Light

    Blessed be

  • ragbag, January will be a time of fast/slow. There are two strong forces at play this month, on one hand there is the strong urge to act, on the other hand is the need to slow down and take care of all the details. Be careful and diplomatic. You should do well in relationships, but it is important to compromise. It is a month of transitions related to the home, a relationship, or the work place. This is the time for tact, coupled with an attitude of cooperation, understanding, and patience. Love, family, and friends seem a necessity. Generally, during this month, news related to engagements, marriage, births, or pregnancies is even more pronounced. Changes in the work place become evident in some small way. Use a soft, easy approach rather than a demanding one. Opportunities are strongest just after the 14th.

    February - This will be a month of great expression. You will feel creative and outgoing as you use words and other expressive or artistic fields to communicate with others during the month. You really enjoy working with words and handling speaking engagements if it is required. Your expressive self is at an all time high this month. You are optimistic, cheerful and relaxed in social atmospheres. Others around you may notice how calm and secure you seem to be this month as you work toward your idealistic goals of financial gain. You learn to let others in on your plans too, and they most likely show support and a desire to help you at this time. You may feel charming and more attractive, since many people will find you to be that way this month. You must keep your true intent in your mind as you work toward achieving it. You have a sense of inspiration and imagination that serves you best while working on projects of interest. You should be careful to not let any arguments or harsh words get out. You may speak to quickly at times. Your financial troubles may come to an end as you are quite lucky and good at attracting others and things to you during this month. Beware of occasional emotional outbursts or a temper which may occur during this month because of your increased sensitivity. You will love working with others and sharing your true dreams and inner feelings with them during this time and you have a new commitment and a positive attitude toward finishing your tasks and moving forward. You are entertaining, happy and loved by your friends and family too. This is a good month for resolving any personal or relationship differences since your communication skills are heightened.

  • Bump 🙂

  • I am sure everyone here is sick of seeing 'ragbag.' I just really need some good thoughts & prayers sent my way. For anyone who has ever loved an animal, I lost my precious dog, Buddy, and now I really am alone.

    Others really need them more than I do. Just send yalls positivity my way or whatever will help ease this pain and emptiness. I know I'll feel it. Thanks.

  • RAG BAG ,,,so sorry you lost your dog ive been through that and it very hard i know i missed 3 days of wokr due to my grief. W hat i did was go to the pet shop and hold the pups for a week. T hen i found that i was supposed to rescue a homeless dog , which i did and she is happy and loving. maybe thats not what you can do for now but its just a thought, animals are a gift from God, innocent and loving. my best to you and hope you feel better . bless you for caring for your buddy.

  • Oh, I'm so sorry RagBag. Losing a pet is very difficult. I know. Sending you a great big cyber hug. xoxo

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