Need a little help, please

  • Thanks, but I really would like to know a little more, if possible. Like do I continue as I am or maybe go back to school, seek counseling, What? Sorry to seem so dense, I only hoped for some type of hope.

  • My dear Ragbag,

    Leoscorpion has given the most wonderful advice and direction. I hope you take advantage of it. You have the answers to these questions within yourself. As a former social worker I can offer this, if you feel the need for counseling then go for it. Sounds like there are enough issues to make therapy worthwhile if that is what you want. The universe will not punish you for branching out to get all the help you deserve. As for school, I am a great proponent for formal education. Choose a major that is worthwhile for you. Broaden your horizens; yourself in several arenas, education being one of them. Learn about holistic healing. Learn to heal your environment and yourself. Please re-read Leoscorpion's response again. It is filled with guidance and direction. I know I wish someone would have given me that kind of guidance before, but then again, I never asked. May you find the light of the universe to light your way. Blessed be...

  • Oooops! My mistake...I meant The Captain, not Leoscorpion I have Leoscorpion on the brain. The Captian gave you terriffic guidance. Again, thake advantage of it. SORRY Captain!!!!!

  • LOL Scribe

    I was wondering that when reading your post.

    I was asking ragbag's birth info to pull out a chart for him and see if anything comes up for him in the next 5 - 10 years. But I saw Captain already gave him help so I withdrew.

    I have to do other people's charts anyway, although some info is not complete I have to wait.

    I think I know in which thread we met. I will write something there for you.

  • Can I ask what sort of work you have been doing? Perhaps astrology/numerology can provide some advice on what professions suit you best.

    According to astrology, you would excel as a counselor, diplomat, and any sort of peacemaker or justice-seeker. Also fields involving art and beauty, entertainment, or public speaking are good. Numerology says that with your excellent analytical skills and fine intuition, you would do well in financial and business affairs, even though you might not be so adroit with handling your own money situation. You are excellent at giving sound practical advice to other people. You feel best when your work helps and supports others, so charity or social work is good. Service oriented, you would do well in nursing. Schooling and education is indicated as being very beneficial for you in both astrology and numerology, so do take a course to set you up in a preferred profession if you can manage it.

    Whatever you do, listen to what your intuition is telling you - don't just do what you (or others) 'think' you should do.

  • To RagBag, The Captain and Leoscorpion:

    I meant no disrespect nor to cross any lines here. I was trying to offer my support and hope in addition to yours. Please accept my apologies if I have confused the matter more than helped. I meant no harm. Blessings on each of you and blessed be...


  • I thought you came across as very helpful. Certainly the more help Ragbag can get, the better for her. 🙂

  • Ragbag, I ran your birthdate through the free sample career analysis and here's what it said -

    Cancer-Leo Midheaven (15 to 30 degrees Cancer)

    Your destiny is split into two phases: the first one will be hard, with much work and many limitations, a difficult beginning; this will strengthen your own objectives. The second one will be the phase of achievements and professional success; this will come at the middle of your life. You have the patience and perseverance needed to secure everything you want. You will combine your ambitions with an altruistic and noble vision. The Moon and the Sun (the most important bodies of the zodiac) underline your destiny, and they will bring you many contrasts during your evolution: to combine your ambitions with your emotional world, to look for important jobs with authority while remaining humble, to maintain a sense of justice through the countless changes and situations in your life, etc. You will have professional prestige and will involve yourself in activities where you have authority over others. Everybody loves you, and many will secretly envy you.

    Your career choice may be one of the following professions, or a combination of some of them: entrepreneur, educator, architect, builder, musician, artist, fashion or furniture designer, movie or theater director, doctor, or any other activity in which you would work in management.

    Sun in 10th house

    You have ability to lead others and to excel in the professional arena. You are inclined to put a lot of energy into that and it will insure a brilliant career. You will always be in the eyes of the public and are likely to become a socially renowned figure. If your activity is related to politics, other executive positions or teaching, your future success could be lessened.

    You are very proud, a bit arrogant and have strong material ambitions. You don't think you have accomplished much in life unless you have reached a higher position. You will try to exceed your initial social position by reaching greater status and recognition. You will be very satisfied with your achievements. A competitive spirit, you maintain a secure and controlled foothold in life in general.

    Mercury in 10th house

    You are likely to change jobs many times in your life and probably will have more than one job at a time. Your career is very important to you, and you are attracted to politics, intellectual occupations, literary or commercial fields or any activity that puts you in touch with the public. You are very good at communicating your own ideas and could excel as a speaker. Your always sharp and active mind enables you to organize and handle people. In order to achieve your goals, you could become overambitious or even selfish. You can excel in any profession you choose because of your intelligence and wealth of ideas.

    Uranus in 10th house

    Your professional career will not be typical or stable, and you may experience many professional changes, though your interest will always be in society as a whole, or possibly in astrology and occult sciences. You are a visionary and will be able to share your ideas with others and become a leader, although you may find some opposition and disagreements with your original and unusual thoughts. You are likely to make productive contributions to your profession because of your futuristic vision and could excel in intellectual occupations, social movements, or scientific activities.

    Ruler of 10th house ( Moon ) in 7th House

    Your professional success is related to the public, society and marriage. You have a need for give and take with the public; your contact with the public could be on a large scale as well as people individually. Your professional progress will be stimulated by the training of some association or by the support you receive from your mate.

  • Radbag "A little I suppose. I mean I was the only one with my son and my brother when they died. Then only me and my Mom when my Daddy died. And there have been others who have passed shortly after I saw or spoke to them. Its kinda eerie for me. Is it me"?

    Just a thought, couldn't it be more a case of you are a comfort to those who are about to pass? In other words, you aren't the cause, but you are there to ease things for them?

  • My heartfelt thanks to all who have replied. As to my job, I stated I was absolutely going back to work, which may only be positive thinking on my part. Allow me to explain. I live in a small town. My sis (the one with the pain pill addiction) and her husband own and run an auto sales lot here. As I also said, my health is not 100%, but I am able to do a lot of the paperwork,legwork and so on. It is sorta complicated because my sis says as long as I am around she feels like she can cope. We have always been each others closest friends and I feel a little like her mom because our own was really mean and hard on us. Still is. Anyway the carlot does fulfill most of my needs. I know The Captain said I could be a bit arrogant. I have been told that before! I have also been called overbearing and most of the other things that were said. Confirmation!!!! I really hope 2010 is a new beginning for myself and everyone else needing a Little Help 🙂 Thank Yall so very much & all the best.

  • Have you ever considered a career working with children?

  • Yes, as a matter of fact, in my earlier years. I feel like I have always been an older soul, maybe due to my becoming a mom at 15. I worked with the elderly at a retirement home for about a year and a half and only left then for more money to raise my son. Did I mention, not to toot my own horn, but I raised both these wonderful children with no help from their sperm donors. I can't really call them daddys, because they weren't. Still aren't. Back to the question, (sorry,got sidetracked!) in my early to mid 20's I did work with children.

  • Not to dismiss The Captains good advice - but what about a career in bereavement counselling?

    Btw, I love that phrase - 'not to toot my own horn'. It's not one used so much here in the uk. Anyway, I don't think there is anything wrong in acknowledging ones strengths. It's totally different to being big headed. Or as my dad would say, there's a world of difference between scratching your @rse and ripping it to shreds!

  • Thanks witchone! I am considered a country girl and I totally embrace it! I also love your saying and cant wait to share it with my kids & sis. This has been such an enjoyable experience for me. The advice, the conversation, the people. It has brought a new dimension into my semi-secluded life. I haven't considered bereavement counseling, but it sounds interesting. Any suggestions on how I might check into that? :))

  • Maybe even giving phone counselling or advice, like on a Lifeline or help phone-in?

  • This is giving me many great ideas to check into. I wish there was something I could do to return the hope and insight yall have given me. Feel the hugs and best of all things for you all from Tennessee ragbag!!! 🙂

  • I know what you mean Ragbag - I'm also finding this site enjoyable. I belong to another forum (nothing to do with astrology, tarot, etc) and in recent years the heart has been ripped out of it. To the extent I'd pretty much given up on the idea of 'online' forums. This place so far is proving me wrong and I'm so glad!

    As to Bereavement Counselling, as I say, I'm in the UK so things are probably slightly different . Over here, the answer would be to look for a course at college/night classes. Even without formal qualifications, there would be something available for someone who showed the apptitude - as I think you would. I don't know much about the education system in the States though. Maybe you could google it and see what comes up? Or maybe someone else might reply with some advice/ideas.

    My dad's full of sayings lol Mind you, I'm getting just as bad!

  • I'd be interested in a reading if someone could do so... it's possible there could be a major change in my work situation, and we have an idea we'd like to run with, but I need to know if things are going to work out as we WANT them to, or will it go the opposite direction....

    Born in St. Louis, Missouri... feb 3 1958.... 7:30 am

  • Ragbag...cute name! 🙂

    Our situations are very similar...I have also raised my daughter alone, I'm 5 years older but I was also the one there when a dear friend was fatally ill, and my mum and aunt died. My poor papi tho passed 9 months after her,alone unfortunately. The responsibility came to me (or I took it on as mine)to make sure they were ok in their last years.No other family showed up, except some of my aunts family were there too for her. It is an honor though to be present then it is such an intimate experience, I see it as midwifery to the other side...:) I thought of hospice when I read your thread or support for the elderly? You've done it it sounds like.I don't thinks it's necessarily eerie but very unfamiliar in American 21st century society.

    It takes a very special calm commitment to walk w/ them in the end (and such a profound experience) patience understanding and ability to laugh to lift their spirits. If you do feel called to it I'm sure there are colleges/classes. But an easier route would be a local church? Plus you surely have 12 steppers around you I imagine and they need help also. Sponsoring maybe? Drug counseling? I live in Calif and the need for just some human non judgmental love is huge as it is now everywhere.

    If you can take your experience as an alcoholic in recovery as steps (no pun intended) towards your

    inner true being (vs active alcoholism as steps away from your true self) there just has to be something grand you have to offer and can share w/ others from your experience. There are soooooo many sufferers of alcohol addiction as there are many who walk thru their life's hardships and losses alone....So sad. The elderly need to be seen and heard also.I think it's great you were there for your daddy. I can hear how you miss him, I miss mine too.

    I have some older folks who I help w/ their house, cleaning mostly, raking leaves some moving stuff, painting. Some are clearly barely w/ us, I bring them home baked muffins, share reading materials, try to give them my attention. There world is so small, can't drive etc. Their youngens can only do so much. It is a kindness and very gratifying if one cannot expect anything or almost nothing in return.

    The best support (for lack of a better word) I can give I think is around your mom. Mine was a piece of work too, alcoholic, manic, violent.... and she suffered for it. We were not very close for a lot of years. Man could we push each others buttons!

    But the best thing I did probably in my whole life except maybe having my daughter was stopping to be present to her in her illness and in the end. All the stuff between us totally melted away because we knew this was it,our last chance to heal stuff, she was nearing the end, and we just loved each other. A lot of folks don't get that kind of forgiving experience, and its my fervent prayer that everyone can if it be needed. I hope you can have that w/ your mom even if it's just for a moment.

    Now if I'm way off the mark and said too much I apologize. I am empathic but not a seer so I may be projecting here also.

    Congrats on your reading he really went all out for ya!

    Thanks for letting me share

    Cheers Pfree

  • Hankster, I know a little numerology and 2010 is the perfect year for you for career matters. 2009 was all about introspection and turning inwards for answers. 2010 is an '8' personal year for you which means "this is your power year, a period when you can make important strides in you life. Coming after a very slow and contemplative period (the personal year 7), you may start feeling some stirrings of ambitions. This is a year of big decisions and major achievements. Activity is your keynote now, and you will find yourself very much involved and occupied. Opportunities for advancement and recognition for past and current work is likely to come about during this year. You have things going for you so long as you take advantage and act. It is easy for you to branch out and expand in a businesslike manner. If you are at all inclined, this is the time to exude self-confidence and authority, because others will tend to be receptive to your leadership and control. Your power and status potential is at a peak of the nine years personal epicycle that concludes at the end of the next year. " (Quote from the internet on 8 years.)

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